As proof comes out and we see how Pfizer jabs are killing Kiwis, WHEN DO THE TRIALS FOR TREASON BEGIN?

by Mike Bee


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Treason is defined on as “the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign” and by the Cambridge Dictionary as “showing no loyalty to your country, especially by helping its enemies.” One of these definitions relates to treachery against the government – one relates to crimes against your own country.

Although many people are inclined to think of treason solely as activity against one’s own government, in the case of vaccine fraud it is the government itself that is guilty. The realisation of deep criminality slowly seeps into the consciousness of the people.

What does the New Zealand Crimes Act say about treason? In Section 73, statements (b) and (c) state that a person is guilty of treason who “levies war against New Zealand” or “assists an enemy at war with New Zealand.” Is “New Zealand” not the people of New Zealand, and are the enormous crimes of genocide that are killing and maiming so many Kiwis at this moment not an act of war against we the people?

You will not read about Pfizer’s guilt or politicians’ fraud in the paid-off mainstream news, but more and more New Zealanders are realising that something terrible is going on. I don’t know about you, but I am continually hearing these days about friends and family from my extended circle of acquaintances who are sick with illnesses they never had before. We all hear the reports of hospitals at breaking point. The authorities stick to their narrative that the rise in numbers is caused by covid infection and “long covid”, but those of us who have not been injected are doing much better than the Pfizer-injected and boosted.

Is this starting to make people think? It is one kind of proof – the proof of one’s own experiences. There are other proofs and a second very blatant kind of proof was the release of data from Pfizer’s own trials. Pfizer had wanted to conceal this for 75 years, but a US judge ordered them to turn it over, and the results are horrific. I heard about this in a report from Naomi Wolf in March, 2022 1 and will write about it in more detail below. “Well,” I thought at the time, “the truth is out now,” and waited for the facts to come out to the general public. But there was nothing. It was as if this data simply did not exist. Around the world, the media was doing its cover-up work, just as Jacinda and her globalist friends had paid for it to do.

A third kind of proof are the studies, polls and data analyses that are coming out more and more – peer-reviewed and by reputable researchers – that link vaccinations with increased occurrences of various conditions. As Dr McCullough states 2, “3,000 studies exist now in the peer-reviewed literature on vaccine injury syndromes.” A Zogby poll that took place recently in the US found that 15% of those who took the so-called vaccine have some kind of medical problem that they didn’t have before – heart damage, myocarditis, cardiac arrest, brain haemorrhages, strokes, neurological impairment, blood-clotting or severe inflammatory syndromes.

All-cause-mortality rates are sky-rocketing now worldwide – not in every country but in all those who participated in the mandating of the poison jabs. I’ve not seen New Zealand’s statistics for this, although Dr Guy Hatchard has recently published alarming figures leaked to him that come from the Wellington region where the number of heart attacks has doubled, hospitalisation for myocarditis is up by one third, miscarriage, stillbirths, and strokes are all up by a quarter, and acute kidney injury is up by 40%.3 In the absence of excess death and all-cause-mortality figures from this country, here is a chart that shows excess deaths happening across the ditch in Australia.

In Australia there is mainstream news that covers this – on TV through Sky News and in at least one good article in The Australian. Here in New Zealand, however, there is nothing. And on the whole, media worldwide does what it can to keep everything concealed. Media are a major part of the fraud and cover-up that has been carried out from the start of the Plandemic – they participated in the campaign to have Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin banned, based on studies that are now seen to have been fraudulent, and they will not correct their stories though preventing early treatment with cheap remedies has cost hundreds of thousands of lives. But most people in the western world are not using the regular media now, and we should be able to work things out from the many different kinds of proof accessible to us.

This is what I call sources of proof, accessible to anyone who has the good will to look with an open mind:

  • Proof of one’s own experience;
  • Proof of the data from the Pfizer trials;
  • Proof of studies, analysis of data and revelations from whistle-blowers
    around the world which show that the vax is neither safe nor
    effective and is killing an appalling number of people.

Those most involved – the politicians who forced this on us, the doctors and nurses and laboratory technicians who administered it, the pharmaceutical workers who developed it and the media who gave cover to conceal the crimes – are never going to come out en masse and make a confession. But individuals among them do step forward, often at great personal cost. One such is the Kiwi funeral director, Brendon Faithful, who speaks of what he sees in the blood of the vaccinated. Now, he is ridiculed or ignored by mainstream news, but this is not the first time that Truth has had to begin its journey to universal acceptance this way. All of us understand in some deep layer of our being that Truth may be slow out of the starting-blocks but it is always victorious in the end.

Drip, drip, drip – the truth is coming out, even in an ends-of-the-earth place like New Zealand. Today there is an account by Napoleon Busch4 of sitting beside the New Zealand Attorney General, David Parker, on a flight to Dunedin. Napoleon was very restrained and only said a few things (although his tea-shirt was very articulate) but David Parker’s hands were shaking. Mr Parker is playing a key role in the activities of a world-mafia criminal cabal that is waging war on the people of the earth. He, our Attorney General, who signs off on all new laws created by Parliament, knows that he and his colleagues are committing treason. Their hands are shaking.

We recently had a foretaste from the U.K. of what is going to happen when Kiwis realise the truth. On the very mainstream Jeremy Vine Show, the host interviewed an ordinary Englishman – a former policeman named Graham Taylor – who had realised that initial figures of deaths in his country were greatly inflated and that the entire government account of what had been happening had been untrue. What got him most angry was the WhatsApp leak of former Minister of Health, Matt Hancock’s words when he stated that the release of a new variant should be used to “frighten the pants off everyone.” This is what Mr Taylor said:

I did everything you asked for, I took your jabs, I stayed in at home, I didn’t go to the pub, I stopped my family life. The kids didn’t go to school, their education suffered. And you’ve done this, it’s a psychological operation against the people of this country. … As a police officer I was always taught to obey orders and I did. I did what the government wanted and now I don’t trust them. And the conspiracy theories of 2020 are all turning out to be true.

