A story of war waged on the land and the people

by the Corn Crow 

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On the night of the 13th of February, Cyclone Gabrielle howled through the Hawke’s Bay landscape depriving many of sleep. It was a bad wind, but it did not initially give an indication of the real danger. In the early hours of the morning the water rose, the forestry slash swept through, mangling bridges, fences, houses, cars, animals, took lives and livelihoods, and then subsided. Very few would have considered that the storm could have had manufactured provenance and purpose, that disparate parts of the story could be drawn together to present a whole that was more horrifying than anything the natural world could produce. How much evidence will it be possible to amass? And how much evidence will be required to form a consensus on the complete character of the disaster?


Follow me.


Back on the 11th of March, Kaipara Mayor Jepson told Stuffed news he would like to see the science on “climate change” exacerbating Cyclone Gabrielle, because he believed the Cyclone was part of normal weather cycles.[a] Probably Ian Wishart would agree.[b] This is a valid position. As a GE free activist years ago, I discovered I could circumvent long boring scientific studies and accurately guess the conclusions by simply turning to the back of the paper to see who funded the study. Professor Henry Lai realised something similar with studies funded by the telecommunications industry into cellphones and cancer.[c] And so, like the Kaipara mayor, I too would be keen to see the science, especially science free of government and corporate funding. Not casting aspersions on all science, but I would dearly love to know the secret to turning the single most important molecule for plant growth into public enemy number one.[d][e]

Unlike the mayor and the investigative journalist, I have a different angle to explore. If, in the Stuffed article, they’re estimating the Cyclone was intensified 10% by “man-made climate change”, may we see an independent review of the full functional capacity of the Blenheim spy station please? Plus an air log of all aerosol-injection-capable private and military aircraft that were in the air over New Zealand and just off the coast for the month prior to and during the Cyclone? And while you’re at it, a list of all large private and military sea vessels off the east coast and NEXRAD positions and activity for that period? Also, I’d like to see independent (of government) air samples taken over New Zealand, with particular focus on the presence of strontium, barium, aluminium, and sulphur dioxide. I know these jokers like to play with us — they may well be telling the truth — perhaps the Cyclone was indeed exacerbated to the tune of 10% by artificial means — as in the deliberate geoengineering of a storm intended to cause maximum damage to a food-growing province (geoengineering reference links in the endnotes).

The problem is, the wonderful men and women on the ground, the volunteers, the victims, for the most part, are unlikely to be aware that New Zealand ratified the Paris Agreement in 2016, and to know what this means in detail.[f] For many, it is a hopeless task trying to explain not only that the tech is available to turn weather into weaponry, but the will also is there. The structure of trust and the foundation of the contract for peaceful existence within this society require a narrow moral vocabulary. Contemplation of acts outside this vocabulary threatens stability and is, of necessity, taboo. Nevertheless the questions must be asked.

I’ve been watching the skies, and I’ve been watching what’s happening on the ground. I am writing this four weeks and six days after the Cyclone ripped my province apart. The speed at which absolutely nothing has happened in Hawke’s Bay in the form of tangible help from the govt has been the kicker for me. We have opportunists galore in the shadowy corridors of the Beehive, but not the united will to capitalise so swiftly on such a storm without prior knowledge of it. By capitalise, I refer to the United Nations Agenda 21, now Agenda 2030, and invite the reader to listen to Rosa Koire’s speech over 10 years ago titled: Behind the Green Mask UN Agenda 21.[g]

So, to the event itself: if war had been ‘honestly’ declared on the people, we’d have had time to get cameras on the ground that night, independent assessment teams, evidence gatherers. As it is, we are dealing with dishonour and deceit, and it seems we are dealing with a theoretical and practical surprise act of war waged on the land and the people using weather instead of bombs. As it is, we are dealing often in anecdotal stories.

Is it true that the Greens had and have a policy that allows the forestry industry to leave slash on the ground? If so, how long has this policy been in place? Long enough to allow sufficient “man-made exacerbation” to destroy bridges and orchards? Without the forestry slash the Cyclone would have been stripped of its teeth.

Hmmm, the Greens in Australia did something similar, didn’t they? They had the national parks locked up to allow nature to ‘return to itself’. Problem is — the Darling and Murray rivers had been deliberately over-extracted and dried up, and, once the fires were underway, the air-force were caught spraying sparkler ingredients over the burn area (air-force aluminium “chaff” radar deflection exercise), the indigenous peoples were refused permission to practice their cold-burns which would have slowed the fires, and I’ve heard, fire insurance premiums for the [to be affected] states were raised prior to the event. Despite denial by Ross Bradstock (Centre for Environmental Risk Management) and Chris Hardman of Forest Fire Management, when the fires reached them, the back-to-nature policy turned the national parks into an inferno, and, the roads being blocked, fire-trucks struggled to enter the forests to put out the fires.[h] Australians were left with similar pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to fit together as we have here. Both pictures show bumbling politicians playing at incompetence while the tragedy continued to deepen. (Scomo even took a holiday in Hawaii while his land melted). Was this to extend the damage as far as possible? Both pictures show culpability to the point of premeditation.

