by Mike Bee

Dec 4th 2022


It is December, the time of year when we become aware, whether it is summer or winter in our part of the world, of the approaching festival dedicated to a divine Child, born upon the earth a little over 2,000 years ago.


Whatever one’s beliefs, it is impossible to look honestly at our world today and not see that things have become hardened, corrupted and attacked by evil in countless ways. What hope is there for us? The festival of the Divine Child that left the heavens and came to earth for the benefit of all humanity is a symbol, annually repeated, of the sources of renewal that stream towards us out of the realm of the eternal.


When we are born, we leave a spiritual world of harmony and light and plunge into the earth where all is very different. In an ideal situation, a newly incarnating child is received with love and compassion as he or she slowly becomes at home in their body and in this entirely new realm of the earth. And ideally, too, the parents and those who surround that child have a sense for the divinity that lives in him or her and treat this child with great reverence and respect.


At Christmas our hearts can be particularly open to the divinity that lives in every child, and we can sense the longing, deep within us, for that renewal of life-forces that can come to us out of the realm of childhood and how it is this force that has the potential to save us from the evil that is so embedded amidst us.


But the Biblical story is not all light and devotion. Although the story takes us for a time into a wholly divine realm, around the appearance of this Child evil was never sleeping. The story of the divine birth is followed by one of a tyrannical king, Herod, who, possessed by irrational jealousy and hate, gives orders to kill all male children of a certain age.


Herod stands for the evil that cannot bear the simplicity of the child – he kills it first of all in himself and then he attempts to drive it from the world.


Could it be more than coincidence that two stories are taking place in our world simultaneously? One is of Baby Will who came to earth needing medical help and who, while he is touching the hearts of thousands, has not yet found the help he needs in a hardened and corrupt medical and political system. The other story is of a slow revelation of unimaginable evil directed at children – the case of the Balenciaga fashion empire.


Balenciaga and Will – what do the two narratives have in common? Both are concerned with crimes against children.


Will touches all who come close to him. Here is innocence and trust embodied into a small body with amazingly beautiful blue eyes. Liz Gunn, who has had children of her own and has no intention of becoming sentimental, describes how she is moved almost to tears every time she looks into Will’s eyes.


And yet Will is being treated as heartlessly by the New Zealand medical establishment and those who it seems are giving them their orders as the soldiers of King Herod.


Will’s parents know that the blood of the vaccinated is likely to kill him and ask only that he be given blood of the unvaccinated. They have already screened the blood of twenty suitable volunteers. It has been common practice at the NZ Blood Bank to make blood from chosen sources available – the forms for doing this are still visible in the way-back machine on the internet – but authorities, desperately trying to hold on to the crumbling narrative that there is no lasting damage from the Pfizer vaccine, cannot bear to give any ground to the parents’ wishes.


Every day that Will goes on living without the operation that he needs is a judgement against those who choose not to give him life. Every day that passes in this way is a crime against this child.


The other story, coming from the other hemisphere of the earth, is very different but also concerns children. It started with some advertisements from the fashion house, Balenciaga. Photos advertising their products showed children in strange circumstances holding teddy-bears dressed in bondage costume. Writing on the table was too small to be seen but, when magnified, turned out to be about a legal case in which pedophilia was concerned.


The fashion-house at first blamed the photographer, but it was pointed out that these things are never random and that Balenciaga executives had checked everything in detail. Further research has been done, not just by the “anons” who have, since 2017, been investigating such things and making them known on the internet, but by many conventional news outlets. People who have not been at all aware of the existence of such things before are seeing videos of former Balenciaga modelling sessions that are grotesque in the extreme and have been reading about people who work there such as Lotta Volkova, the Balenciaga stylist, and Rachael Chandler who ran a modelling agency from which Balenciaga drew many of its young models.


Lotta Volkova made a statement in which she assured us that she “condemns the abuse of children in any form”, but all could see the violent, satanic images of children duct-taped to a chair, dead children’s bodies with their entrails ripped open, a child’s room covered in blood and other disgusting imagery made by her. Rachael Chandler, an associate of the monstrous Jeffrey Epstein, has shown galleries of children and teenagers to be used as models in which these children show signs of physical and emotional abuse.


Equally illuminating were the reactions of the Hollywood élite. Usually quick to be indignant at injustice, there was hardly any reaction from our big-name stars. Kim Kardashian, who is deeply involved with Balenciaga and whose children model for them, said nothing for some time and then made a half-hearted attempt to distance herself from events. However, she said nothing about her own children who, it seems, will go on modelling for the company. The actors and actresses were silent, it seems, because they have for years been adherents of the twisted philosophy that Balenciaga demonstrates. Many among the rich and famous are prepared to pay US$1,190 for a cotton T-shirt with the Balenciaga name on it in order to associate themselves with Balenciaga’s carefully constructed image.


Some of us have believed for some time that crimes against children are the deep state’s Achilles heel. To put a stop to the evils being done to children is a motivating force for many who have worked for years to bring awareness to the world of what is taking place. There have been signs of the truth coming to light, but the damage was always restricted to a few individuals and the true scale of what is happening blocked before more than a few convictions can be made. Ghislaine Maxwell, for example, was convicted of child trafficking for the rich and famous, but the names of those using her services – the contents of her infamous “black book” – were not revealed. Some become despondent that the full truth will never be exposed.


With Balenciaga, the truth is being exposed, step by step relentlessly, and those who have never realised such things existed in this manner are having their eyes opened.


And so we have two very different kinds of narratives taking place at the same time, and both involve children and our culture’s deep sins against children. The Balenciaga story will almost certainly lead to more revelations, and it is to be hoped that the conscience of the world will be touched profoundly. Will’s story could lead in a number of different directions, but at the moment, when the judge’s verdict is not yet made and there is the possibility that he be forcibly taken from his parents, many are awakening, through him, to the inhumanity of our system.


When the Podesta emails were released in 2016, littered with the word “pizza” in contexts that did not apply to food, the media ignored the inconvenient fact that pizza was a known pedophile code word. The entire mainstream media lied about Pizzagate, in effect covering up crimes against children.


In a very similar way, as the truth comes out about the damage being done by these fake vaccines that turn out to be neither safe nor effective, we are being asked to move on and not hold any grudges against those who were doing their best but who didn’t have all the necessary information at the time.


In both cases we are being urged to ignore what is before our eyes and move on. “There is nothing to see here!” the mainstream media continually yells at us.


But ordinary people are in the process slowly of realising that there is something to see. In one case the crime involves a genetic therapy, falsely called a vaccine, exploited by people who care more for power and money than they do about human life. In the other the crime is abhorrent exploitation of children. Neither of these crimes can be forgotten. If truth and reconciliation is to take place, then truth must come first.


Whether it is via the tormented, deep-shadowed eyes of a teenage Balenciaga model or through the trusting, blue eyes of Baby Will, we are being touched deeply in our hearts at this moment. Crimes against children, crimes against humanity, have for generations been committed on the earth, but recent times have allowed them to take place on a scale that is unimaginable.


Those who daily commit these crimes still stand in positions of power over us.


This is a great turning of the tides – a true awakening for the peoples of the earth. Each individual awakens in their own way. The children of Balenciaga tug at our conscience and ask us to stop this satanic abuse while the trusting, blue eyes of the little warrior Will can inspire us.


May the Divine Child enter into this diseased earth in a new and powerful way this Christmas!





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