To all New Zealanders after the election

by Mike Bee

I have supported Liz Gunn and New Zealand Loyal, but I have also lamented how the party system forces division onto the people. These words are not only to the supporters of NZL but to all Kiwis who love their country and reject tyranny.


When you read this, the New Zealand General Election of 2023 will be in its final stages. We’ve done all that we could. Probably it was not enough, for the spells that have been cast on the people of this land are heavy, and so many sleep. True victory depends on waking the majority of the sleepers, and we were never going to be able to do that with the resources available in this time.

If there had not been censorship, yes, maybe we would have done it. But that is like one army saying they would have won the war if the other side had not been firing at them. This is indeed a war – a spiritual war, a war for the truth. The New Zealand Herald and the six o’clock news are not on our side; they are firing at us. And in wars, extreme measures are taken – people die.

Now is not the time to step back. It is the time to not give an inch – to hold the line. Every second, we are fighting a spiritual battle. Numbers do not matter here – it is the force of our united hearts and wills that counts.

Those who have been pulled into different parties – build bridges to them. National, Labour, Act, Greens – they are the Uniparty – the “against-humanity” party. Their loyalty is to carry out the will of their globalist masters for they all in some way receive their orders from a multi-national crime cabal. Many who support them have been pulled in by lies that will inevitably lose their power when the election is over and reality bites. Be compassionate with those who succumbed to that power, and help them on their further journey if you can.

The rest of New Zealand is opposed to the Uniparty’s anti-human ideas. The rest of New Zealand needs to unify around this opposition and around the love for our country that we have in common. Freed from the tyranny of the party system, which is a monstrous construct created to divide Kiwis from each other, we can reconnect with many who fervently desire exactly what we want.

Some words that have inspired me were written almost six years ago in the postings of the anonymous source that called itself Q. Mainstream media loves to denigrate this, calling it Q-Anon and categorising it as hate speech, but mainstream media will never quote from it directly as to do so would reveal that the basic message of Q is one of unity among the people:

     You, the people, have the power.
     You, the people, just forgot how to play.
     Together, you are strong.
     Apart, you are weak.

     They want you DIVIDED.
     They want RACE WARS.
     They want CLASS WARS.
     They want RELIGIOUS WARS.
     They want POLITICAL WARS.
     They want you DIVIDED!
     For God and country, learn!
     Stay strong. Stay together.
     Fight, fight, fight!
               Q post #563, 20th January, 2018

They want us divided, and in this country they have been very successful. Race, class, religion, politics – all have been exploited to the detriment of our true national identity. And to the four above there have been added the divisions of vaxed versus unvaxed, straight versus trans-gender, Russia versus Ukraine and now Israel versus Palestine. How do the people of New Zealand overcome division and reconnect with each other?

We need to remember how to listen. Nothing is lost by listening – by being open to the other, whether you meet him on the street or in a business meeting. Through hearing others, we become wiser ourselves, and New Zealand Loyal – not the party but the spiritual movement that is leading to the regeneration of our country – will grow broader and more powerful.

Does it matter what we are called? We are New Zealanders, loyal to New Zealand, and we will work with all who see what it is that opposes us and is destroying our country. We will work especially with those who are willing to risk their lives and their comforts in the opposition to what they know to be barbaric and evil. This is a spiritual war. We fire no shots; we are committed to peace. But we fight against evil in every legitimate way that we can.

Those who are destroying New Zealand are traitors and have committed treason. For a while they remain free. For a while they continue to hide their crimes. But we are the ones who have taken a vow not to forget, and the driving-force of history is with us – the tides are turning against the liars and the traitors.

These words of Dr David Martin have sounded in the European Parliament. The spirit that gave birth to them is the spirit of truth, relentless, unafraid. It needs to be heard everywhere in the world. It needs to be heard with special intensity in New Zealand:

A very small number of criminal industrial conspirators decided to subordinate the entirety of the human population for the purpose of their sinister plans to enrich themselves by impoverishing and
killing the rest of humanity. …

This is a criminal cartel. … This was never a public health [exercise].
It was racketeering for the purpose of instilling terror to adapt the
behaviour of the population. … The data is unambiguous. We did not
have a pandemic – we had genocide. We need to call it what it is.

