Misogyny Killed The Horse?

We all know why curiosity killed the cat, but why would hypothetical misogyny make a horse bolt?

Written by Brad Flutey.
25 January 2023

Parliament lawns are getting a hammering, first there was Mallard and his sprinklers and now a bolting horse.


Jacinda’s job is done, the second Neoliberal Revolution has completed the first-phase of war on middle New Zealand’s economy. Just like the last well-spoken useful idiot (David Lange), the lead policy marketer is bolting away from her destructive wake and her remaining media cult is blaming everyone else. Salty Neoliberal tears will flow down parliament’s gutters replacing the wasted fresh water from Trevor Mallard’s incorrect use of sprinklers. Sadly, the snow flake cult take political events seriously, they think she was the country’s leader; the one that saved us from the cold, racism, misinformation, and misogyny! She did nothing of the sort, but to be fair to the snowflakes, they’re only slightly less informed than the ones who are glad to see her go.

As the feminine destroyer of small-large businesses and livelihoods steps aside, the public get ready to poll in the destroyers of trust entitlements.


Recently, our feminine dominated household laughed our way through an article that couldn’t have been written by a mature adult. Yet it was, and to think, that article made it past the editor without a flurry of Twitter-tard complaints. A Herald article on the achievements of hearty every-day Kiwi Patriots had to be re-written, because Kate Hannah thinks she knows refining and my belief status around vaccines. Here’s a message to those who engage in defamation framed as news, I have never been anti-vaccines and I have never called for the overthrowing of a lawful governance structure. Vaccines are named after the viruses they protect you from and Government isn’t an administration institution, it’s a process of psychological manipulation. This is the world we live in now, one that acts out the insanity a cult of personality flavour inspires.


One of the most important things one should do is learn the deeper meaning of your words. Although govern is well explained in this word etymology, ment is not. Ment does not just simply come from mentum which is latin for process, a process of what? The proto-indo-european root of the word is men or men’s (to think). As the word government is implied as something that banners over the many the latin words menta and mentis also apply. These words are the plural of the past particle mentir, as a verb it means to lie. Most people believe government is governance, which is a lie, they are not the same thing


What makes the mainstream media’s fictional position funny is the rejection of their narrative from the cult of personality herself. So, not only did “the news” make up another victimhood narrative, they couldn’t even get their cult leader to agree with them. Worse still, not only did hypothetical misogyny not have anything to do with her popularity demise, those complaining about it (the media) did. Did we help? Sure, but our helping hand was led by the overly compassionate and hard-to-organise dominance of our feminine warriors. Had masculine “misogyny” led the pushback, fraudulent policy marketers would have been locked in their hive until they were judged. We don’t pursue a conversation through a love and peace festival as a first instinct solution, we seek to eliminate/solve the problem as efficiently as possible.

Voices For Freedom have been the most effective advocacy group in the country and deserve a lot of credit for pulling apart the entirety of the problem. Unfortunately, this intense focus on the problem has drowned people in the issues and sadly, no working solution has come from this organisation.


When men embark on a journey to learn how to be better partners for women, they learn to listen to their expressions properly. The masculine want to solve problems efficiently in an attempt to alleviate the stress it is causing. However, they usually attempt to do this too fast before listening to the complex multi-layered nature of the problem. Something women feel should be explored thoroughly so the eventual solution is well-formulated, and therefore, actually works to solve the problem. This explains why Voices for Freedom’s Corageous Conversations have been percieved as drowning people in the COVID-19 Response policy issues. This has left men and women who tilt toward favouring the psychological mantra of masculinity frustrated, as we believe this problem did not require this much analysis. That’s why a healthy relationship between masculine and feminine is about finding balance. Instead, we have this weird swapping out of subserviance to one polarity and then the other, and this has been the case for the entirety of human history. A history of unbalanced human behaviour.

These two articles on Horus Media substack showed the most efficient, direct and effective way to shut down the mandates. Yet, it didn’t go very far because none of the Freedom movement’s media interviewed me or my associates on the argument angle.


So, if there’s no proof it was misogyny and undeniable proof that the positive aspects of feminism were the driving force behind the pressure on Ardern, what made her bolt? First let’s look at why they tried to make it misogyny – division. The best weapon the Crown has at its disposal is manufactured division between the positive aspects of masculine and feminine. If we can’t find some form of synergy between our complimentary differences, we’ll never overcome the system of fraud-based control. Best to keep the populace thinking that misogyny is what divides men and women rather than a clever opportunist that misrepresents the difference between the two. As for Jacinda Ardern’s lawn ruining bolt from Parliament, it’s all part of the plan.

If you can’t see the pattern yet, then you’re just not paying attention.


People who label themselves as awake are celebrating the resignation of Jacinda Ardern as if it’s some form of victory. However, if it was already part of the plan and the plan is your opposition’s plan, how is it your victory? The Crown administers over your trusts, not because it is the lawful trustee based out of the office of the Crown of England, but because you consent to it doing so in contradiction to the 1852 Constitution. Trusts and their Constitutions generally last for one-hundred-twenty-five years, your 1852 Constitution ran its course back in 1977. Now you’re at the mercy of an implied trust that changes when the company directors want it to change.

If the new representation of currency is about to change from the perceived value of one’s birth certificate to data, now you know why you are seen as more expendable than ever. If you allow them to change what is valued from you to data, you will have no one to blame but your lack of awareness. Jacinda wasn’t your problem, she was just the marketing mouthpiece for policies that didn’t benefit you. The worst is yet to come, and if you fall for a marketing mouthpiece that convinces you to let them write a new Constitution for your trusts, then you’ll have even less legal recourse to resist form-based slavery. The ball has always been in your court, but you can’t play the game properly if you play the man/woman and not the ball.



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