Our Whistle-Blower Has Been Arrested. It’s Time We All Blew Our Whistles Just As Loud As We Can!

by Mike Bee

The reaction of the authorities to Liz Gunn’s whistle-blower’s data more or less proves their guilt. If they were at all worried about the health of the people in this nation, wouldn’t they have looked in a concerned way at the data to see if it were true?

But no, first thing they do is draw attention to the messenger, not the diabolical message he is carrying, and say he has obtained it illegally and say how disappointed they are that he has broken their trust. Then, without looking at the message, they label it “misinformation” and make attempts to discredit it. Then they lay charges, and have the police surround the whistle-blower’s home and arrest him. Well, New Zealand, they couldn’t really have said it any clearer. This is a pretty good indication that your government has something to hide!

Our first worry must be for the well-being of Winston Smith and his family. Though he was offered safe passage outside of New Zealand and a place to hide out before the data was dropped, he declined. Isn’t this a testament to the kind of person he is? I am certain he can take care of himself and that he will be OK. There is already worldwide attention focused on this case – they can’t kill him or mistreat him badly in captivity when they know that in every action they take they will be watched. Perhaps they hope he will be awed by their authority and their show of strength and make some kind of a confession. But from what I’ve seen of Winston Smith, he is totally focused on saving lives and is not the kind of person who would buckle under to their intimidation.

So, while staying as concerned as we can be for Winston Smith, attention must shift onto the other Winston. On Monday morning, let’s hear a statement from him about this. Winston Peters promised, pre-election, that he would demand a full enquiry into the handling of the covid pandemic. Well, Winston, here is your first gigantic data dump. The investigation has begun!

How about demanding this data be made available to the public – it is all anonymous so they can’t say there are privacy issues – and get a team of top, trusted statisticians working on it? How about calling for a proper response from Te Whatu Ora – one that shows they care about New Zealanders’ health rather than the belligerence against the whistle-blower that they’ve shown so far and the actions that suggest them to be more interested in covering their own behinds? How about asking the Minister of Police to investigate some of the allegations that the New Zealand Police have been refusing to look at for years? How about calling for a moratorium on vaxxing until the data has been examined and the public’s health can be assured?

The authorities are showing themselves to be scared, desperate, stupid and guilty! They are trying to get a hold of the data, but it has already gone out into the world. They are only drawing attention to the situation here. How long until Robert F Kennedy Jr gets involved? How long before Trump or Elon Musk makes a statement?

New Zealand, those little islands at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, is known to be a laboratory for the criminal cartel in which they test what will later be rolled out to the rest of the world. But with things not going the globalists’ way, the country has instead become a key player in bringing disclosure to the world about the terrible crimes that have been perpetrated on the world’s peoples.

From all sides, evidence comes forward that all-cause mortality in all countries where the vaxxine has been done is at historically high levels, but no other country has produced data like this. Of course, if the New Zealand authorities were concerned with the people’s welfare, they would be grateful to have such data and would do all they could to examine it with objectivity. Knee-jerk reactions such as we are seeing only prove their guilt, and that means the rest of the world is getting a big impetus to come to its own conclusions about what has gone on in other countries.

Truth is what people need at this time – facts and evidence and people who are in touch with their hearts. One man, Winston Smith, sits in prison at this moment because he dared to tell the truth – because he cared about the truth more than he cared for his own comforts or his own life. Meanwhile another Winston needs to be told by us that we demand action from him.

This is the time of our lives when we must stand up and make a noise. Terrible injustices have been done, but the guilty are being exposed. We can all play a role in bringing them to justice – in demanding that truth be revealed to the world.



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