Pfizer Didn’t Test For Transmission, Vaccine Mandates Unjustified!

By Will Ryan

18 October 2022

The very premise and foundation of the historic action to mandate Covid “vaccines” was upon the assumption that they reduced transmission from one person to another and therefore constituted a positive “public health” measure. I say “assumption” of reduced transmission because there was never any evidence of such prior to rollouts and our own government regulator, Medsafe, did not test any of the vaccines for efficacy in regards to transmission of the virus. 

Last week however, this lack of evidence was publicly announced by Pfizer themselves during an EU special committee hearing, where Pfizer executive Janine Small admitted there was no testing for reduced transmission. She went on to say, they “had to move at the speed of science” a phrase which appears to make no sense. During the October 10 hearing, Ms Small implied they were rushed by governments and not required by regulators to test for such, despite it being the basis of the call to vaccinate. 

Reuters “fact checkers” have echoed this rhetoric from Pfizer, arguing that they did nothing illegal because firstly they never claimed it reduced transmission and secondly governments did not require said study from Pfizer. However, legal or not, it was implied many times by Pfizer executives that their vaccines did help not just protect individuals from the virus, but others in your community from contracting it from you. Government officials of just about every nation said such in no uncertain terms. For example in May of 2021, The Whitehouse chief medical advisor Dr Anthony Fauci stated that vaccinated people become “dead ends” for the virus. Joe Biden was even more brazen in July of 2021, empathically stating “you’re not going to get covid if you have these vaccinations” 

So if Pfizer aren’t at fault for not having completed such studies ahead of the aforementioned claims, then surely our governments are! Or are we going to see the usual passing of the buck, governments blame corporations (whom they gave fiscal immunity from reparations in secret contracts) and said pharmaceuticals simply say they weren’t legally required to uphold xyz standard of testing? This is exactly why such contracts between state and corporations is a cronyist merger and doesn’t result in the best products at the best prices rising to the top, as in a highly competitive free market- free of the state picking winners to give billions of our tax dollars with zero liability of their products kill thousands of people…but I digress…

The real issue here is western governments, media and their naive idiot followers hammering the vaccine issue so hard as to mandate thousands out of jobs and demonise their fellow man, without being 100% certain that said vaccines were proven to stop transmission. They simply borrowed credibility from traditional vaccines and overlayed that onto these experimental jabs with the average midwit not wanting to understand the important detailed differences. It’s one thing to argue that the vaccines can help an individual (which is a debate for another day), but it’s another to argue one must be vaccinated “for their community” or “to save granny” and call those of us who refuse “selfish” – because the basis of all those smears and claims is that the vaccines protected others by reducing viral transmission. Ironically they called us “refuseniks”, “cowards” and “traitors” for the last two years whilst tearing apart the social fabric of our nation upon a flawed, unproven premise. 

Even if an action is 100% supported by science, such as daily exercise to reduce hundreds of conditions, that isn’t a moral basis to mandate and enforce exercise- many people today seem to conflate scientific facts with moral arguments of compulsion, another marker of the religious fervour behind scientism. 

Back in early 2021 I saw studies which showed no reduction in viral load or delta between vaccinated and unvaccinated, the biggest difference is in fact between the healthy and the obese, with the latter having up to six times the viral load, with viral load being the largest determining factor of transmission. So I was at the very least certain that the pro vax side could not possibly be 100% sure of reduced transmission ahead of the rollout and therefore their support of the mandates was not just wrong, but also stupid, naive and a product of blind compliance to authority rather than science.

We simply cannot just forgive and forget this occurred for a multitude of reasons. (1) Vaccines are still being pushed, even upon the young and pregnant despite some countries not allowing the under 50 to be boosted anymore for safety concerns. (2) All vaccines carry risk, especially these modern and largely untested mRNA “vaccines” which do not fit the historic definition of a vaccine and if they are as ineffective as recent studies are showing, they are a net harm and have killed untold young healthy people who would otherwise have been mildly ill with Covid/flu symptoms. (3) Our governments and Pfizer must be forced to be transparent, release all studies, contract details and current data being withheld which would show if the wave of excess deaths across the west are correlated to being vaccinated or not. (4) Media outlets need to be held accountable for being complicit in state propaganda and fear mongering as well as attacking anyone who dare oppose or question masks, vaccines, lockdowns or the origin of the Chinese virus. (5) We as a society must learn to engage in critical thinking and entertain those we disagree with, before emotionally dismissing ideas and evidence we don’t personally like or agree with. This is what it means to be a truly educated, evolved human- to entertain ideas dispassionately and let facts lead you to the truth, rather than start from a conclusion and work backwards. 

As anyone reading will recognise, this is such a monumentally huge issue that most of our peers will be inclined to ignore it, move on and focus on the little things in life they feel they can control. However, I say we can control more than we think, many of us said NO to the mandates at huge cost to our social lives and finances, we weren’t pragmatic sellouts, but rather humans of principle who stood against brazen authoritarianism and the evils perpetuated by the state. We will require even more resolve to resist the social credit systems and the digital straight-jacket being constructed in real time around us, hence this is the time to hammer these tyrants as hard as they hammered us, yet for actual moral, logical reasons backed by evidence. 

It is absolutely reasonable to say Jacinda Ardern, her cabinet and the mandates they enforced have seriously harmed and killed people. Medsafe can try to obscure numbers but the excess deaths are ramping up long after the Covid waves and the 1400 per week in the UK are not covid related, 17% more excess deaths were also recorded in the first half of 2022 in Australia, so it will be happening here also. By inflicting a vaccine which our authorities lied on record, on TV, Radio, YouTube ads, billboards…relentlessly lying about the vaccine helping your community…they have violated public trust, intentionally spread disinformation and forced doctors to violate their Hippocratic oath to “first do no harm”.

Jacinda Ardern’s regime has torn families apart and created countless arguments between husbands and wives over vaccinating themselves and children or not. She has spread a contagion of financial stress by way of inflation, which would never have occurred without lockdowns and record money printing. Also it cannot be forgotten that if just one child or young healthy New Zealander died from vaccine complications, that is murder because they would not have died from the mild virus. For the above reasons and more, I will back up Damien De Ment and others who have called for Nuremberg style trials of our officials. Jacinda needs to be in jail, every politician who supported the mandates without a debate of contrary perspectives needs to face consequences, as do the lapdog media. 

The fact these people “decline to be interviewed” or refuse to debate hard issues is also a dereliction of duty, they are public servants, less respectable than the guys sweeping the streets and they should do as they are told by us. Instead, most kiwis feared their government, most of the vaccinated people I know didn’t want to do it, they got vaccinated under duress, under severe pressure from their workplace and family who were similarly all conditioned by our daily sermon from Ardern and her henchmen. To stoop so low with these authoritarian decrees and marginalising of those who simply wanted debate, is a crime against the freedoms my grandparents fought for. For that, for the controlled speech dystopia we see emerging before us, Ardern and her ilk really do deserve to hang. I know our dear leader’s  little comrades will be reading this too, so my message to you disgusting sub-humans is clear. The truth about your crimes is coming out, you people are nothing but unthinking weaklings who are drunk on power and blood lust and I won’t stop exposing your Malthusian, Orwellian, fascist agenda until you are all in the ground! 

For all the real humans with the spirit of liberty and minds unbound by narrow, state approved, tracks- I’m truly grateful you exist and it’s been fantastic to see the most unlikely people become aware of what is going on and join the right side of history, keep the flame alive! 

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