A constant barrage of carefully crafted propaganda seeks to indoctrinate your mind and hold it captive to an agenda based on pre-planned narratives. Heavy investment within the field of ‘behavioural sciences’ has seen unprecedented development of cognitive capture. For the most part, those that seek to rule your every action, your every thought and your … Read more

Divided You Pose No Threat To Their System Of Control

By Thomas S. 14 November 2022 Many New Zealanders will never forget what it meant to be considered second class citizens in their own country. Under the Ardernian regime, those who refused to participate in the experimental trials of the mRNA injection were denied employment rights and were barred from shops and public facilities who … Read more

Anti-Racism Viewed From The Working Class

by Vince McLeod October.20.2022 Growing up in Nelson last century, I was acutely aware of the class structure of society and my place at the bottom of it. Being the son of a gang member and the nephew of another gang member, and seeing other family members get institutionalised for various feral activities, it was … Read more

Communism on Campus and the Swamp Between our Nation’s Ears

Thomas S.   Every year, over 43,000 students graduate from New Zealand universities. Yet despite being in lockstep with the liberal agenda, our tertiary education sector seems to have thus far evaded the scrutiny it deserves. Indeed, our tertiary institutions have now become the frontlines in the ideological struggle for the hearts and minds of … Read more


1 October 2022 It is “no good looking at the world from a vanilla lens” says Deputy Labour leader Kelvin Davis. This from a white maori prone to wearing the suit easily associated with the term “vanilla lens” as he so rudely attempts to derogate Maori Act MP Karen Chhour. An odd thing to say … Read more


1 October 2022 American born Andrew Tate, went from a relative unknown to household name within a few short months this year! Why and how such was possible in a heavily censored and politically correct age, is the obvious question that should be on the lips of our media, yet they are distracted (and intentionally … Read more