A story of war waged on the land and the people

by the Corn Crow  Find this article on Substack  On the night of the 13th of February, Cyclone Gabrielle howled through the Hawke’s Bay landscape depriving many of sleep. It was a bad wind, but it did not initially give an indication of the real danger. In the early hours of the morning the water … Read more


“You the people have the power – you just forgot how to play.”   by Mike Bee   I can remember the unique feeling of the moment when lockdowns began, 11.59pm, March 25th, 2020. Looking out over the empty streets and feeling acutely the knowledge that what was happening had nothing at all to do … Read more

It Is Time To Take Your Oath, New Zealand!

Thomas S. With few exceptions, the many wars and revolutions which have engulfed the world in recent centuries have been fought over the same campaign – namely the global ambitions of those who have sought to subjugate the world. And while many of the ideologies which these criminals have cloaked themselves with at various times … Read more

Why Cyclone Recovery Efforts Are Being Disrupted

Thomas S.   As the extent of the devastation in the wake of Cyclone Gabrielle becomes known, New Zealanders from all corners of the nation have rolled up their sleeves and descended upon affected regions to assist those in need, while those unable to travel have donated funds and supplies. The official response and recovery … Read more

Cyclone Gabrielle: Supplies Drop off Points & Distribution Centers

Auckland – Falloons Stock Foods – Dairy Flat – Saddlery Warehouse – Albany – Saddlery Warehouse – Kumeu – Paws Restart – Kumeu – Horselands – Dury – Alice & John 027rescue1 – delivered by Rodney Animal Rescue 06-03830980543-00 Hawkes Bay relief Hamilton – Hamilton Girls High School – Kinetic Electrical – 6 Manchester Place … Read more