This is horrendous. It goes deeper and deeper. … I lost two years of my life. I’m very, very angry, Jeremy! … We sat in fear when Boris Johnson came on the television and in his Churchillian speech said what we all had to do to save the NHS and we thought it was our duty to do this. Yet covid was not more than a respiratory infection – more people died of the flu. We weren’t told this. We were told it was a killer disease and many hundreds of people were going to die… We went along with it all. We were conned.

And it’s coming out now that this was just for political gain – it was an exercise in population control. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I’m starting to believe a lot of what they are saying is true, and I’m a very angry man! 5

Here in New Zealand we are always a few months behind, but is not such a dawning coming to more and more Kiwis also? We didn’t get Churchillian speeches from Boris Johnson, but our version of these world-orchestrated litany of lies came through the words of a serious-faced lady speaking with great pathos and fake sincerity about “doing it for others” and “being kind” and that her government was “the single source of truth”.

What do you feel when you watch speeches of her saying this now? Some of us felt the same way then, and some have woken up some time since to the manipulations that were then going on. “Doing it for others!” Wasn’t this one of the great appeals of the New Zealand propaganda? And yet we had clear proof from the middle of 2021 that the Pfizer injection did absolutely nothing to lessen transmission and Pfizer knew this from the very beginning – their medical substance had never even been tested for that.

Anyone who hasn’t seen it yet must really watch the video of the Pfizer director in the European Union Parliament as she admits that eliminating transmission of the illness was not one of the goals of her researchers:

That came out six months ago, but the actual results from Pfizer’s own trials were earlier than this. When the US judge ordered Pfizer to begin to release the documents that Pfizer had fought to keep hidden, so much data was released that there was a danger that nothing would be found. As Naomi Wolf narrates, 55,000 documents were released in the first month of the judge’s order and each document can be as many as 1000 pages. Naomi Wolf put out an appeal for help and 2,500 experts responded to it. Six working groups were set up and 58 reports created. In her words, “These Pfizer documents contain evidence of the greatest crime against humanity in the history of our species.” 6Out of these reports, here are a few snippets, taken from a speech given earlier this month by Naomi Wolf at Hillsdale College.7 They cannot be disputed as these are Pfizer’s own data and they have been in the public arena for more than a year. (My own occasional comments are in brackets):

  • Pfizer knew one month after rollout (i.e. November 2020) that the Pfizer vaccine did not work to stop covid. The trials speak of “vaccine failure and failure of efficacy” and identify that the drug itself can give you covid.
  • One month into the trials, Pfizer knew that extra staff were needed to process the large number of injury reports they were facing.
  • By May of 2021, vaccines had caused heart failure in 35 minors. This was known by the FDA who disclosed in August of that year that there was a problem, but for four months massive advertising was being carried out aimed specifically at minors. (Compare to NZ – all those ads aimed at teenagers were happening way after that.)
  • Although the publicity said that the lipid nano particles stayed at the site of entry, Pfizer knew that these materials “bio-distribute” (their word) throughout your body in 48 hours to various organs, especially the brain (does this explain changes in personality which some of us have noticed among the vaxed?), liver, adrenals, spleen, ovaries and testes. Pfizer knew that they cross every membrane in the body and that the number remaining in the organs become greater at every fresh vaccination dose or booster.
  • In the first three months of the vaccine rollout, more than 1,200 deaths took place within weeks of someone having been vaccinated and there were 42,000 adverse events.
  • The adverse events were not the mild kind the advertisements claimed such as fatigue, chills or swelling at the site of the injections but were in many cases catastrophic and included haemorrhages, blood clots, lung clots, dementia, Guilaine-Barré syndrome and much more.
  • Tests were carried out in early 2021 on 61 children before it was legal to do so. (Children used were from orphanages without those who could protect them – so-called “throw-away children” – with the youngest being two-months old.) The records of 28 of these children have disappeared and we don’t know what happened to them. Of the 34 whose records remained, adverse events took place – strokes and liver damage.
  • Trialists were asked not to engage in sexual intercourse during the trial, but some 270 women got pregnant. Of those, 234 had their records lost. Of the 36 remaining recorded pregnancies, 89% lost their babies through spontaneous abortion or miscarriage. (And New Zealand’s own Siouxsie Wiles says that getting vaccinated when pregnant is the best thing you can do for your baby! She really should be locked up!)

We have had this information for more than a year, but our politicians knew for much longer. Why are the public forbidden to see the contract between Pfizer and our government? Perhaps because the criminality within it would be revealed for all to see.

Imagine the anger and sense of betrayal that is still to come in this country! It is getting closer, and no wonder David Parker’s hands are shaking! Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is already walking back his role in his country’s vaxxine fiasco, saying that he never said the drugs should be mandated, though video evidence shows quite clearly that he did. Could awareness of what is to come have been a contributing factor in why Jacinda Ardern left her post of Prime Minister? Will she ever face up to the people she lied to? Some had an instinct at the time that a political con was going on, but New Zealanders are kind-hearted and gave their trust to those who were telling them they would save them in an emergency. We are now entering the time of their awakening.

So much could be said about the new studies that are coming to light internationally, but this must be a further article. For now, let what I have written stand. New Zealand is divided into two kinds of people – those who know that treason against them has been committed and those who have yet to come to an understanding. What is important is how long must we wait before the trials of those responsible shall begin.

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