The Therapeutic Products Bill, put forward by Former Health Minister Andrew Little, is intended to replace the Medicines Act 1981 and the Dietary Supplements Regulations 1985. If passed, this bill will lead to the destruction of our food and natural medicine supply. If you do not oppose this bill before the 5th of March, we’re … Read more


Photo – © Mary Hobbs.

If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry as state as are the souls who live under tyranny. — President Thomas Jefferson All members of parliament who initially voted for this Bill are in the ‘hot seat’, for the eyes … Read more


by Vince McLeod. The Western ruling class has invented a term – stochastic terrorism – as part of their ongoing effort to silence all dissenters. The term has been invented specifically to shut down challenges to that ruling class. Mainstream media has even defined stochastic terrorism as “when Trump or his allies encourage violence”. But this, like … Read more

Misogyny Killed The Horse?

We all know why curiosity killed the cat, but why would hypothetical misogyny make a horse bolt? Written by Brad Flutey. 25 January 2023 Parliament lawns are getting a hammering, first there was Mallard and his sprinklers and now a bolting horse.   Jacinda’s job is done, the second Neoliberal Revolution has completed the first-phase … Read more

Whose Baby Is It Anyway? The Ethics Of Child Upliftment

by Vince McLeod   The case of Baby Will has received international attention in recent weeks. Will needed heart surgery, and his parents, quite reasonably, requested that the surgeons use blood that did not contain a Covid vaccine. The logic of Will’s parents was that the Covid vaccines have not been adequately tested and therefore … Read more


Written by Mike Bee The right of parents to refuse for their child blood they believe could be contaminated by the Pfizer vaccine is being challenged in a case in Auckland involving a four-month old baby who needs open-heart surgery. In New Zealand – if mainstream news is to be believed – the Pfizer vaccination, … Read more

How Far Would House Prices Need To Fall For Young People Today To Have It As Good As The Boomers Did?

Written by Vince McLeod Boomers have been denying it for years, but young people all over the West have now caught on: the Boomers had it much, much better than young people today. Measuring exactly how much better is hard, but we can guess by comparing how much saved labour Boomers needed to buy a … Read more