A constant barrage of carefully crafted propaganda seeks to indoctrinate your mind and hold it captive to an agenda based on pre-planned narratives. Heavy investment within the field of ‘behavioural sciences’ has seen unprecedented development of cognitive capture. For the most part, those that seek to rule your every action, your every thought and your every emotion, already know the outcome of external influences upon you. They shape and bend your will like an engineer solves difficult problems to derive the outcome desired.

All your life you have been told what to think and how to think. Carefully crafted methods have been formulated to direct your thoughts and feelings.

For psychological operations to work effectively, the target group must be enticed to disconnect from their logical mind, and instead, believe that what they are being told, cannot possibly be untrue. These propagandists use the best “experts” money can buy to deliver their talking points with faked emotional concern and gestures. “Trusted” public figures like sportsmen, religious leaders, actors and musicians are employed. Financial incentives are offered to those with little moral virtue – the type that will do whatever it takes to make a quick buck.


A government wants to introduce a 10% property tax. Knowing this will be unpopular, it decides to announce a 20% tax. It has already factored in the immediate public outrage. It allows the anger to grow. Expected actions develop; the calls to talkback radio, the strongly worded letters to the editor, and the inevitable protests and petitions to members of parliament follow.

After reaching a critical peak, the government makes another public announcement. It informs the people that their voices have been heard and that democracy has worked. They seem to have conceded to the masses. They decide that the property tax will be just 10%. The majority feel like they have won a great victory and people power has brought the government to heel.

The truth of the above example is that people have readily accepted a tax that was not in existence to begin with and one they didn’t want. All the government had to do, was create the illusion that the public had participated and were in control. This of course is a method employed constantly by governments and organisations the world over.


The effect of suggestion is also a powerful tool. The entire scam of “Covid-19” was testament to the application of this method being played out in real time.

An agenda is created by various parties that wish to bring a vision to fruition. In order to ensure the people will willingly allow this to eventuate, the planners must create a demand.

Tactics used are wide-ranging and often implemented on a scale where the easily manipulated succumb early and the majority at various stages thereafter.

Fear – You’re all going to die unless you take this.

Reassurance – It’s safe and effective. You won’t get, pass it on, or die.

Emotional Blackmail – if you don’t do it, you are putting others at risk and will cause irreparable harm to your family, friends and colleagues.

Peer Pressure – Utilizing and weaponizing those that have already succumbed, to apply pressure on the dissenters and have them ostracise those that will not yield.

Threat – Take this or you will be deprived of your freedoms and your livelihoods.

Force – You will be fined, arrested and charged if you do not comply.

Only over time does the truth emerge.

When do people connect with that part of their being that easily distinguishes what is ‘said’ to be true and what is ‘actually’ true? Some say it’s one’s gut instinct, others, a knowing. Regardless of the term, there seems to be a concerted effort to ensure such a thing holds no relevance or reverence in our modern world view.

Why do people hold on to these belief systems when common-sense, logic and reason oppose those very positions? Often because they have invested so much into proclaiming these myths, that the thought of being made a fool is too much to bear. It may also be because of a lifetime of not being exposed to any other contradictory evidence that challenged their belief system, and therefore their default position is to rely on that which they are already used too, as they know nothing else.

Whatever the reason, little emphasis is placed on independent thought or genuine investigation. Instead, the hive mind is promoted whereby groupthink is the goal. If you can convince a section of society that a particular narrative is true and have that group then continue to speak as if what they believe is fact, it inhibits anyone else from countering that position for fear of being attacked, ridiculed or worse. One only needs to think about people being burned alive for not pandering to the status quo.

Let’s look at some of the key factors that ensure compliance and therefore a pre-conceived outcome.

1. Corruption: people are often bought and paid for, e.g., “If you advance this policy or help implement this programme, you’ll become vice chancellor one day” or “if you ensure this gets passed, we’ll ensure you get those contracts” etc.

2. Coercion: being subject to threats, extortion, intimidation and blackmail.

3. Lack of courage: it takes a rare and special kind of courage to outcast yourself. To take a stand against the groupthink and to say, ‘this far and no further’, to say (as Martin Luther said) “Heir stehe ich/Ich kann nicht anders” (Here I stand/I cannot do otherwise).

