The Subversion Of Our Energy Independence

You can’t have Energy Independence if it’s outsourced and monopolized to overseas sources who aren’t obligated to care about your people.

By Brad Flutey.
16 October 2022

Subversion is how you wage war on naive citizens in modern society. It would help if you learned what subversion is and how to identify it reasonably. If you don’t know how to take away the enemy’s ability to wage war/subvert you, you will either lose everything or become the one who wages war. What makes you any better than your opposition if you choose the latter?

The populist voices of the “rules-based order” criticise those openly at war with those they oppose, but they veil their own addiction to warfare behind subterfuge. Subversion is amongst everything today and is the little-known mechanism causing all the loss we are experiencing. Those who acknowledge the “we are at war” notion are aware of subversion in multiple corporate and government fields. We have drowned ourselves in the details of our health system’s subversion; we are bleating like lambs about the subversion of farming and self-directed land stewardship. We’re being distracted by the ridiculous notion that the government knows how to manage water bodies. Finally, we are becoming aware of the subversion of our transport and energy infrastructure.

How needed was the Marsden Point Oil Refinery? Look at the gas prices, fertiliser prices, food prices, and roads since they removed our oil refining capabilities. No correlation, you say? We can import bitumen, fuel, CO2, and sulphur cheaper? There’s no proof to back up your statement; even if there were, the question would be, more affordable for who? The consumer? No. The Marsden Point Oil refinery made things out of hydrocarbons here; how abundant are hydrocarbons? You tell me, how many hydrogen and carbon atoms do we have on this planet? Lots? Can we recycle these hydrocarbon chains? Not environmental, you say? Oil is evil, you say? First, I would question your sanity for proclaiming that an inanimate resource can be evil while acting like people aren’t and atheism is wise.

If you believe that not requiring a means to produce needed products from an abundant resource is rational, then you’re just not thinking. This infrastructure needed competent management that benefitted the pursuit of improving energy harvest from hydrocarbon compounds. Instead, it got financial mismanagement that looks a lot like economic subversion. Which should be a crime; it has all the provable markers of being a loss-based action in law. What Channel Infrastructure has done through its “decommissioning” has been sabotage in service to favouring a belief. Imagine being a company that spends billions of your money on a car for your benefit; now imagine the oil company trustees intentionally smashing the carburettor off it and selling off the rest. That’s Channel Infrastructure CEO Naomi James, the weapon Ampol uses to monopolise its hold on refining. Why is she, assisted by others, committing financial mismanagement? What’s the motive?

Cool, so we’ve removed four needed resources from our production capabilities and are gaining…Hydrogen? Nope, they already made that; they’re gaining nothing. Hope they don’t face them west.

Yep, Channel Infrastructure is going solar; why? Ideology, they learnt it in University. If you want to ideologically subvert an employment lawyer/Refinery CEO, you get them in the Universities. You then change the management structure from promoting good passionate operators who want to improve and evolve refining with ideologically possessed employment lawyers or suits. Think of ideologically possessed as akin to religious dogma in schools. Except for decades, dogmatic negative belief on issues goes into young people’s minds instead of upholding values with a sense of perpetual improvement. Regarding what to do about our potential carbon emission imbalance in the world, we, the left, have got it wrong.

Qui Bono, who benefitted? Ampol. Who shut down the Bitumen plant? Andrew Brewer, who has the monopoly on bitumen supply and refining? Ampol and Z Energy. Who owns Z Energy? Ampol.

Solar panels work when the sun is shining, and you have a safe battery that lasts. The first part of that sentence happens between a minimum of ten hours a day over Winter and sixteen hours a day at the height of summer. That’s if it’s not raining; in Northland, it’s raining for over half of the year. Here, solar is suitable for your roof as a supplemental energy source. Still, it’s certainly not worth spending ten years destroying a perfectly reasonable refinery so that you can build solar panels elsewhere. Investors must be lost to think that Channel Infrasructure’s direction is financially sound unless they’re shareholders of international companies benefiting financially from the closure. Competing national refineries that protect people from inflation manipulation is not beneficial to those companies.

Batteries are highly dependent on Lithium; why? Because it doesn’t last very long, especially if it comes in contact with water or fire, as it’s highly reactive. See here.

Besides the obvious Health and Safety concern, Lithium-Ion batteries don’t last that long. We have solar panels, which are great; they’ll last for ages, but battery cells suck and are expensive. I keep scanning scholarly articles, wondering why gold nanowire batteries are taking so long to make it to the market. One potential reason is that charging up in less than a minute and lasting indefinitely does not sound like an effective profit-based endeavour if you want to monopolise and inflate energy prices. After all, that’s the problem. Greed. The thing that manipulates unprincipled and immoral men and women to do illogical and contradictory things.

The Dig In At Marsden has been outside the main refinery gates for 189 days; this zone’s inhabitation demonstrates resiliency in the face of subversion. The Dig In At Marsden is committed to reinstating the Marsden Point Oil Refinery; it needs more support.

The Dig In At Marsden has done more over the past 189 days than anyone else. We have decided not to take drastic actions to stop the subversion of this strategic asset, as to do so would be foolish and doomed to fail. Instead, the team has used the creation of engaging video content, awareness merchandise, and the face-to-face challenge of the epidemic of apathy that afflicts our fellow citizens.

In life, we all have differences and things we all want to focus on, but we are all connected by our opposition to stupidity and slavery. Furthermore, we are all at the mercy of complex and practised forms of subversion. This includes; ideological subversion, economic subversion, psychological subversion, and so on. The sky is the limit for this form of warfare, and the only way to overcome it is a decentralised form of unity that takes away the enemy’s ability to subvert us. Is there one issue we can all agree on? Better yet, is the answer to our division the same as the solution to the reinstatement of this strategic asset? Is it also the solution to our government problem too?


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