by Thomas S The vaccination fatality data which was recently leaked by the Ministry of Health whistleblower has already been recognised worldwide as one of the most significant data sets yet. As solid, government-sourced information, this evidence could potentially be used for criminal prosecution against those who have inflicted the vaccination genocide upon us. As … Read more

Our Whistle-Blower Has Been Arrested. It’s Time We All Blew Our Whistles Just As Loud As We Can!

by Mike Bee The reaction of the authorities to Liz Gunn’s whistle-blower’s data more or less proves their guilt. If they were at all worried about the health of the people in this nation, wouldn’t they have looked in a concerned way at the data to see if it were true? But no, first thing … Read more

The Mother Of All Revelations – How long must we wait?

by Mike Bee I have a relative who is a high court judge, and, since the early days of the pandemic – when I so much wanted to wake up everyone around me to what was going on – I have sent him all kinds of reports, statistics, interviews and so forth relating to the … Read more


by Mike Bee Fact after fact rolled dryly and matter-of-factly off his lips. … A lone man in a sea of green, empty benches. It was a stunning sight…   I just happened to be awake around 3am Saturday morning (Friday afternoon in the U.K.) when Andrew Bridgen made his report to Parliament concerning excess … Read more

To all New Zealanders after the election

by Mike Bee I have supported Liz Gunn and New Zealand Loyal, but I have also lamented how the party system forces division onto the people. These words are not only to the supporters of NZL but to all Kiwis who love their country and reject tyranny.   When you read this, the New Zealand … Read more

Possible Coalitions After The NZ General Election On October 14th 2023

by Vince McLeod It’s looking likely that the 2023 New Zealand General Election will be a close-run affair. It’s also looking likely that we won’t know who the next ruling power/coalition of powers will be for several weeks, as we must wait for negotiations to conclude. This article looks at who the next ruling coalition … Read more

Who Should I Vote For? I just watched ten Voters United videos (twice) so you don’t have to

By Mike Bee Voters United grew out of the fact that in the last election minor parties were strongly supported by New Zealand voters but scored no seats because their votes were spread over so many different parties. The Green Party had a similar number of votes to the sum total of the minor parties’ … Read more

Why People Are Helping Tom Phillips Hide From The Police

by Vince McLeod When I was younger, I had a family member in the trade of supplying medicinal cannabis to people with various conditions, including Huntington’s disease. One day the New Zealand Police caught wind of his operation, so they came to his house, arrested him, and chucked him in a cage with rapists and … Read more

New Zealand: Are You Going To Fall For “SAFE AND EFFECTIVE” All Over Again?

by Mike Bee The Labour Party is “in it for us”. The other side is going to get the country “back on track again”. And, because Winston Peters is the only alternative candidate who has any chance of success, any vote given to one of the minor parties other than his party is “a wasted … Read more