To all Counterspin Media Supporters: We thank you for your patience. Issues around our email server are now being worked on and will be resolved shortly. Many of you will be aware that Hannah Spierer and Kelvyn Alp were arrested on the morning of Thursday 25 August 2022 charged with allegations relating to ‘objectionable material’. … Read more

Update #002 Lessons From Across The Ditch

LIVE STREAM Monday, 22nd Aug 2022 View – Livestream Coverage from ~ 6:45PM: www.counterspinmedia.com LIVE STREAM TONIGHT 6:45PM  Share far and wide. Greetings Counterspin Media Community, This is a quick update message. WE ARE WINNING! As many of you will already be aware, it’s been a HUGE week for the freedom movement in New Zealand … Read more