The Mother Of All Revelations – How long must we wait?

by Mike Bee

I have a relative who is a high court judge, and, since the early days of the pandemic – when I so much wanted to wake up everyone around me to what was going on – I have sent him all kinds of reports, statistics, interviews and so forth relating to the lack of safety and efficacy in the Covid 19 experimental medication, falsely called a vaccine. I know he reads what I send him, but I also know he is too skeptical to have been influenced by any of it.

However, when Liz Gunn made her announcement of what was coming – the Mother Of All Revelations – I decided it was definitely time to make another attempt!

What Liz was promising certainly looked as if it would be overwhelmingly compelling evidence. And I believe my relative to be a good man who will rouse himself and do what is right for the country once he has been convinced of the truth. That is why I had been taking trouble over him, even when things seemed to be so blocked. In life, nothing is ever wasted.

So I sent him an email, letting him know that something was coming. I preceded it with one of my favourite little clips – the video of headlines starting with jabs being 100% effective and gradually tending to what we know of their utter uselessness at stopping transmission, all done to the accompaniment of Grieg’s dance of the trolls from Peer Gynt. And I included a graph of the declining Pfizer stock price that showed the business community reacting in a similar way to those newspaper headlines as analysts believed they could see what was coming.

I knew those alone would do nothing, but maybe they would soften him up.

Of course, like many Kiwis, I fully expected the data to be released a few days after the election, so I looked forward to writing a triumphant follow-up letter as soon as possible after this release.

However, as we all know, the data has not yet been released. Feeling my relative might be concluding it was all a scam, I wrote a second letter and summarised what we know so far. Keeping it simple, my information came mainly from Liz Gunn’s update on 21st October.

Liz Gunn came forward just before the election and stated she has seen this data that point to very great numbers of deaths and injuries in New Zealand from the Pfizer vaccine, kept hidden till now from the New Zealand public. She promised she would release this information right after the election and later added that a clinician/mathematician had gone over it in a secret location and confirmed that it showed that tens of thousands of deaths are linked to the jabs, so that perhaps hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders could have been injured by it.

I mentioned what she had said about the clusters of deaths – that 30 people, jabbed at the same location, had all died close to each other in time and stated that with such synchronicity, these deaths could not possibly be from natural causes.

I mentioned the recently published OIA evidence that shows that the government knew every side-effect before the vaccines were released – proof that people in high places knew that “safe and effective” was always a total lie. I said how Liz is calling for a full-blown criminal investigation to be conducted immediately and is saying that, “New Zealand is a crime scene.”

Those were the early facts. But then I had to explain the present situation. I told my relative how a number of people whom I know have seen the information first-hand and can confirm that what Liz is saying is true but that the whistle-blower still hasn’t released it and that the reasons for that are not quite clear. He or she seems to be waiting to be sure that the data will be able to go out and not be suppressed once it has been released. I finished by saying:

Everyone who has knowledge of this has, of course, hoped that the data sets would be disclosed by now. Until they are, people are correct to have some skepticism. However, it is very possible, with so much information from here and overseas being constantly censored and suppressed, that those with the power to release this data are waiting for the moment when they can be certain that the information cannot be suppressed and will be properly dealt with. Keep an open mind, and wait and see what Winston will do, as that seems to be the route by which this information will come out to the New Zealand public.

Liz added to what we know in an interview late at night, New Zealand time, on 26th October. See

The figure given in this data set shows that more than 36,000 New Zealanders have died after vaccination, a staggeringly high number in such a small country. They have died from many different causes, often from the aggravation of existing illnesses, so that the cause of death would never be attributed to the jab by casual examination alone. However, the very large rise in New Zealand’s excess mortality should have alerted the authorities that something needed to be checked, and this data takes away all doubt that the experimental medications have been the cause of all these deaths.

Replying to some who have condemned her for releasing what they say should be kept confidential, Liz assured us that confidential information would be released only with anonymity. She even gave another reason for why this is so necessary – one single vaccinator, who may not even know what he has done, is shown in the statistics to be responsible for 400 deaths. In a country that has suffered severe trauma from the events since 2020, knowledge of such facts will be a bitter pill.

Liz also provided background about how she came to be cast in the role of the preparer of this information to come. Two whistle-blowers had approached her and offered her what they had, believing she would become an MP in the election and would be able to release this information to the country protected by parliamentary privilege. She had agreed to do this and, in the course of the conversation, had spoken of a couple of important overseas public figures who could take the information further.

When she did not get a seat in Parliament as the whistle-blowers had expected, they decided to hold the data back until the overseas people she had mentioned were alerted to what was coming and had promised to give it their full attention. She told them she would hand the data over to Winston Peters and that she had faith in his ability to bring it to the New Zealand public, but they did not have enough faith in him alone to agree with this at this stage.

Liz’s greatest worry now is that every day that passes could mean another person taking the booster shot that will lead to their death. There is a point at which not doing anything becomes complicity in crime. She is certain that the facts, when they come, will be so horrific that they will bring the entire vaccine programme to a halt – certainly in this country but also throughout the rest of the world. She is losing sleep over such worries, but she is powerless to do anything about it at this moment.

Meanwhile she is seeing that the issue does get publicity, even in its incomplete state, and is using every avenue she can find to contact the really high-profile person in the US who she believes will take this issue on. Millions have watched her videos and many separate videos by others have appeared.

Is it a crisis of confidence for the whistle-blowers? Anyone who brings into the world such truths as are contained in this data will inevitably call forth a storm of negative comments, will risk losing their employment and may even find their life is in danger. Liz is one who has conquered her fears and will do what benefits others, whatever the cost to herself, but not everyone is like that. She spoke in the interview of going to the edge of a cliff and leaping off, confident in the faith that you will be carried safely. What is it that will give these two whistle-blowers the confidence that they, too, will be carried? One of those things will be that they know that the eyes of the world will be upon their data.

Just at this point in time, the criminals who committed this grave crime against humanity must be realising that they have lost the battle in the court of public opinion. Though the majority in New Zealand has not yet become sufficiently critical of its government and health experts, every day more and more people are indeed beginning to question the official narrative. And there are huge movements overseas. Andrew Bridgen’s debate in the English Parliament last week is just one recent event that captured the imagination of many. The truth is resisted, resisted, resisted … and then the moment comes when it wins completely. We seem to be very close to that moment of victory. When the data comes out, it could just be the coup de grace that finishes off Jabcinda’s ocean of lies forever.

All of us who speak to others of these revelations to come do a service to the earth and help create the climate into which truth can be accepted. We have been let down by the media, the police, the medical establishment, business leaders and our politicians. Eventually things come down to the people – that is always the force that eventually topples governments and lets the future be born.

We are at a unique moment in time. Criminals thought they could get away with genocide, but they have failed. All they have left is to create chaos. This they are doing – the Middle East is on the edge of catastrophe, and similar cataclysmic events in Taiwan are coming closer. But other forces are also in play, and it is certain that the events to come will wake up even more people to the true nature of the criminal cabal – who they are and what they have been doing against the peoples of the earth for generations.



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