Author: Ken McCarthy 2023

Publisher: Brasscheck Press, New York.

Reviewer: Victor O’Conagh


Through interviews with health workers (nurses especially), plus reports written by others, the author, Ken McCarthy, presents an investigation into what appears to be systemic medical murders that took place in hospitals during what he calls the COVID Panic. At the center of the investigation are the nurses who fought back to save their patients. Through the interviews and reports readers are presented with what a number of healthcare workers at the various hospitals observed and experienced in their work from 2020 on. Several of these registered nurses were made to leave for speaking out, or in one case, left in order to be able to speak out. Be warned: you will likely be shocked by what you read. This is not bed-time reading.

The book focuses on experiences in North America (particularly New York), and the United Kingdom, but we can wonder whether similar has applied in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Whatever the situation may or may not be in individual hospitals, we must trust that the majority of doctors, nurses and medical workers throughout the world do wonderful work, often under tremendous pressure as they do all they can to put the best interests of their patients first. However, to the extent that patients have been knowingly mistreated, disregarded and damaged or even killed by treatment given or denied, we must trust that those responsible will eventually experience appropriate outcomes. The information given in “What The Nurses Saw” suggests that thousands of very sick, and not so sick, individuals, have been, and are perhaps still being murdered in healthcare institutions world-wide.

First and foremost, this is a book for healthcare workers – nurses, doctors, auxiliary workers and hospital administrators. But it is also for all of us as patients (actual or potential), families and carers of patients. In fact let’s not forget the public servants in the various health sectors and their government bosses, along with members of the police and of the judiciary. The book is openly pointing at murder on a grand and grotesque scale. We cannot turn our heads from this, yet even here in my country, New Zealand, I know of several attempts to advise and lay charges with the police to no avail. “We’ll look into it”. Further inquires reveal that the matter has been filed.

The review paperback edition came via Amazon Australia for NZD30. Older readers will be happy with the larger than normal print on good white paper. The bulk of the content comprises investigative conversations between the author and several registered nurses offering first-hand experience from working in Intensive Care Units both in the United States and the United Kingdom. The author is obviously very knowledgeable in the whole area of healthcare and, in particular, what he calls: ‘the COVID panic’. It is clear that the nurses are speaking the hard truth about what they observed and experienced – and they have paid the price for speaking that truth. Particularly difficult is their descriptions of what it really means for someone to be placed on a ventilator. But the revelations go much further than that.

            Some of the chapter headings:

Horror on the Front Lines;

The Controlled Demolition of the UK’s National Health Service;

The Abandonment of the Elderly and the Infirm;

The Catastrophe Through the Eyes of a Veteran Respiratory Therapist;

How the UN and Other NGOs Sponsored Troll Mobs and Underwrote Death Threats Against Nurses;

Following the Money Trail.

            Some of the appendices:

The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics;

The Nuremberg Code;

“COVID” Deaths in Hospitals and Healthcare Settings;

Ventilators and Intubation;

Remdesivir – A Q&A With ChatGPT;

The Nazification of the NHS.

If you truly want to understand the ‘Covid’ era – and yourself within it (and please don’t look away, for you were within it) – this is essential reading. I haven’t encountered a book that gets so clearly to grips with it – even the more recently published: “Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak” by Robert F Kennedy Jr and Brian Hooker (Skyhorse Publishing 2023)

It’s a hard but necessary and brilliant read – and, please check: Are you a doctor or nurse or other healthcare worker or administrator who insists that the reviewed book and the reviewer must be misguided? Then please, in this case, offer up the benefit of your doubt, reserve your judgment until you have purchased and read the book:

The book’s web site has some excellent resources:

In the face of what has been presented in this book I am moved to say:

May God Have Mercy Upon Us All – And May He Inspire Us To Courage.




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