September 13th 2022

How did freedom of speech become a right wing ideal? Historically it was the liberal left who advocated for debates challenging orthodoxy, religion and the state. Now it appears that they have become one with the new cultural orthodoxy and have no need or desire to challenge the state, as the far left have essentially hijacked modern western culture. People with nothing to say, no philosophies or ideas to impart upon society, also do not care for freedom of speech, the death of it is no loss to them as they have contracted out their thinking to “experts” of the state. These are the modern day mentally enslaved masses.

We constantly hear emotional sound bites such as “hate speech” and “harmful speech”, terms designed to create an emotional opposition to free speech advocates and contrarian ideas. With no evidence they associate violent attacks such as the Christchurch shooting with online “hate” speech, when there is objectively no connection. This intentional smearing of speech disagreeable with the mainstream narratives of far left ideology, isn’t to make society safer (crime is at all time highs across the west), it’s to prevent a cognitive resistance to their collectivist, totalitarian agenda.

Furthermore if someone equates words on a screen with actual violence, they obviously spend too much time online and didn’t grow up playing rugby, getting cuts and scratches in daily manual labour or face any true hardship in life. These are the same emotionally fragile twits who cry to the nearest bureaucrat if you misgender them. Unfortunately, this is what dumbocracy does- lower social standards to the weakest, lowest IQ mob who can outvote those of us with functioning minds. Politicians love them, as the last thing they want is people who can think and act without every facet of their lives regulated by a government agency, so they clip our wings in the name of “public health or safety”.

The product of this dynamic has manifested in a huge schism in society, forget income inequality, the real gap driving a wedge through society is inequality of critical thought, a knowledge, information and wisdom gap which can only be closed by open, civil and violence free debate. When any two humans have an issue we all know the only resolution is to talk it out, when people lack the ability to talk, violence usually results. This happens in bars every day, but in civil society amongst large groups, we should know better.

The modern left however resort to censorship. No one can deny the dozens of prominent professors who have been cancelled and fired from prominent western universities in recent years. Now over 85% of US professors are Democrats, how does that create a balanced and informed campus? It doesn’t, it results in the far left journalists, teachers, doctors, architects etc that we see pushing everything from queer gender theory and cultural Marxism, to brutalism and postmodern building structures designed to kill the souls of their occupants. As in Mao’s cultural revolution, everything classical from music to monuments, art and conceptions of beauty must be destroyed. Note feminists of today teaching women to “unlearn” traditional beauty standards and overthrow “cis normative” concepts of gender roles. All of this is part of the great Marxist re-education we are undergoing, with most completely subconscious and unaware of history therefore doomed to repeat it.

Free speech is the only mechanism which can lead to a contest of ideas, a competition in which the best philosophies rise to the top and form our art, music, sexuality, economic systems and so on. The far left and their willing mainstream media know they can’t win such a fair contest, so they avoid it entirely by controlling the narrative and Overton window of acceptable public discourse.

They silence our views and smear them as “conspiracy” so now if you mention vaccine dangers to the average person, they immediately associate you with “conspiracy…” and shut down, refusing to even entertain you or your concerns seriously. The social engineer has effectively “poisoned the well” and inoculated the masses to be against our ideas by default, without consideration. This is how we can know for sure the majority are brainwashed, with no ability to play with the ideas of others in their minds, but simply regurgitate propaganda word for word, Orwellian newspeak such as “lived experience” and “harmful extremism”.

What is truly harmful, extreme and intolerant however is the unthinking majority and their spiritual leader talking heads. These “rational atheists” have replaced belief in an “invisible God” with unwavering fetishism over morons like Ashley Bloomfield coupled with celebrity saviour worship of Ardern and all those who keep us “safe”. They don’t understand that all humans are prone to religious thinking, even when they don’t believe in a God, they still have the need and inclination to believe in a higher power and in the modern secular west, that power vacuum has been well and truly filled by the government.

They call us a “threat to our democracy”, when they are incapable of seeing that democracy itself is nothing but a popularity contest, where the person who makes the biggest promises (despite never fulfilling them), in the most convincing and manipulative manner, wins. It is those heads of state who our ideas are a threat to, the political elite simply call anything in disagreement with their position, “misinformation” or other smears, even if later found to be true. Democracy is also built and maintained by violence. I’m no anarchist, I want a limited government, but I understand that the very nature of government isn’t peace and rainbows, but men with guns. Every single law is ultimately backed by men with guns. If you don’t turn up to court or pay a fine, if you don’t respond to their letters, ultimately Police come to your door and if you refuse them, they will use force upon you. The recent arrest of Counterspin journalists is more proof of this violent nature of government. People can claim “it’s just the law, if you don’t like it leave” but the point remains, our entire system is predicated upon violent force. If there were not hundreds of men with guns protecting Jacinda, she’d be gone tonight, I can guarantee that!

So this brings me full circle to why speech is so important, why no topic which concerns the public should be censored and why no ideology should be beyond critique. Freedom can be defined as the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear, those people have a right to be offended, but they have no right to live free from offence. Yet we increasingly live in a world where people want the highs without the lows, the cake without the fat gain, booms without busts. This is why we try to print over recessions and cause bigger problems down the track, why people take antidepressants rather than fixing their diet and lifestyle issues and why snowflakes want the benefits of a civilised society without the pain of thinking and debating ideas which it rests upon. In coddling people from confronting ideas, all we are doing is making people even more mentally fragile in a viscous spiral to what ends? It’s also worth noting that the loudest leftists, the biggest advocates of social constructionism, cultural Marxism and lgbt issues, tend to be misfits and unfortunate looking people who cannot climb the traditional and natural hierarchy, so seek to create their own. Most people grow comfortable with the fact they aren’t Brad Pitt, Einstein or Michael Jordan, but these arrested development individuals insist we call them beautiful and other false adjectives, despite them being grossly overweight or resembling Byron Clark! It’s actually embarrassing that we allow such delusional weaklings to steer modern societies, but such is the folly of unmitigated tolerance.

Freedom of speech isn’t just a luxury, it’s a building block of the world we’ve had for the last few centuries, the loss of ideas precedes the loss of actions and physical manifestations, meaning that what you can no longer say, soon impacts your thoughts and therefore actions. The social engineers know this, they know that erasing “right wing” ideas from the public discourse will eventually result in erasing the people who hold them physically. So make no mistake, the mass censorship on social media isn’t just private companies making private decisions, they almost always happen to be in favour of the far left and are dictates from governments and elitist think tanks above said companies who are often just complying out of fear. The culture war isn’t just some ethereal, intangible thing on the internet however, humans are what we think, the mind is incredibly powerful and our ideas cannot be stopped. Our enemies are truly mentally weak, as Carl Jung said, “the foundation of all mental illness is an unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering”. The problem is the longer said people wallow in an echo chamber of comfortable lies and cognitive dissonance, the bigger the physical manifestations of their ideologies become. In other words it would be far more preferable to have had difficult conversations a few years ago regarding the best response to Covid, than to have the same today, given all the debt and excess deaths. Yet if these people wish to live in the eternal now and never let us speak, never try to genuinely understand the other side, all they are doing is ensuring tensions will boil over into violence. Conversations are an exhaust valve to relieve pressure, I strongly advise the media and our government to engage in them honestly before it’s too late. There is only so much ridicule, dehumanisation and passive aggression our side will tolerate.

– WR

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