“OPERATION STORM”. Pascal Nadjadi and Derek Johnson and their depiction of what is happening and to come

by Mike Bee

In their opinion, the criminal cabal that has dominated the world politically, economically and socially since the Nineteenth Century or earlier (and specifically in its present form since 1913) has been defeated, and all that remains is to show this to the world, that the world may come to know the tyranny that has been done against it and make a meaningful commitment that this shall never happen again. Nadjadi and Johnson are saying that the final scenes of this great drama are now very close to being played out. This is Operation Storm.


Since Biden’s inauguration on 20th January, 2021, there have been reports circulating that he was not a legitimate president and that everything we see happening around him is nothing but a show. People have taken positions over this, either for or against, and, along with the idea that Biden was only an actor, a host of other ideas have arisen, some of which can be traced back to some very suspicious websites that offer no proof whatsoever for their assertions.

But this has now changed. American ex-army soldier, Derek Johnson, has done some very detailed work on presidential Executive Orders, and this has recently been picked up by a Swiss former airman and international banker, Pascal Nadjadi, whose videos are today being seen by millions. What these two are showing the world is no longer a theory but the result of facts that hang together with great plausibility along with some very detailed proof.

In a world of misinformation, disinformation, illusion and delusion, who can we trust? Do we give up on “facts and evidence” and just follow the ideas that appeal most to our feelings? What we believe is happening in the world will obviously make a real difference to what we actually decide to come out and do. Because Johnson and Nadjadi offer such a great deal of proof, imploring us to do our own research and read the material taken from the official White House website which they have made available, it seems we can indeed come to some certainty. But first of all, what is it that they are saying?

They assert that, despite all the chaos and confusion we are confronted with in the world around us, good powers are in the ascendancy, and a major battle against evil has already been won. The entire battle for the future of the earth will go on for as long as the earth exists, but that part of it that has been uniquely ours – the battle that we call a war against the deep state, the global criminal cabal – is in its final stages. There is still much to take place, but, as they see it, the result of this war has already been decided, and nothing can stop the full exposure and punishment of those who are guilty of democide and other crimes against humanity.

This hypothesis has been visible to some since 2017. Hints were given in the information provided by that source of military intelligence known as Q, and for this reason a campaign was waged against it to discourage, as much as possible, people learning truthful information from it. Quite independently of Q, a young American researcher, who at the time called himself Patel Patriot but who now uses his own name, did some very valuable work on the theme of devolution – the idea that Continuity of Government had been set up while Trump was the President and that good powers within the US Military were in charge of events. These ideas at the time seemed plausible, but they could not be proved and to many they were suspect, but Johnson and Nadjadi have taken them further by providing proof for all that they assert.

Pascal Nadjadi became visible to the world in October of last year when a short video featuring Astrid Stückelberger and himself focused on the axis of evil that is located in the city of Geneva. The video opens with the statement from Nadjadi that, “Everything evil in the world related to democide … comes from Geneva.” It focusses on the UN, WHO, World Economic Forum (Nadjadi’s father had been a co-founder of this but left it when he realised the psychopathic tendencies of his fellow co-founder, Klaus Schwab) and Gavi, the organization used by Bill and Melinda Gates. Nadjadi calls for the arrest of the leaders of these organizations for the crime of “injecting bio-weapons into 5.7 billion people.”

Nadjadi states in that video that, “The snakehead is in Geneva … but I can tell you that it is being cut off.” He challenges the people of the world to say with him: “We will not comply … because we are the guardians of humanity and our light obliterates the darkness of evil.”

This short, five-minute video must have resonated with many, for it has been seen a staggering 600 million times. Nadjadi attempted to use legal means to bring the organizations he was fighting against to justice in his native country of Switzerland, however the legal system was rigged against him, and he decided to take a different route. He began working together with the American researcher Derek Johnson, and from this collaboration put together the proof that is so necessary for those who wish to be guided by facts and evidence.

In this interview Nadjadi lays out a very clear account of what amateur researchers such as myself have believed since 2017 to have been happening. The first twenty minutes is a good introduction into what led him to challenge pharmaceutical companies and the powers-that-be in Switzerland, but the evidence for his conclusions starts at 19 mins, 54 seconds.

If people would like something that is a documentary rather than an interview, they can instead watch this where the whole plan – it has been called the greatest sting operation in the history of the world – is documented, along with very interesting and relevant historical footage. No one will call Trump “stupid” ever again after grappling with the intricacies of what his administration was up to behind the scenes!

The basic idea of the plan to take down the cabal is simple, and its proofs in these two videos are visible to anyone with an open mind who is able to think. The plan goes back to actions taken by a group of generals in the US army around the time of the assassination of JFK. These generals, who were loyal to the US Constitution, knew the world had to be protected from the forces that had killed their president, and a military operation commenced that took years to come to visible expression.

