What is the present task of New Zealand Loyal?

by Mike Bee


Liz Gunn needs some time out. Who among us can object to her doing that? But in the meantime, this country is going very rapidly to the dogs, there is zero true exposure in the mainstream media of what is going on and a lot of people feel alienated, discouraged and poor.

The country is deteriorating at breakneck speed, and too many of those who live here are asleep to the evils that are being done to us and have no clue about what can be done as a remedy. Isn’t there a hole in the heart of the nation that this party, that first came together in June 2023, could be working to put right?

And yet we are not doing anything. This little article is my attempt to shake some life into New Zealand Loyal – to give a personal picture of what I think is happening and to show how I believe that New Zealand Loyal is in a unique position to start the rebuilding and re-educating that must take place if we are to survive as a nation and go on to the experience of a glorious future.

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People who see aspects of what is wrong with this country have the nerve to say that rebuilding will come from another political party such as ACT or NZ First. This is about as stupid as saying that a couple of Al Capone’s henchmen should have taken over the rulership of Chicago after their boss had been arrested. Every existing New Zealand politician is a crook because every existing politician and those connected with them are members of – to stretch the analogy – Al Capone’s mob. Get rid of Al and take on one of his deputies, and it will still be a situation of mob rule.

We are not a sovereign country. We are not even a legal entity – David Lange saw to that. Since the 1986 Constitution Act, when New Zealand’s parliament seized absolute power and enthroned itself as “the Crown” – an act never ratified by the British government and never put to a vote before the people (and therefore illegal) – we have been an illegal and unconstitutional monarchy with supreme power residing in our parliament. Or we are an illegal corporation, with our Prime Minister and Cabinet acting as CEO and Board of Directors, responsible not to the people (politicians laugh when they hear this quaint idea) but to the overseas investors who are, for the present time, choosing to keep their company afloat.

Some understand this and some do not, but educating people is only a part of what needs to be done. Gradually the people are finding out how all is not well, but merely knowing what is wrong is not the same as coming up with a solution. We have to know what to do about it.

Everyone has their own individual task, and if you are totally clear about yours, then you are a lucky devil and should just keep on doing it. But even for you – isn’t there something we can do together? We are so fractious and divided – has this country ever been so segregated before?

Against this, we have known moments when we felt the reality of New Zealand as a nation. One of those moments was the three weeks of the Parliamentary Occupation. I, for one, felt at the same time the New Zealand of my childhood, when people cared for each other with a shared sense of Kiwi values, and the New Zealand of the future that I know to be a reality by listening to my heart. And I think many of us had other such moments as we experienced the colossal awakening power of New Zealand Loyal in the months leading up to the 2023 election. We came together then in service of something that was so much greater than us. And we had them scared – the election results were not true for New Zealand Loyal. If only we had ignored the results of the election and just kept on working and growing like that!

As far as our country’s trusted institutions go, we face hollowed-out ruins with little left to believe in. This has, of course, been developing for a long time, but recent years have caused it to come out into the open, and only those who are very stupid or very deceived (or, perhaps, very evil) can continue to believe that New Zealand is governed by those who want what is best for their people or that the WHO is working tirelessly to keep the world safe from dangerous pandemics.

We’ve had concrete events that showed us the rot. The politicians, the health authorities and the media have collaborated in mass poisoning, while the police and judiciary have aided and abetted this criminality by participating in the coverup and being prepared to do whatever is necessary to keep the lid on their boss’s misdeeds. The recent kangaroo court proceedings around Irene Chain and Liz herself have been classic examples of the corruption of the justice system. In both cases, no one who has seen the trial for himself could possibly give any credibility whatsoever to judgements that were obviously flawed in cases that should never have been allowed to come to court.

I could go on and on, but the important thing is that evil is being exposed and that a very large part of the officialdom of the country is being shown up to be naked and rotting from the inside out. We still face the question of what, then, do we do? What do good people – or perhaps people who are not particularly good but who just want to be left alone themselves and be able to bestow a safe existence on their children and grandchildren – what do such people do?

*           *           *           *           *

I believe New Zeland Loyal is the key to this.

But not New Zealand Loyal, the political party. And also, not the New Zealand Loyal, as the party that is exclusively of Liz Gunn supporters. I am looking to a party that has outgrown its first, childish phase and realises that it is not there simply to fight elections. Elections, in the form in which they now take place, are an incredibly divisive creation of the corrupt society that is opposing us. As soon as we step into the ring that they have constructed, we lose the initiative and all ability to build something new with no reference to the failed systems of the old. We need a party that begins to create the New Zealand of our hearts and does this without any reference to elections.

And our relation to Liz? She is our champion – our great treasure. But she needs time out and it is time that other members show independence and initiative. When she is ready she can come back into active work, and we will make it easier for her if she sees that we are not just standing around waiting for her to make the moves.

Elections are a long way away. (Actually, I think they are closer than most people realise, but they will be elections of a different kind than previous ones, and until circumstances arise that bring these future elections forward, we might as well look only to the year 2026 when elections are expected.) Are we going to do nothing till then? Such inaction would be a betrayal of our country. The party was formed with an election in mind, but to think that this is all that New Zealand Loyal is, is an insult to the many who believed in it, worked for it and donated to it. We gave birth to an entity that has barely begun its life’s journey. The real New Zealand Loyal is the people’s-power movement that will carry this country through its painful transition out of the world of the criminal cabal and into the new future that we know is to come.

Everything is wrong at present. It’s not just our institutions and our leaders. We have reached a below-zero point in almost every field. Our ideas have never emerged out of the dark ages of nineteenth century materialism. Our banking system has imposed slavery upon us, and our whole way of life was corrupted by a malevolent system of black magical distortions, championed, in particular, by the Rockefeller dynasty. The Rockefellers saw to it that medicine became a means to make people sick, universities, a means to keep them ignorant, and science a means to stop them from thinking.

