1 September 2022 Day 1 – Remain banned from engaging in social media, but not press interview. 🔄 Counterspin NZs Media Revolution Facts & Evidence based Not a pay to say platform

Newsletter #002

LIVE STREAM Monday, 22nd Aug 2022 View – Livestream Coverage from ~ 6:45PM: LIVE STREAM TONIGHT 6:45PM  Share far and wide. Greetings Counterspin Media Community, This is a quick update message. WE ARE WINNING! As many of you will already be aware, it’s been a HUGE week for the freedom movement in New Zealand … Read more

Newsletter #001

EMERGENCY BROADCAST 14th AUGUST 2022 – 8PM  Sunday, 14th Aug 2022 View – Livestream Coverage from ~ 8pm: EMERGENCY BROADCAST TONIGHT 8PM  Share far and wide. The NZ media outlet Stuff has today released a documentary aimed at discrediting major players in the New Zealand truth community, including the people’s platform, Counterspin Media. This one hour … Read more