30 August 2022

On Friday of last week, Nadine Porter from Stuff wrote an article titled “Rise in hostility since conspiracy theory arrests…..” Apparently a theory can be arrested now, not just a person. This ironic misuse of the English language actually gives us an insight into the mind of a coincidence theorist. They don’t just hate us, they hate our ideas and wish to criminalize thoughts themselves.

The very concept of “Hate speech” is a modern interpretation of the “thought crime” from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four, in which a society is propagandized by a government with a self proclaimed monopoly on truth. This also gives us an insight into the mind of Jacinda Ardern and her team of $55 million, who claimed to be “the only source of truth” during the “pandemic.”

Why does it pain these people that other have a different point of view? Why does Kate Hannah from “The Disinformation Project” not recognize that we used to be able to have differing opinions on issues, without being criminalized. In fact, intellectual freedom to ask the hard questions, such as why was there no cost/benefit analysis of lockdowns carried out, is exactly what constitutes a free, democratic and transparent society. Truth does not fear investigation, but liars and our media certainly do. The fact that Kate Hannah and her circle of internet sleuths ranging from the creepy Byron Clarke to the dangerous convicted terrorist whose name rhymes with Kumara, fail to even give us (the thought criminals) a right of reply, surely shows their intent is to not find truth in matters, but to declare themselves the victors. No contest of ideas, they declare themselves the moral supremacists because they say nice, cute, fluffy things like “diversity and inclusiveness” whilst they have intolerance to our diverse views and won’t include us in society without masks, vaccines and monolithic thought patterns.

Even scientists used to debate big issues, now they all have to agree with every state sponsored agenda from vaccines to climate change, else they are defunded, or stricken off- like many of our best doctors and nurses who dare ask the wrong questions. How is it our ideas can be deemed “dangerous” before something as serious as a rushed experimental vaccine is proven safe? Now that the overwhelming data is coming out on our side, the establishment media across the western world are desperate to smear those who said it all along.

It’s been revealed that the British government did no analysis of the potential impact of lockdowns prior to doing so and now it’s widely agreed that more lives were lost directly and indirectly through such an authoritarian action than due to Covid (even using the inflated official Covid numbers). Unknown deaths are also surging across the UK, Canada and New Zealand, particularly in younger age brackets who were not at risk….all of this will continue to come out in support of our views and skepticism towards the government, so the media have to keep personally attacking and demonising us.
The media use every logical fallacy in the book- appeal to authority, appeal to popularity and their favorite, appeal to emotion! Claims that “conspiracy theorists” have threatened to rape or kill MP’s are media lines designed to turn the average kiwi against us. However, even if those comments in group chats with thousands of people have occurred, those are not actions we support or will carry out, whereas this government really did rape us- they locked us in our homes for over a year, they taxed us all via printing 30% more dollars and causing an explosion in prices, they silenced us all and violently coerced us to take vaccines or else, loss of jobs, families, friends was just the consequence of our choices they told us- nothing to do with them manufacturing consequences so as to bend us to their will.

These reasons and more are why we must remain vigilant, skeptical and questioning of power and not be told our views are “too far out” to be accepted in daily discourse.

As Orwell said, Freedom is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear. Our ideas are not injuring or impoverishing people, we want a nation of open debate on the big issues and the uncomfortable subjects, as controversial conversations are preferable to this huge mess and division we find ourselves in.

– WR

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