by Thomas S.    The occupation of the New Zealand Parliament grounds in February and March of 2022, will be remembered for generations to come as a defining chapter in our nation’s history. ‘Freedom Village’, as the occupation came to be known, was an unscripted phenomenon that evolved during the arrival of the freedom convoy … Read more

What is the present task of New Zealand Loyal?

by Mike Bee   Liz Gunn needs some time out. Who among us can object to her doing that? But in the meantime, this country is going very rapidly to the dogs, there is zero true exposure in the mainstream media of what is going on and a lot of people feel alienated, discouraged and … Read more


by guest-writer, Marilyn Park, M.A. A critique of Claire Patolo’s thesis “Counterspin Media and COVID-19 in Aotearoa New Zealand: Far-Right Extremism and the Undermining of Public Sphere and Public Health Principles’, (School of Communication Studies Faculty of Design & Creative Technologies AUT, 2023.) INTRODUCTION This thesis by Clare Patolo has already been reviewed once (see … Read more


by Mike Bee I began writing this letter to you by watching your original letter to New Zealand that affected so many of us so deeply when we first saw it in October, 2021. You called it then “MY LOVE LETTER TO MY FELLOW KIWIS”. It started with a clip of Jacinda Ardern followed by … Read more

TRUTH DENIALISM IN THE THESIS OF AN AUT GRADUATE. “Counterspin Media: Far-Right Extremism and the Undermining of Public Sphere and Public Health Principles”

by Mike Bee There is not much money to be made in showing the public the truth concerning things some would rather not know about. However, the money sloshes round on the other side. Cindy has been mobilized by the United Nations to take down all voices that do not agree with the UN and … Read more

Establishing a Sovereign Nation State: A Comprehensive Guide to Independence under the Montevideo Convention

by Kelvyn Alp   Preamble  In the face of oppression, tyranny and the denial of fundamental rights, declaring an independent nation state is a necessary step towards reclaiming sovereignty and building a free and just society. Throughout history, people have been subjected to the whims of oppressive regimes and stripped of their autonomy and dignity. … Read more

Unmasking Controlled Opposition: A Guide to Identifying Influence Tactics

by Kelvyn Alp Introduction In the pursuit of truth and knowledge, it’s essential to recognize the subtle yet potent force of controlled opposition. This phenomenon involves the manipulation of information and narratives by powerful interests to undermine genuine platforms, shape public opinion, and maintain the status quo. In this article, we’ll delve into the realm … Read more

The Looming Shadow of AI-Driven Tyranny: A Warning for Humanity

by Kelvyn Alp   Introduction As we embrace the technological advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a sinister threat lurks in the shadows, imperilling our very existence. The convergence of AI with the globalist agenda to subjugate humanity poses an unprecedented danger, imperilling our freedom, autonomy, and dignity. This article delves into the perils of this … Read more

The Danger of Implanted Belief Systems: Don’t Surrender Your Power

by Kelvyn Alp As humans, we’re constantly bombarded with information and ideas that shape our beliefs and perceptions. But have you ever stopped to think about where these beliefs come from, and whether they’re truly your own? The truth is, many of us have implanted belief systems that can lead us to surrender our own … Read more

THE OTHER SIDE OF “THE GREAT AWAKENING”. A look at our times through the lens of “The Apocalypse of Saint John” and the spirituality that is everywhere awakening.

by Mike Bee Saint John knew that his words would be needed by individuals of a later time. This is that time. We have come about as far as the earthly intellect alone can carry us. We augment it with something else or we perish. The key question for our time is: how can we … Read more