It Is Time To Take Your Oath, New Zealand!

Thomas S.

With few exceptions, the many wars and revolutions which have engulfed the world in recent centuries have been fought over the same campaign – namely the global ambitions of those who have sought to subjugate the world.

And while many of the ideologies which these criminals have cloaked themselves with at various times appear to compete with each other, it has always been the same Swamp that has reaped the rewards of despotism on both the left and the right, at the expense of we the people.

Indeed, we the people of all nations have been enslaved to some degree by the globalist powers for centuries, as, inch-by-inch, our God-given rights were stolen from us. As such, the victory which today lingers on the horizon is one that has been fought over for generations.

Of all the patriots in history who have fought these scoundrels, it was the Indian revolt against the mercantile rule of the British East India Company and later the British Raj over the course of nearly two hundred years, which is most inspiring.

Throughout their struggle, some of the most eloquent expressions of patriotism were espoused by the thinkers of the Indian Independence Movement. These currents of patriotic consciousness were an important part of the ideological resistance for India at the time, and continue in their relevance today.

It was one such Indian independence advocate by the name of Swami Vivekananda, who commented during a speech while visiting California in 1900, that:

Each nation has a mission for the world. So long as that mission is not hurt, that nation lives, despite every difficulty. But as soon as its mission is destroyed, the nation collapses.

And so it is, that a small band of globalist traitors seek today to undermine the very fabric of our nation in an effort to eliminate the bright beacon of freedom which New Zealand broadcasts to the world.

But in order to defeat the globalist agenda and to Make New Zealand Great Again, we must first reclaim our spirit, our identity and our purpose from those who seek to steal it from us.

Our once abundant nation was raised from the soil by our forefathers, who thrived upon wide open spaces and who relished the hard work and nourishment of living off the land. That lifestyle is today under threat, with a concerted effort to undermine our farmers, growers and small-town producers.

And this effort to suffocate the Kiwi Dream of rural middle-class families is well underway, with meaningless and burdensome environmental regulations, the manipulation of weather and resulting unnatural disasters, as well as the confiscation of private property on the plea of ‘Significant Nature Areas’, ‘Managed Retreat’ and ‘Building Back Better’.

The rural sector has always been the breadbasket of our economy and has played an integral part in the development of our national identity and our purpose. And our abundance is something that we have always sought to share with the world. Furthermore, it was the freedom associated with this way of life that spurned our fearless spirit of adventure.

Today, as the globalist traitors in government seek to capitalise on the misery of our brothers and sisters in flood-affected regions, everyday Kiwi Patriots are answering the call to action. With shovels in hand, those who have come from far and wide to dig the mud out of the homes of complete strangers are those with the spirit and the Mana which makes New Zealand great.

This call to action comes during the first anniversary of New Zealand’s Tiananmen Square moment, when Police brutalised Patriots peacefully protesting on the lawns of Parliament.

Indeed, the metaphorical depth of Draining the Swamp could not be more appropriate. With every shovel of mud dug out from a stranger’s home, Kiwi Patriots are demoralising the Swamp by showing them that they underestimated who our people really are and what we stand for.

Just as our forefathers are remembered for having dug trenches in a foreign land to defend their country, so also are those everyday New Zealanders who are mucking in to save flood-damaged properties honouring that memory.

After all, our nation has a mission for the world and every New Zealander has a part to play, however big or small. There will be hard times ahead for all of us throughout our struggle and the New Zealand Government are less than useless in answering the distress calls of their citizens. They are, in fact, guilty of obstruction and do not wish to see us succeed.

In times like these, it is we the people who must come to each other’s aid. And as we have a new nation to build, those who are knee-deep in mud today may well prove to be our nation’s finest who are fit for positions of leadership in a new government, controlled by we the people.

And so, if you are yet to take the oath of Patriots around the world, there is no better time than the present. In this very spirit which makes New Zealand great, place your hand upon your chest and declare, defiantly in the face of those who would see us divided, dejected and defeated, that:



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