Sue Grey Disciplinary Tribunal. The Verdict is In – What Can New Zealand Learn From It?

A follow-up to the article of July 27 that was called “The Tide is Turning and Sue Grey is Helping it to Turn” by Mike Bee When I wrote my account of the Sue Grey disciplinary tribunal of July 24, I finished it by saying, “I suppose it is possible that, despite all I have … Read more


by Mike Bee On Monday 24th July, I attended a one-day disciplinary tribunal set up to examine the conduct of lawyer Sue Grey – an enquiry as to whether anything she had done in connection with the covid response in New Zealand had breached her duties as a lawyer and “brought her profession into disrepute”. … Read more

Liberal Western Culture Has Created a Frankenstein

By Guest Writer Olivia Pierson. If there’s a topic that bores me more than any other it’s the battle of the sexes. I don’t do feminism, girl-power, sisterhoods, women’s groups or any such thing where only women play leading roles. The flavour is simply not my tea-cup. So when Kellie-Jay Keen was about to come … Read more

Divided You Pose No Threat To Their System Of Control

By Thomas S. 14 November 2022 Many New Zealanders will never forget what it meant to be considered second class citizens in their own country. Under the Ardernian regime, those who refused to participate in the experimental trials of the mRNA injection were denied employment rights and were barred from shops and public facilities who … Read more

Alberta Government Stands Up To The World Economic Forum

By Travis Cook 29 October 2022 Is the Agenda failing, are humanity waking up too quickly for the enemies of a free humanity? What will this mean? Surely if some parts of the western world do not go along with the attempted reset, and outright reject the world economic forum, how will it be successful? … Read more