Thomas S. It was during the spread of communism throughout Eastern Europe in the early 20th Century that Hungary first fell to the reds. The Hungarian Soviet Republic was established by Bela Kun in the aftermath of the First World War, with support from the Bolsheviks in Moscow. His dictatorship was short-lived however, after an … Read more

Xu Xiaodong’s Cautionary Tale, Or What A Social Credit System Could Mean For New Zealand

by Vince McLeod Find this article on substack. Xu Xiaodong is a Chinese MMA fighter and wind-up merchant who has gained fame for making fools out of bullshit artists. This has made him a target for the ire of the CCP, who have punished him through use of the Chinese social credit system. Xu’s example provides a … Read more

INFORMATION AND DISINFORMATION – The New Zealand government continues to see itself as our single source of truth

by Mike Bee   Someone once said that any society that burns books will end up burning people. Book-burning is not widely practised today, and the focus of those who censor free speech has shifted to what takes place online. But the saying is nevertheless true, and we can extend it for our time by … Read more

A Grand Coalition Might Happen After The 2023 New Zealand General Election

by Vince McLeod   A recent Horizon Poll found that combined support for Labournational has now fallen to less than 61%, the lowest ever. Never before have Kiwis had less confidence in the two biggest parties. The electoral ramifications of this fall in support are major. The mathematics of building a ruling coalition are simple, but … Read more