by Mike Bee

I began writing this letter to you by watching your original letter to New Zealand that affected so many of us so deeply when we first saw it in October, 2021. You called it then “MY LOVE LETTER TO MY FELLOW KIWIS”. It started with a clip of Jacinda Ardern followed by something out of the archives to show you hosting The Good Morning Show many years ago. And then you came on as you were at that moment:

“This is my love letter to my fellow Kiwis. My name’s Liz Gunn. I used to be in media. Before that I was in law. I’ve been a mother. I’ve gone through all sorts of personal crises, divorce … all the things that we all go through, but never, never in my life have I seen what I’ve seen today here in New Zealand on 22nd October 2021.”

You gave words to what we were feeling then. You were speaking to us at a critical moment when Jacinda and her foot-soldiers had all the power. And, hearing your words, many of us said to ourselves, “Here is someone who does not only repeat the facts about what is really happening in our country but can also articulate what it means to us who are suffering it.” We felt hope; our hearts leapt, for this was something that had been absent in our lives until that moment.

You went on:

“And in my heart there was a cry saying, ‘It stops. It stops now.’ Jacinda Ardern is a public servant. She is our servant. We are not her servants. She has announced today the most draconian, cruel, inhumane, unkind measures to take away kiwi freedoms…”

It is hard to comprehend that this letter was written not even three years ago. 31 months have passed, and can ordinary kiwis even begin to imagine what those momentous months were like for you?

Earlier this week there came a kind of climax of the 31 months. Perhaps for you it was the lowest moment so far. Some sixty supporters were with you physically – and countless others holding you and Jonathon in their thoughts – when a judge, Janey Forrest, pronounced you guilty of the charge of assault. You, who had been attacked by a senior constable much bigger and heavier than you who had broken your wrist and torn ligaments in your shoulder, had been convicted of assault while the one who had assaulted you had not even been given a reprimand.

What we witnessed was a very obvious miscarriage of justice, but should anyone really have been surprised at that? After all we have seen, isn’t this just the normal way the game is played? This judge was under orders to do what someone above her required of her, and that was to cause you maximum time and trouble and prevent you from laying charges against the police who had assaulted you or of getting any kudos from exposing corruption by winning the case and making them look stupid. This is what higher powers required, and this is what was done.

I wish at that moment you would have been prepared for such a verdict and laughed at it from the dock. We sixty who were there would have joined you, and your words, if you had then gone on to call out from the dock the fraud that was being perpetrated, would have spread around the country. These would even have been, perhaps, words heard around the world.

But you had not been prepared for that because you are an honourable woman, and you could not imagine that another woman could do something so low and dishonest to you. You faced her in trust, human to human, and she betrayed you. And you left the court in tears.

Now, you and we both have the feeling of being on the back foot. You will be taking time out to heal and put this latest injustice behind you. We are with you in this, and you must do whatever you need to do. We have seen you over the 31 months, attacked and attacked and attacked. I had thought that the moment when Sean Plunket, on the morning after the airport attack, read out your letter to him in a whiny, sarcastic voice was the lowest point, but this is worse. Liz, we are with you with the greatest empathy we can feel, acknowledging what you go through alone.

At the same time as you attend to your needs to become healed, you will be thinking of the future. No one would blame you if you wanted to end all your public presence in New Zealand affairs. No doubt, that is in your mind as one possibility. And I would guess that there are some who would be recommending that to you.

But I would like to give a picture of what you could do instead of an outright resignation.

New Zealand Loyal is so much more than a political party. It was formed in order to contest the 2023 general election. Many said that going into the Establishment’s own system was a trap. By what has happened, it looks as if those people could have been right. And yet such an act, requiring of you so much courage and self-conquest, could well turn out to have been right from another vantage point. So many people resonated to it. So many loyal followers gave their heart and soul that this new party should have a presence before October 14th. Against enormous odds – against censorship and false witness of people who knew what they were doing to sabotage us – people stood out on the road with signs and talked to others and prayed and gave money all around the country. And we created a presence. In a few months, New Zealand Loyal was born.

If there had not been censorship – if you had been able to get your voice heard and your policies such as the 1% transaction tax policy known and understood by more Kiwis – who knows what success the party may have had? But politics in New Zealand is a rigged game that follows house rules, and the house always wins. New Zealand Loyal did respectfully but got no seats, and we are still out in the wasteland of the New Zealand political scene.

The puppet-masters who pull on the strings of New Zealand’s politicians are happy about that. As they sip their champagne, they congratulate each other on their latest manoeuvre against you. The latest chapter in their campaign against truth and freedom being returned to New Zealand they will be judging to have been a success.

But what really do they have to do with us? We know we carry the future of New Zealand, and they have only created a new obstacle for us, and obstacles are things that are temporary and that give you strength when you overcome them. Let the 120 MP’s whose wages have been bought and paid for by the NZ Corporation continue their work of destroying this country as we build it up. This is the only way that the future will be created.

Liz, this is the moment where you could take up a greater and truer task than leadership of a political party. Be a leader – whether from the top or from the middle or by starting again at the grassroots, it doesn’t matter which – of the true spiritual entity of New Zealand Loyal. Let politics go. More important is the spiritual renewal of this country. That is what this country is really calling out for.