 Throughout the world, such words increasingly are being said – such testimonies are being given. The global criminals rely on chaos and confusion. Their plan had been to deliver the killer punch of the death-jab only after years of lockdowns, years of chaos, years of war and poverty and despair. Instead, they were forced to bring it out of the box when the critical faculties of many were still fully functioning. Many were deceived, but there were enough of us who were not, and our voices, censored and ridiculed as they were, could not be silenced. As time passed, many who had been taken in at first realised what was happening and joined us. The number of those who are coming to their senses is growing worldwide every day. Nothing can stop what is coming. It is a growing avalanche of truth. It is the Great Awakening.

New Zealand has been the victim of a terrible form of brain-washing, conducted over decades. On individual levels, terrible things must happen to some of the brainwashed before they will be able to see truth. Some will receive the help they need only through angelic intervention after they have died. Some will come to us in the near future, and we will be able to help them.

This was never solely an election. Elections finish one day – someone is the winner and someone else the looser – people adjust to the new reality, and things go back to normal. We know that things are never going back to normal. This is a spiritual battle. Evil never sleeps.

Not till the Great Awakening has worked its way through all humanity  can we step back and rest.
Our work will not be over, even then,
but we’ll be able to survey
the enormity of the journey we have made.

We’ll remember then
the other times in other lives
when we have fought together
for the Divine on earth.

And we will see then,
with the clarity of hard-won spirit-sight,
that this will certainly not be the final time
that we are called to band together against a monstrous threat.

Evil cannot be destroyed.
The evil-doers may be defeated
and a little time of grace be won.

But evil never sleeps.

The criminal cabal that we are fighting must have chaos to cover their crimes. When the Speaker in the U.S. House of Representatives was voted out, and it became clear that America would no longer fund the war in Ukraine, immediately a new war broke out in Israel. It will not be the only one. We must not be caught up in the hysteria that will grip others. We must keep our eyes on the real war that is behind everything else – the war of humanity against the criminal cabal.

When we witness other events taking place, we will not forget what we know. We know that nothing can stop what is inevitable but that the criminals will not concede defeat and will take us to places that are very scary for a time. We have come to accept that this, painful as it is, is what must be – that, “Only at the precipice will people find the will to change.”

Only at the precipice – at the edge of the abyss. We must even go into the abyss. This is a near-death experience for all humanity. Only by accepting that we are dead, can we experience rebirth.

Guidance for our long journey back to the spirit was given to humanity two thousand years ago through seven letters in the Revelation of Saint John. It is the fifth of these whose words are particularly relevant to our time. What is said to us is not easy to bear, for we are described as being dead, and  we are told to make some fundamental changes in how we view the world:

You have a name which should be life, but you are dead.

Wake up – consolidate and strengthen the things which remain and are about to die. For I have not found your deeds perfect before God.

Remember, therefore, how you have received and heard; hold fast, and think all things anew. If you do not awaken, I will come upon you as a thief and you will not know at what hour I will come.

The time of the Great Awakening is a time when many things we thought secure are threatened and must be transformed. We are in a time of growing light, but the first effects of that light are to expose the darkness, and this is the phenomenon that is at the root of many of our gravest problems.

We have come to accept and be comfortable with materialism and on its foundations have built much that is great. Yet all wavers now like a house perched precariously on a cliff as the storm grows in strength. The threat of nuclear war threatens our entire planet, but that is only a symptom of a bigger change that is being demanded of us.

Materialism is not wholly untrue, and humanity has had to turn for a time towards the physical earth and put all its energy into that. But in the process, we have been corrupted by powers that want us to fall completely for the illusions of physicality and lose connection to our spiritual origin. All will depend upon our ability to find security in what is eternally true – to hold firm to that while the things that must be surrendered are taken from us.

The draining of the swamp does not only happen in Washington DC or in the Beehive. It is a process taking place at this moment in every human soul. We all have depths that are terrifyingly dark, and the driving-force of events is uncovering them, even as this is happening also in the outer world.

This is the bigger picture of the challenge that we face. There will be no sudden rapture. What is happening now has many more years to run. But this is a decisive moment in the drama. By remaining aware of the big picture, we can handle what is before us and assist those around us to meet their destiny. We face death – death of one kind or another. But death is only the death of what must die. With trust, we will be able to endure the necessities of the times. Every one of us is going through our own personal journey of dying and being reborn. We can do this with joy when we are united. The great rallying cry of our time is, “Where we go one, we go all!”


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