By Will Ryan.

6 October 2022

Life truly does imitate art when it comes to the tried and tested textbook of tyranny. Those who fail to learn from the teachings of history are doomed to repeat it and sadly most Kiwis don’t seem to know the history of totalitarianism. 

A self described “cultural Marxist” creature by the name of Kate Hannah, founded the New Zealand chapter of The Discrimination Project, in February of 2020- conveniently a month prior to what would be our first of many lockdowns. She did so with a handful of other psuedo-academics and a few million dollars from the Labour Party. Kate will proudly claim they are a “non-profit organisation” like any good communist, why would she need to “exploit workers for profit” when she can steal from them via a loving government tax department?

The Washington based parent company claim on their website to “operate on three core principles of neutrality, independence and transparency”, yet their Kiwi offshoot is openly far left, not independent by any definition and so secretive so as to be exempt from freedom of information requests. In Arderns’s information war, these are the black operations mercenaries. Unsurprisingly, they refuse to debate or engage in discourse with their enemies or any media unwilling to conduct scripted, softball interviews. 

Dr Sanjana Hattotuwa is 2IC to Commander Hannah, an ivory tower academic fresh from Sri Lanka running defence for their corrupt government. He is so out of touch with the tyranny and hyperinflation the average Sri Lankan has suffered in recent times, that he still believes he’s on the right side of history. It also comes of no surprise to me that in addition to using Maori names, these anti freedom groups always cast black and brown people for supposed social kudos. Having read his articles, like Kate, he has nothing specific to say, no real debunking of any “conspiratorial talking points”, but a barrage of buzzwords to make him appear informed to average fence-sitters and repetitions of our “violent and hateful” language. 

That is a common thread with all these groups running cover for corrupt governments, they conflate words with violence. Either they have lived such privileged champagne socialist lives that they genuinely don’t know the difference between “harmful” text on a screen or sound waves vibrating their inner ear and actually being punched, stabbed or shot at…or they are deliberately mischaracterising their political enemies. 

The latter seems more logical to me, Kate Hannah and her crowd have been able to compel our authorities to actively arrest and charge independent media players, simply on the basis of their propaganda in documentaries such as “Fire and Fury”, coupled with articles in Stuff and RNZ. The Disinformation Project have essentially called for and initiated violence, by way of dozens of police raiding innocent kiwi’s, for what they allege to be “thought crimes”, without ever going into the detail of what they claim we are so wrong about. 

She never asks why our side might be angry. Why we might not like billion dollar deals with vaccine corporations who have no financial or health liability. Apparently it’s Marxist to support corporatism now, it’s Marxist to fire thousands of working class qualified New Zealanders from their jobs, simply because they refused a vaccine- which should be private medical information in the first instance! 

Were we wrong to predict multiple lockdowns with reasonable accuracy, we’re we wrong to say Jacinda would mandate the “vaccine” even when she promised there would be no consequences for not wanting to be jabbed? What exactly are we wrong about and even if we are occasionally wrong on some matters, why is that such a huge problem? Isn’t it a freedom to have opinions and debate issues, or do we all just need to repeat Climate Change rhetoric and far left gender theory? Haven’t humans, including scientific experts, long debated all manner of issues where both sides cannot be right and yet neither side labelled the other to be “dangerous misinformation” or worse still, outlaw the voicing of that opinion and seek to arrest those who espouse it! This is truly Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth’ territory, where a few (the inner party), seek to have an uncontested monopoly on the truth and become the Gods of every individuals thoughts. 

Well let me remind you Katie-pie, I’m

going to be as “misogynistic” and patronising as I want, I’m going to hold any opinion I think is the most rational and true and I’m not going to stop. All you people can do is label our thoughts “xyz-phobic” but adjectives are not counter arguments, saying something is “sexist” or “racist” doesn’t mean it’s not also true and truth is more important than the opinion of communists. I will debate you anytime, any place, but I know that you will refuse to engage in a contest of ideas, you will instead seek to use the “colonial Crown government” dollars and resources to go after people who engage in “wrong think” until all of us are gagged, imprisoned or worse. 

Well let me remind you, that when the good cops and military you rely on to do your dirty work wake up to what you are, when I and others alert the millions of kiwis to your sinister, covert agenda, you will never be able to come out of hiding, neither will your husband or any of your little brigade of effeminate cowards, because then the chickens will come home to roost. Until then enjoy the high times, enjoy trying to send “crazy conspiracy theorists” to jail, but as the facts and evidence of vaccine harm, lockdown costs and Jacinda’s war on truth, mount, know that in the long run the truth will come out, for unlike lies it does not require constant work, maintenance or state funded propaganda.  

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