The first sign that something was happening was when Hilary Clinton unexpectedly lost the 2016 US election. Those illegitimate powers who intend the future of the world to follow their own corrupt wishes had planned that eight years of Obama be followed by eight years of Hilary. This was the so-called “sixteen-year plan” which, during Hilary’s term, would have involved nuclear war, famine, a devastating pandemic and an eventual toxic “vaccine” against which, after all the years of suffering that had gone before, people would have had no strength to reject. Depopulation – bringing the world population down to a half billion as stated in the Georgia Guidestones – was what this sixteen-year plan was all about.

Hilary had been certain of victory because of her control over the election-counting process, but military operatives around the country had been active and, to her utter amazement and horror, she did not have the control she thought she had. The election was won by the outsider, Donald Trump. Few realise it, but Trump’s election in 2016 saved a great part of humanity from a terrible fate.

Trump put a very big spanner into the intentions of the deep state, and they vowed that in subsequent years they would spare no effort to have him removed or at least make it very hard for him to achieve what he wanted. The plan to wrest back control of the US for the people had, however, been planned in advance in very great detail by Trump’s small team of generals and advisors, and when the logic of what Trump did in the four years of his Presidency is broken down by Nadjadi and Johnson, one sees an extraordinary degree of intelligence and foresight. The plan was never to be content merely with four years in the White House; the plan was to execute full victory against the criminals who had already caused such suffering in the world and who had intentions of causing a great deal more. The global mafia – what Trump called “the swamp” – had had years to infiltrate into all aspects of life. It would do no good to arrest one criminal if corrupt judges were immediately to set this person free. Four years would never be enough to penetrate all the layers of what had been infiltrated into contemporary life. Trump and those working in secret with him had to plan for a much longer campaign.

While standing up to constant media attacks and continual reports that “the walls were closing in” on him because of some new crime the media believed they had uncovered, Trump performed some very significant acts on the world stage and wrote a series of Presidential decrees that ensured Continuity of Government (COG) beyond 2020. This was done through the constitutionally-approved process of devolution. The Military strategists who were keeping track of the results in US and other elections knew that there would be fraud in the 2020 election. Rather than challenge this directly and risk starting a civil war, the decision was made to allow Biden to play the role of president for four years as a way of waking the American public up to the true intentions of the deep state operatives controlling him.

The first of these Executive Orders set this situation up. Executive Order #1318, written on December 20th 2017, anticipated what would happen in 2020 by declaring a state of emergency due to foreign interference in America’s electoral process. This activated all that was to happen after this.

Joe Biden never became President of the US. His swearing-in ceremony took place before noon on the day when Trump’s term of presidency was scheduled to end, thereby violating the rules laid out in the US Constitution, so that the inauguration was not legal. Many other anomalies of that day, such as the lack of proper protocol from the military, show this to have been a fake inauguration. Joe Biden – or the actor who is playing him (Nadjadi believes that the real Joe Biden was executed on the day of the inauguration, 20th January, 2021) – became president in name only; he was never the Commander-in-Chief of the US Military.

Three other executive orders, written between the first and the date when Trump left the White House, show how this was to continue beyond the time of the fake 2020 election. Biden would be the declared president, but the situation was being led not by him but by the US Military, and their Commander-in-Chief was none other than Donald Trump. The fact that Joe Biden has no real power is shown in the fact that he has continued to sign off on extensions of Trump’s orders, even though they are the means whereby his political power is nullified.

Both sources that I quote go into this and give the links that any individual can use to prove that what is being asserted is true. Derek Johnson has made all his results publicly available, and anyone with the time to fact-check all this thoroughly can have access to everything of relevance here.

And there is a good, basic summary of the whole situation here.

What Nadjadi and Johnson assert is no different from what others came to believe along different routes, but Nadjadi and Johnson give us the proofs that can turn belief into existential certainty.

I am well aware that a few words from me will not be able to hand the truth ready-made to anyone else, however the means by which you can prove things for yourself is there in the interview and video above, and while watching these, the viewer will find other links suggested and supplied.

What does all this mean to we who are living in New Zealand? What can we expect to happen on these shores as well as on distant countries? I intend to look at this important question in a second article within a week of this one. Without being able to be specific as to time, some indications regarding what is likely to happen can be deducted.

What has taken place at the White House is not irrelevant to New Zealand. This country is a member of Five Eyes, and both John Key and Jacinda Ardern are guilty, on top of other crimes, of illegally spying on Trump for Hilary and the Democrat Party while he was a candidate and after he had become President. THE GREAT AWAKENING is not just something that happens only in other parts of the world but the liberation of the entire world from the tyranny that has gripped it. All this must become visible in the year 2024 – the year of the next US election which the deep state cannot allow to happen. Expect many emergencies to be created as the lizards and alligators of the global swamp do all they can to prevent their crimes being discovered and light being shone into the dark waters that until now have hidden them.

In the article to come, I will focus more on what all this could mean for New Zealand.



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