Capitals Vision, a social media platform

CAPITALS Vision is a platform accessible from any device, without downloading. On this platform you can purchase over 200 Derivative Commercial Contracts You open your account quickly It takes very little time to open and fund your account. Users in Europe can make deposits or withdrawals on the same day, without waiting. An advantage of … Read more

It Is Inevitable That New Zealand Will Join The Australian Federation

by Vince McLeod Find this article on Substack. Many New Zealanders were pleased by the recent news that Kiwis living in Australia will be able to apply for citizenship after four years. This marks a significant change from the status quo, under which a Kiwi could live in Australia for 20 years without being able to … Read more


The Therapeutic Products Bill, put forward by Former Health Minister Andrew Little, is intended to replace the Medicines Act 1981 and the Dietary Supplements Regulations 1985. If passed, this bill will lead to the destruction of our food and natural medicine supply. If you do not oppose this bill before the 5th of March, we’re … Read more

How Far Would House Prices Need To Fall For Young People Today To Have It As Good As The Boomers Did?

Written by Vince McLeod Boomers have been denying it for years, but young people all over the West have now caught on: the Boomers had it much, much better than young people today. Measuring exactly how much better is hard, but we can guess by comparing how much saved labour Boomers needed to buy a … Read more