Subject to such horrendous malfeasance against us in almost every area of our lives, we have become like abused children who lack the strength to deal with our abuse. Merely cataloguing the evils done to us is necessary to a point but does not of itself get us to the place where we are able to take our destiny into our own hands. Does it help an abused person to have to relive his or her trauma? Doing so may even make it worse. Understanding what has been done to us in the past, we have to begin to set the situation right. Individuals can’t do that – the task is too much for them; it can only be done in a real sense by people working together.

This is what I believe is the importance of New Zealand Loyal. Forget elections – we have to start convincing others of our fruitful and creative ideas right now.

Why should the 1% transaction tax idea be discussed only before an election? People are on guard at such times and on the lookout for bribery and fake stories that will win votes. We know that the present form of taxation is a fraud and that the money taken doesn’t go into the things it is supposed to go to. We know that the transaction tax idea will work. Donald Trump has recently said that he can get rid of taxation altogether in the USA, cut the bureaucracy and take the needed revenue out of import duties and tariffs. If he does that and it works, won’t every other country be demanding such a change? We have to sell our version of this idea to others now. And the same can be said for many other aspects of New Zealand Loyal’s policies.

As many know, I am a student of Rudolf Steiner and his Threefold Social Organism which he introduced into Germany during and after the Frist World War. When the mighty inertia of the powers-that-be stopped it from being implemented, he accepted that this was not its time but predicted that it would lie dormant for a hundred years and then come into being in many different forms all over the earth. It would arise organically simply from necessity when the time was right for people to make a fundamental awakening out of the domination of old ideas.

What is the TSO’s key idea? Its key idea, shared by many today, is the necessity to limit the power of central government. While the powers-that-should-not-be invariably focus on more and more centralization, we who sense a different kind of future feel instinctively how power must devolve from central government and be taken up by the people.

But people-power itself easily metamorphoses into a new kind of tyranny. Steiner saw that there must be a separation of powers so that assemblies of the people could find ways to make the people’s voices heard and hold the reins of government, but that the actual carrying out of political power must be entrusted to another group, quite separate from the people but absolutely answerable to them. Steiner spoke of society needing to be tripartite – to function in three separate ways because not all parts of it are the same, and a truth in one realm becomes falsehood in another. The most important of these different parts of society is the sphere in which the voice of the people can be heard – all those many different clamouring voices of individuals and groups that are often so messy and inconvenient but that we know must all be considered if society is going to be healthy and if the best ideas are going to come through to the top of the pile. This realm also embraces education, the media and scientific research. These must be independent, subject to no compulsion from government, financial interests or other power cliques.

The second level is that realm dedicated to serving the people in the sphere of rights. Its main function is the protection of the people’s human rights, and it works in the realm of politics and the judicial system. There is a third level, kept separate from the political one so that financial corruption cannot be practised, and this is the realm of the economy.

*           *           *           *           *

How an economy can become independent of political interests is something I am going to leave out of this article for now. What concerns me when I talk of New Zealand Loyal is the necessity of recognizing a division between a realm in which those born in this country give birth to the ideas that will create the foundational qualities of their nation and a realm of government that works to see that the people’s wishes are actually put into practice. We need to be the first people-power movement in the world to stop longing for political power and to start building in thought (and gradually also in deed) a completely new kind of society – one that is free from all the evils of Rockefeller, Soros, Schultz, Rothschild, Black Rock and the rest of them. These dinosaurs are figments of an old, discredited world, but their illusionary spectres continue to dominate our lives, and this will go on until they have been overcome by the collective creativity of those who work to build the world in a completely new image.

We can start small at a local level. New Zealand Loyal has never yet had an AGM. It is now June and we have been founded for a year; we have to have one soon. I know there are those who are right now thinking of doing that, and the idea has been put out to have more than one meeting in different parts of the country. Hopefully the call to do this will go out soon, but New Zealand Loyal has its foundation at a grassroots level, and we don’t need to wait for the big AGM to start small in our local regions. We can focus on what we want to bring to the AGM, and anything that can be done will then be able to be fed in to the bigger picture and taken up at the national level. And such a meeting is not just an organizational event. With our vision for the future, we need to create a foundation for the new New Zealand that we know will come into being when its approaching time of chaos and disorder is passed.

Why have we been farting around since the election? If we are waiting for leaders to take the initiative, let’s stop doing that and take the initiative ourselves. The new leaders are the ordinary people – millions of them! Leaders can be our spokespeople and are entrusted by us to represent them – perhaps because they speak better than we do. But it’s ordinary people who, between them, create the new future. If we have worked for New Zealand Loyal in the past or if we have felt for a time what magically appeared in February of 2022, then we will feel instinctively the truth of this.

*           *           *           *           *

This article doesn’t prescribe what we need to do, other than to say we need to meet and start creating the future. All that we have suffered in the past is behind us now, and we can be grateful to all that has happened, for past experiences are our greatest teacher. We have been infiltrated, but from those experiences we have become wiser and learnt to know the signs of those who bring division. We have been divided from other groups, but, without an election to harden our hearts against other groups, we can show new openness to others and create something that is so attractive to them that they will want to be a part of what we are doing. We have lost patience with each other, but this is our chance to remedy past failings. We can join in the activities of others who have partial agreement with us, focusing on what we have in common rather than on what divides us. We know that nothing will happen unless we do it ourselves, and we know that we can’t do anything unless we are united.

Who wants to reinvent New Zealand Loyal? Not for an election this time but simply because we want to get back in contact with each other and because we know that the future of our country actually depends on this.

*           *           *           *           *


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