Whose Baby Is It Anyway? The Ethics Of Child Upliftment

by Vince McLeod   The case of Baby Will has received international attention in recent weeks. Will needed heart surgery, and his parents, quite reasonably, requested that the surgeons use blood that did not contain a Covid vaccine. The logic of Will’s parents was that the Covid vaccines have not been adequately tested and therefore … Read more


Written by Mike Bee The right of parents to refuse for their child blood they believe could be contaminated by the Pfizer vaccine is being challenged in a case in Auckland involving a four-month old baby who needs open-heart surgery. In New Zealand – if mainstream news is to be believed – the Pfizer vaccination, … Read more

Is it Time to Say Sorry?

Written by Danielle   The 3rd of December, 2022. For many New Zealanders this date will come and go. It will trigger nothing. The significance of this date and the one-year anniversary that it commemorates will only be important to a minority of Kiwis. The 3rd of December, 2021 was the day when many lives … Read more

Divided You Pose No Threat To Their System Of Control

By Thomas S. 14 November 2022 Many New Zealanders will never forget what it meant to be considered second class citizens in their own country. Under the Ardernian regime, those who refused to participate in the experimental trials of the mRNA injection were denied employment rights and were barred from shops and public facilities who … Read more

Samoan Measles Outbreak a Trial Run for Compulsory Vaccination

Thomas S.   On the 16th October 2019 an outbreak of measles was declared in Samoa, followed by a state of emergency on the island nation on the 15th November. Three years later and with the benefit of hindsight, it appears that there may have been more to the outbreak than we acknowledged at the … Read more

Pfizer Didn’t Test For Transmission, Vaccine Mandates Unjustified!

By Will Ryan 18 October 2022 The very premise and foundation of the historic action to mandate Covid “vaccines” was upon the assumption that they reduced transmission from one person to another and therefore constituted a positive “public health” measure. I say “assumption” of reduced transmission because there was never any evidence of such prior … Read more


19 September 2022 The “crazed conspiracy theorists” said it would happen, we said the mass vaccine rollouts across the world would result in unprecedented deaths and now we see governments scrambling to explain away the mounting problem. In June, Portugal recorded the highest excess mortality in Europe of 23.9% vs a European average of 6.7%. … Read more


17 September 2022 The continuous bad news and growing body of emerging data on the risk of myocarditis after the mRNA ‘ vaccine’ is literally heartbreak for the children and their parents or caregivers and also for the adults who trusted in the ‘safe and effective’ narrative but now find they have a condition which … Read more


15 September 2022 A massive thanks to Napoleon and the ENTIRE team who made this stunning billboard possible. This is what “we the people” wanted and together you made it happen. We can’t wait to see this beauty on the road & hitting busy spots around the place. If you see her around be sure … Read more