THE OTHER SIDE OF “THE GREAT AWAKENING”. A look at our times through the lens of “The Apocalypse of Saint John” and the spirituality that is everywhere awakening.

by Mike Bee Saint John knew that his words would be needed by individuals of a later time. This is that time. We have come about as far as the earthly intellect alone can carry us. We augment it with something else or we perish. The key question for our time is: how can we … Read more


by Thomas S.   The New Zealand Transport Agency is assuming responsibility for speed-camera enforcement from the New Zealand Police, with the transition set to be completed by mid-2025. And given that the New Zealand Transport Agency recently published a tender for the operation of mobile cameras earlier this month, it seems that the plunder … Read more

Counterspin Media Manifesto

by Thomas S. The ambitions of the globalists to dominate the world have been long in the making and no expense has been spared in slowly seducing successive generations to ever increasingly surrender their rights, their freedoms and their dignity to the emerging new world order. As such, the generations alive in our time are … Read more

To all New Zealanders after the election

by Mike Bee I have supported Liz Gunn and New Zealand Loyal, but I have also lamented how the party system forces division onto the people. These words are not only to the supporters of NZL but to all Kiwis who love their country and reject tyranny.   When you read this, the New Zealand … Read more

Why People Are Helping Tom Phillips Hide From The Police

by Vince McLeod When I was younger, I had a family member in the trade of supplying medicinal cannabis to people with various conditions, including Huntington’s disease. One day the New Zealand Police caught wind of his operation, so they came to his house, arrested him, and chucked him in a cage with rapists and … Read more

New Zealand: Are You Going To Fall For “SAFE AND EFFECTIVE” All Over Again?

by Mike Bee The Labour Party is “in it for us”. The other side is going to get the country “back on track again”. And, because Winston Peters is the only alternative candidate who has any chance of success, any vote given to one of the minor parties other than his party is “a wasted … Read more

Why Were Winston Peters’s Comments About Indigeneity So Controversial?

by Vince McLeod Winston Peters created a controversy this week in Nelson when he said that Maori people are not indigenous to New Zealand. The chimpout that followed saw Chris Hipkins, Chris Luxon and David Seymour all team up to criticise Peters. This caused some to ask: why are the left and the right teaming up against the … Read more

Newspeak in 2023: Linguistic Corruption To Serve A Globalist Agenda

by Vince McLeod In George Orwell’s prophetic novel, 1984, the purpose of “Newspeak” was to make anti-government thoughts impossible. The logic was that if people were prevented by language from talking about opposing the government, they’d also be prevented from thinking about it. Being unable to think about opposing the government, they’d make perfect slaves. In … Read more


Thomas S. A friend of mine grew up behind the Berlin Wall in the eighties and has told me that whenever the younger generation ask the older generation what they did to resist tyranny during the regime, the reply for many is: “I don’t want to talk about it.” Those who don’t want to talk … Read more