Thomas S. It was during the spread of communism throughout Eastern Europe in the early 20th Century that Hungary first fell to the reds. The Hungarian Soviet Republic was established by Bela Kun in the aftermath of the First World War, with support from the Bolsheviks in Moscow. His dictatorship was short-lived however, after an … Read more

The Problem Of Sub-Global Identities

by Vince McLeod   The grand political battlefield of the 21st Century so far is identity. Who am I? Who are we? Such questions used to have obvious answers, but 60-70 years after the first waves of cheap labour imports swept into Western countries, it’s no longer clear. The greatest difficulty comes from the fact … Read more

Provincialisation: The Answer To New Zealand’s Discontent?

by Vince McLeod This essay outlines a suggestion not heard for many years: that the political needs and wants of the New Zealand nation could best be met by devolving political power to provincial governments. Recent demographic work has revealed the full extent of New Zealand’s demographic diversity. New Zealand is actually a fairly large … Read more

Liberal Western Culture Has Created a Frankenstein

By Guest Writer Olivia Pierson. If there’s a topic that bores me more than any other it’s the battle of the sexes. I don’t do feminism, girl-power, sisterhoods, women’s groups or any such thing where only women play leading roles. The flavour is simply not my tea-cup. So when Kellie-Jay Keen was about to come … Read more

Want Free Speech In New Zealand? Better Cultivate Your Capacity For Violence

by Vince McLeod Find this article on substack. When Posie Parker tried to speak at Albert Park on Saturday, and was attacked and silenced by a frenzied mob of far-left extremists, a dark and cold wave washed through the nation. Many Kiwis, lost in the blissful ignorance for which our country is renown, had little … Read more


Thomas S. Find this article on substack Despite the mainstream media’s defamation and disinformation campaign, hundreds of men and women nonetheless gathered in Albert Park in Auckland today to hear the voice of women’s rights campaigner Posie Parker. The Marxist radicals however, were also out in full force to drown out the voices of ordinary … Read more