Why People Are Helping Tom Phillips Hide From The Police

by Vince McLeod When I was younger, I had a family member in the trade of supplying medicinal cannabis to people with various conditions, including Huntington’s disease. One day the New Zealand Police caught wind of his operation, so they came to his house, arrested him, and chucked him in a cage with rapists and … Read more

Provincialisation: The Answer To New Zealand’s Discontent?

by Vince McLeod This essay outlines a suggestion not heard for many years: that the political needs and wants of the New Zealand nation could best be met by devolving political power to provincial governments. Recent demographic work has revealed the full extent of New Zealand’s demographic diversity. New Zealand is actually a fairly large … Read more

INFORMATION AND DISINFORMATION – The New Zealand government continues to see itself as our single source of truth

by Mike Bee   Someone once said that any society that burns books will end up burning people. Book-burning is not widely practised today, and the focus of those who censor free speech has shifted to what takes place online. But the saying is nevertheless true, and we can extend it for our time by … Read more

Propaganda Analysis: The Disinformation Project’s Disinformation

by Vince McLeod The authors lament that “disinformation ecologies” are winning the battle for the public’s trust. At no point do they consider the obvious explanation for this: that the alternative media tells fewer lies.   Today we look at the aptly named Disinformation Project’s latest hit piece. The Disinformation Project, which can be accurately considered … Read more

A story of war waged on the land and the people

by the Corn Crow  Find this article on Substack  On the night of the 13th of February, Cyclone Gabrielle howled through the Hawke’s Bay landscape depriving many of sleep. It was a bad wind, but it did not initially give an indication of the real danger. In the early hours of the morning the water … Read more


By Jennifer Scott 23 October 2022 As Government departments and private corporations continue to push the ‘Trans Rights are Human Rights’ campaign, internationally and within New Zealand the red flags and the lack of safeguarding for Woman and children continue to be highlighted. On 16th September 2022 the MOH removed the term that Puberty Blockers … Read more