I wonder what “Greens” actually means to an insider? Is it, in fact, an antonym?



A story I heard is that the Waikaremoana dam and a hitherto little-known hydro dam above Esk Valley were released the night of the Cyclone.

Another story I heard was that Civil Defence trucks were checking the river level at Pakowhai on the hour every hour on the night of the storm, so they knew exactly what was happening. A witness saw those trucks, all brightly lit in the night, go up to check the river one last time before speeding away at 100 km/hr from the site without a word to the locals, minutes before the floodwaters came.

Another story I have heard is that the body count for Hawke’s Bay after the Cyclone, is far higher than officially recognised. On Wednesday 15th, two days after the storm, I was told by two different nurses at the Emergency Department at the Hastings hospital that there were 30 bodies at the Eskdale evacuation centre alone. From others (not nurses) I heard stories that there were four containers at the Napier Port being used as temporary morgues, that they were full to capacity, that the Hastings hospital morgue was full to capacity, that 600 more body bags had been ordered by the Fire Service and that RSE workers comprised a large proportion of the dead.

Another story I have heard is that the police commissioner lied coolly to the cameras saying there were sufficient cops on the ground to deal with the looting erupting around Eskdale, Bayview and Napier.[i] I heard (with govt approved carte blanche?) the Mob even looked sideways at a flooded gallery. (Since when do yokel kiwi gang members loot small country galleries?) This is, of course, pure speculation, but, considering how snuggly old Jabcinda was with the Mongrel Mob and given just how much free-playtime Jacinda’s chosen police commissioner: Andrew, was willing to give them, could it be that the looting was done on commission?

Another story I have heard is that even now Red Cross is missing in action. The Navy — remember them? Whatever became of that ship parked off Napier? Did anyone disembark at all or was it just for show? The Army — we saw an impressive helicopter presence in the air and busy trucks on the ground, we saw a beautiful three-minute film, set to suspiciously touching music, of the army smashing through slips to reach Tutira[j] (sorry but anything emitted by the NZ Herald is suss). Have I missed anything else though? Where did they go after that? And why were empty tents pitched at the Hastings library for weeks?[k]

Why are there still so many desolated people on the ground with ominous red or yellow spray-canned squiggles on the walls of their houses, still surrounded by the rubble of their lives calling for real help, for diggers and builders, while MSM strings them along, day after day, with a kind of feigned disarray[l]: ‘experts’ dredged up from the PR basement recommending migration[m], headlines saying locals plead for previously fertile and healthy land to be “red zoned”[n], the RMA needs more tinkering before farmers can rebuild (in stark contrast with covid laws being magicked into legislation overnight)[o], Nash was a naughty boy (or couldn’t stomach lying any more, so took a fall to get out?)[p], the Civil Defence boss was away on a jaunt[q]….

Could it be that by playing down the extent of the damage and the dead, the govt-owned media is trying to limit offers of help from outside Hawke’s Bay? Could it be that just enough looting was sanctioned to bring already distressed storm victims to the brink of despair? Could it be that, according to UN Agenda 2030 goals, the government is doing as little as it can to help (while giving the impression that it’s having administrative trouble) because it is trying to financially and emotionally starve out a suffering province with the aim of getting it to capitulate to the proposed Managed Retreat Laws[r]? Did you know New Zealand’s Ministry of Works and Development was ‘acquired’ by a Montreal-based company after being handed around like a lost suitcase since 1988, and that New Zealand’s bones are being reshaped by foreign interests[s]? Oh yes, the rot goes very deep indeed.

Just today, as I write, on Stuffed News the cat-and-mouse game continues as Pakowhai residents have the words: “Red Zone” dangled over their heads by a sadistic and bored-looking Anna Lorck[t]. Take a moment to imagine what that means to people with homes in this area.

Interestingly there was one guy who named the Cyclone for what it truly was, two days before it happened, and he called for evacuation. You can watch his weather report for verification.[u]

In the absence of a decent and moral legacy media who give a damn about real science, the people must piece together the truth for themselves; for, in this story, there are murderers, schemers, culprits, who are hardly likely to put their hands up, and are relying heavily on the incredulity of the masses when confronted with questions like those posed here.[v]

To close on a hopeful note, what engineers of the Great Reset for New Zealand perhaps did not factor in, with regard to the attack on Hawke’s Bay, was the influx of decent, genuine, gumboot-clad, spade-wielding men and women volunteers on the ground doing actual work to help fix damaged property. What the schemers did not factor in was the waking of community spirit as if from a long sleep. And what the censors did not factor in is that truth, like water, will always find a way through. Keep this in mind as the story of Hawke’s Bay unfolds over the next year, and always examine mainstream media reports through a clean magnifying lens.


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