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LATEST EPISODE – 77: New Zealand Doctor & Midwife Whistleblowers with Dr Alison Goodwin (NZDSOS) & Midwife “Sally”


Following our recent in-depth interviews with funeral directors and embalmers (episode 74) and Dr James Thorp OBGYN (episodes 75 & 76), we now dive even deeper into the situation on the ground here in New Zealand.

In this episode we feature two NZ medical whistle-blowers as we continue our inquiry into what is happening to pregnant women, since the roll out of the Covid-19 jab.

First, we speak to Dr. Alison Goodwin (NZDSOS), who goes through Government & Pfizer documents demonstrating the contradictory advice being given to medical experts.

Dr. Goodwin confirms doctors are being silenced and are being prevented from doing the best by their patients.

Our midwifery whistle-blower confirms she is gagged.

The abnormalities she is seeing with pregnant mums has left her no choice but to tell the world what she is seeing.

Heavy bleeding, clotting, calcified placentas and a HORRIFIC increase in miscarriages amongst other things.

This information needs to be shared far and wide.


MCNZ Informed Consent:

MCNZ Guidance Statement:

Pfizer RMP:

Medsafe Comirnaty Datasheet:

Watch Episode 77 here:



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Safe and Effective – A Second Opinion


This film was created in collaboration with Mark Sharman; Former ITV and BSkyB Executive and News Uncut.
It’s a self-financed, one-hour TV programme, formatted for 2 commercial breaks.
The documentary was removed from YouTube on 26th October 2022 under the pretext of alleged “medical misinformation”.
At that time, it had accumulated over 990,000 views and 7,000 comments.



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December 7th, 2022 is the next date on the court calendar, where we [Kelvyn and Hannah] are due back in court.
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