by Mike Bee   Journalism is reporting things powerful people want kept hidden for the wrong reasons. … As journalists, we’re the custodians of the public’s conscience. And as we’ve gone deeper and deeper illuminating corruption, … the line separating good and evil, becomes more clear, not just in the institutions we investigate but within … Read more

Make Africa Great Again – How Obama & Clinton Murdered Gaddafi & the African Dream

Written by Thomas S. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was a man who considered himself not the leader of a nation, but the leader of a revolution. He was murdered on the 20th October 2011 after the Battle of Sirte during Barack Obama’s NATO-led invasion of the North African country. Despite initial claims that Gaddafi was … Read more

The Twitter Files

by Vince McLeod. 17 January 2023   With the release of the Twitter Files recently, it’s now official that the US Government colluded with major social media to manipulate public perception. We now know that the US Government, through the FBI, was able to request Twitter to take down posts they didn’t like. This is not only a … Read more

Machinations and manoeuvrings at Twitter. What’s going on and what effect could it all have on Kiwis?

by Mike Bee 22 December 2022 Number of words: 1800 Reading time: about 15 mins   On 14th April, 2022, Elon Musk made an offer to acquire Twitter. For three months before that, he had been buying up shares and had become the company’s largest share-holder. Offered a seat on its board, he had at … Read more

Pretty, Poor & Preyed Upon – Ukrainian Women the Most Trafficked in the World

by Thomas S. Up until recently, few of us spoke of the East European country known as Ukraine. Today however, Ukraine has become a focal point for our attention – worldwide. Whether it be the Russian-Ukrainian conflict or revelations of the Biden Crime Family’s wheelings and dealings in the former Soviet territory, we have all … Read more

Will Crimes Against Children Unite Humanity?

Thomas S.   Barely a century has passed since the Bolsheviks spread their Red Terror like a plague throughout Eastern Europe, overthrowing and murdering the Russian Tsar along with his family, and enslaving millions under the Soviet regime. Russia was at the epicenter of the wrath of the Bolsheviks for having thwarted the attempt to … Read more

George Floyd – the Myth of a Martyr

Thomas S. The death of George Floyd while in police custody on the 25th May 2020 outside of a convenience store in Minneapolis was the catalyst for the Western Cultural Revolution that never came to be. Footage of monuments being desecrated were televised worldwide, while looters and rioters from the ranks of Antifa and Black … Read more

Alberta Government Stands Up To The World Economic Forum

By Travis Cook 29 October 2022 Is the Agenda failing, are humanity waking up too quickly for the enemies of a free humanity? What will this mean? Surely if some parts of the western world do not go along with the attempted reset, and outright reject the world economic forum, how will it be successful? … Read more

Institutional Imperative on What You Believe

by Eric L. Prentis, Ph.D. Fake News and Lies—promoted by the US and European mainstream media; US politicians; unelected European Union (EU) politicians; political leaders of the European countries; the United Nations (UN); the Davos Group: World Economic Forum (WEF); the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers … Read more