Some will continue to believe that we need NZ Loyal as a political party. Yes, that can do no harm – let it remain as a registered party and get ready for an election one day, either in 2026 as scheduled or earlier, if things happen to fall apart before that. NZ Loyal can play a role. But separate off work in the spiritual and cultural realm from what is done in the political realm.

If there is trouble distinguishing the political arm from the spiritual-cultural arm that works for the renewal of New Zealand outside of the political system, call the non-political movement something different such as Loyalty New Zealand or go back to that original name, Free NZ. Call it anything at all – the main thing is that we who believe in a decent future for this country have a big task ahead of us, and we want to get busy with you doing it.

Our problem is that government is too big. NZ Inc is an illegal entity, and power must return to the people. For that to happen, there must be a body separate from government where the people’s voices can be heard. Describing the necessity for this in 1916, Rudolf Steiner said, “You can call it a parliament if you like, but it will be very different from today’s parliaments.”

He meant a forum where the real issues of this country are discussed by many different groups. Then, another body takes hold of this and works to see that all peoples’ rights are protected in what has been handed to them as recommendations from the people. If there is not this separation of powers, then the tyranny of the majority will take place and, no matter how idealistically the new enterprise began, corruption will return and violence will be the end result.

(At the other end of the new system, economic decisions are also dealt with separately. Steiner was very clear that only by devolving power in such a fundamental tripartite way could social systems ever work in any country and at any time, though each country will have quite different ways of expressing this. And it must be a more fundamental division than the old Executive-Judiciary-Legislature division which is only a sub-division of the political and rights sphere. But that is for another letter, perhaps…)

We don’t yet have this people’s assembly, but NZ Loyal (or Loyalty New Zealand or Free NZ or whatever we choose to call it) could be the first organization in the country to start working towards this and begin the movement that will lead to such things as the creation of our New Zealand Constitution and the new ways of structuring our society that will keep central government in check. Reconciliation with many is another of the key tasks that must be attended to. Because of the election and the way this was set up to divide us, we have not grown more united since then but more fractured. Look at the division that was engineered with those loyal to Voices for Freedom and Reality Check Radio – it was all because of different political views. Let the politics go, and focus on what we have in common!

Liz, I would love you to be the leader of this new, regenerative movement of the people, but that is neither my decision nor yours. First of all, the people must meet. That will be messy and a lot of silly things will be said along with the sensible, but nothing else will do. Since NZ Loyal was formed, there hasn’t been a national conference as yet. Maybe we start with local meetings, and you come to as many of those as you would like and do a lot of listening. (That’s what politicians always say, isn’t it – that they will listen – and afterwards they go on doing what they want. But if you said you would listen, it would be different – we know that!) Let others get the next phase underway. Local groups, if they see the rightness of this, can be responsible for its kick off. After the local meetings, we can then meet somewhere central as a national movement and have our very first Annual General Meeting. And there we will hammer out our next steps.

This is my appeal to you, Liz. See the enormous good you have done. Build the next step upon what is still standing from that, and don’t be conned into feeling we have failed. Though you may be both exhausted and wounded, give us the signal to become active in the next stage of our work together. We can make a beginning and schedule the first local events with the end-goal of a national conference in mind.

So many people love you, Liz. Is it because of what you have done or because of the potential that people see in you for things that can still be done? You are not a political leader. Your temperament isn’t suited for that. We’ll find a political leader or three – there are many possibilities – but much, much more important is the spiritual rebirthing process that must take place in this country first. The process of rebirthing happens through people being brought together. This then gives the political leaders the ability to do what they must do. “Culture,” as Andrew Breitbart often said, “is upstream from politics.”

You can’t cause all that to happen on your own. You need us just as we need you. But you are the best, most empathetic person I have ever met, and it is my opinion that you are indeed indispensable to this country. Your task is to inspire us, that together we do that which is trying to happen.

Take your time. Decide what is really right for you. But also listen to us and the needs of this country.

There is so effing much to be done!

With love,

Mike Bee

PS After I’d finished this, I watched your much shorter second love letter to Kiwis. You spoke of how the letters that you had received after your first letter showed you that going ahead with the party was indeed what you felt you had to do. You spoke of how you could feel behind these letters that people had suffered but that something was resolved from that and that the country was ready for something like you had proposed. You said that the letters you had received showed people had gone through great hardship and suffering but that you could feel that these sufferings had given people an incredible strength and had acted as an incredible wake-up to them. Adversity had given people the conviction that this was the time to step forward, and you said how that felt to you unstoppable.

More hardship and suffering have taken place since then. The puppet-masters in government and the truth-deniers in the media have tried very hard to stop what was unstoppable. I suggest to you that the suffering you have passed through is an ingredient of the new strength that we have all now gathered from our collective experiences. You – together with us – have gone through a catharsis. We were knocked down. This is our time to stand up again.

And you finished with a quote from Benjamin Franklin:

“Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men.
Freedom is a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and Nature.”


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