Liberal Western Culture Has Created a Frankenstein

By Guest Writer Olivia Pierson.

If there’s a topic that bores me more than any other it’s the battle of the sexes.

I don’t do feminism, girl-power, sisterhoods, women’s groups or any such thing where only women play leading roles. The flavour is simply not my tea-cup.

So when Kellie-Jay Keen was about to come to New Zealand for a “Let Women Speak” event and some friends of mine were eager to attend, I naturally looked the other way and didn’t plan on joining in. I was aware that KJK’s loudest opponents were transgenders and she was already famous for bravely decrying their lustful need to invade every known cranny of our societies, including our children’s libraries and public toilets. But because the second most boring topic in the world to me happens to be all things relating to the sexual identities of other people, I yawned.

When I awoke on Saturday morning I read that KJK’s security detail had quit and wouldn’t – not couldn’t, but wouldn’t – protect her, which really rattled me. They’d obviously succumbed to media-driven cultural pressure. Then I read a message from a mate, a burly alpha guy – the type many feminists would say “oozes toxic masculinity.” His message read:

It has been brought to my attention some of our wahine are worried about protests against and at tomorrow’s event, by those who have fallen for the media’s division trap. This is why I am calling on our men; to come and stand, men to come to ensure our women and children had some protection from the counter protesters.

That got my full attention. I had a feeling what might transpire, I’ve seen it now too many times in New Zealand, the heckler’s veto – and I know that when it comes to the Woke-fascists, “hecklers” means “thugs.” So I went to stand in solidarity with my concerned brethren against monstrous irrationality hoping that we would all have the protective force of our police, surely.

We did not.

Police had obviously been ordered to stand well back and not make their presence felt.

Many hundreds of people were pouring into Albert Park to the most jarring, raucous, chaotic noises: whistles, air-horns, clanging pots ’n pans, hand drums and zoo-like banshee screeching. The din was an onslaught of unholy, grating, discordant aggression. The visuals were even worse.

Then Kellie-Jay was escorted into the rotunda by only two or three last-minute (I guess) security stewards. The raucous mob of counter protesters screamed their intentions of assault hysterically and still the police stayed away. Even after she had tomato soup poured over her head, which saw the mob bay with indulgent satisfaction, not a single police person drew near.

Nobody would be able to speak over the ghastly noise, that much was clear, but we waited thinking maybe there might be a contingency, maybe the police would come in and keep the mob away so Kellie-Jay could at least yell down a microphone to her supporters. Instead we were wholly swamped by a savage pack of ferocious zoo animals who well outnumbered the folks who had just come to hear a brave little British blonde woman talk.

A senior woman, a Kiwi around 70 years old, who had just taken an atrocious beating by a frenzied, bearded-man in a skirt, placed herself between Kellie-Jay and the mob. Her eye was very swollen and bruised, her glasses had been punched off her face and lost. She was indeed shaken but stood undaunted against the aggressive mob. I’ll never forget her grave dignity, nor the sickening footage of the fierce beating inflicted upon her. I kick myself now for not giving her a big, comforting hug in that din.

When her stewards and security guy made a push to get Kellie-Jay out of the park, the howling mob surged violently forward in a chaotic crush. Transgender mammals started punching and lashing out. A good man beside me, a stranger who I now know to be actor Ross Campbell, was assaulted by at least three of them, one an almost 7 foot Samoan drag queen in the most massive high-heels imaginable and draped in a korowai cloak, which he shamed. He was particularly brutish and elbowed 66 year old Campbell straight in his jaw with full force. As Campbell was reeling, another diabolical entity launched itself onto him shrieking like a rabid possum, he shook it off him and managed to get over to Kellie-Jay to help surround her with ad hoc bodyguards and take some of the punches, spit, raw eggs and liquid projectiles away from her person. Hero.

Kellie-Jay made it to where our passive police were waiting. Her live feed takes us into the car for a spell with them, which shows how inexplicably cold and aloof they were with her, considering the traumatising carnival they were driving her away from. It is here that the police officer says that they wouldn’t be able to protect her the next day in Wellington and it will likely be worse. She asked them to take her to the police station, I hope to report the assaults on herself and her supporters. She mentions that she had also received a threatening note at her hotel.

This horde of barbarians did not act human. They acted like chimps flinging their filth in the faces of actual humans. Aristotle named us “the rational animal,” take away the ‘rational’ part and you are left with only the ‘animal.’ That’s what this bestial gang was like.

If good strong, manly men, with their protective instincts intact as part of their moral code, had not gone to that event to be of some use, god only knows what may have happened to Kellie-Jay. I think she would’ve been killed. Of course, it wasn’t just good old fashioned manly men who helped her, the two Maori women stewards who protected her and got her out of the hubbub were magnificent. The men came in to assist them. God knows the police didn’t do a damn thing except drive her away.

This monster that modern liberal politics and culture has spawned respects nothing, values nothing and loves nothing except its own thoughtless, hedonistic whims. It’s looming over us in a truly ugly way – and that KJK has taken it on as a cultural dragon which needs to be metaphorically slain is nothing short of heroic.

This Frankenstein is a creation of the liberal Left and conservatives have not fought against it hard enough in every sphere of society. This let-it-all-hang-out indecency is now raping us and our culture in the face and our politicians, which along with media and institutions are almost entirely liberal, are perpetrating it. So are most radical feminists, they’ve nurtured it along the paths of every milestone, but that’s a writing for another day.

Human rights are for humans who seek to conduct themselves as rational animals.

Albert Park in March 2023 showed us that underdeveloped, mindless, forever-children wailing about their hyper-sexualised identities fuelled by their pornographic obsessions doesn’t cut it.

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