4. Domination by the negative ego: people just cannot admit they’ve been fooled.

5. Stupidity: some people are just not very bright and simply think what they are told.

An example of these points playing out perfectly is with the whole ‘pandemic’.

‘SARS-coV-2’ like every other ‘virus’, is a con. ‘Covid-19’, the set of symptoms said to be attributed to the SARS-coV-2 ‘virus’, are nothing more than your body’s cycle of detoxification, hence the seasonal cold and flu.

Women when in proximity for durations of time, will often synchronise periods. Trees will seasonally shed their leaves and grow new ones as a form of regeneration and renewal. Humans will detoxify via seasonal cold and flu. Even yawning seems contagious but is not a contagion. It’s a natural part of the cycle of life.

What is not natural is the introduction of various programs to inhibit that natural order. It is patently obvious that there are entities that seek to disrupt that natural order for their own benefit through measures of control.

So, despite no demonstrable evidence of a ‘pandemic’, most people willingly went along with every dictate ordered and freely succumb to the sustained propaganda. Even when it became obvious that nothing in the official narrative made sense, people continued without question. After all, they wouldn’t lie to us, would they?

What are other examples of mind control?

Religion is another construct that has seen the suppression of minds and inquisitive thoughts. The garden of Eden story talks about Adam and Eve being forbidden to eat from the tree of knowledge. The question then begs to be asked. Why would ‘God’ prevent anyone from seeking knowledge to advance their understanding of good and evil?

Of course, religious scholars will go into a frenzy to try and painstakingly explain why this would be so, but when pressed and asked further questions, it all comes down to the same answer – no one really has a clue. If the word of God was truth, then why do so many misinterpret those words and even fight wars over it?

When you are exposed to just one ideology or one narrative, you have already lost the meaning of life itself. Life is about discovery, meaning, growth, investigation, co-existence, happiness, progress and advancement. Life was never meant to be lived on our knees or in servitude devoid of knowledge.

‘Education’ is the tool used to accomplish indoctrination. This takes on many forms. We are taught to listen, to remember and regurgitate information in a prescribed manner in order to be seen as having reached an acceptable level of knowledge. Then we are rewarded and indeed encouraged to mimic that information and pass it off as fact, to others.

It seems everything we have been taught to believe is a lie. Even the very world in which we exist is an implanted belief. For example, in science at school, we all saw the globes on the teacher’s desk. We did drawings of cutaway sections showing a molten core in the middle, inner and outer cores, mantle, the earth’s crust etc., yet the deepest hole ever drilled was a mere eight miles, so with the earth’s crust said to be 800 miles thick, how would they know what lies beneath. Yet again, we have simply repeated this ad nauseum.

The same can be said for oil. We have been told it’s a fossil fuel and great pains were taken to tell us all exactly how and why this was the case. Yet the Earth generates oil as part of its natural cycle and oil is the second most prevalent liquid next to water within the Earth. It’s a regenerative resource.

Those examples demonstrate the willingness to believe such nonsense, just because it came from someone in authority. How could we be so foolish when a logical approach can easily dismiss such fantasy? Perhaps because again, the way that belief system was created.

How many of us have undertaken any steps towards verifying anything we have been taught so we can attest to its accuracy? I would posit, not many.

Why is ancient knowledge at odds with modern day ‘education’? How could there have previously existed advanced civilizations that remain a mystery to this very day? Should we not have advanced in knowledge and not digressed from it? Why, when someone raises a question as to the veracity of another’s statement of ‘fact’, are they then admonished and treated as social, scientific, religious or academic pariahs?

All that go against ‘accepted’ mainstream narratives are marginalised. No one wants to feel like a fool for believing something so strongly that they have argued that position tooth and nail. It’s this dogged determination for self-preservation that ensures a continual animosity against any that would have them depart their comfort zone.

In public you may mock and ridicule me for what I write, but I know it will have resonated with that part of your being that still yearns to know. If some of my words have caused you emotional turmoil, good and you’re welcome!

You see, I think, therefore I am, an outcast.

Kelvyn Alp
Counterspin Media

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