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Since the last third of 2022, I’ve been a part of a small grass-roots group of Kiwis who are pissed off with the criminality of their leaders.

Our group, Rock the Vote, started with the aim of making some kind of impression in local elections and had its focus at first purely on local issues. We had a lot to be pissed off about but were forced by the task before us to turn our minds to positive solutions. None of us were politicians – and that turned out to be our greatest strength! We made it our business to listen and became a group responsive to the wishes of ordinary Kiwis – the pissed off ones especially, and they are a group that is rapidly growing in number!

Ideas are great, but how do you communicate them to others? We had hardly begun thinking about what we wanted to achieve when the time for campaigning was upon us. We made all kinds of mistakes and broke all kinds of rules and were threatened with fines if we didn’t remove illegal signs from illegal places. (Because we are all very law-abiding citizens, we did remove some of the offending signs, although it sometimes took us a rather long time to identify them.)

We were invited to a few meetings along with other candidates but basically had the experience that the opportunities to get our views out to the public were very limited. We therefore took to the streets and did pop-up protest events with signs that we hoped captured the frustration of the pissed-off kiwis we were speaking up for:

Sometimes we were on the receiving end of abuse, but basically the number of toots we got reassured us that we were onto something. In an electorate where some had been organizing for years, we had no expectation of winning seats, but we wanted to stir things up a bit and let the powers-that-be know that, as the famous line says, “We are angry as hell and we’re not going to take it any more!”

When the results came out, we had around 10,000 votes between us, which, while nowhere near the tally of the winners, was a respectable total for our few weeks of local activism.

Local elections over, we were going to disband, but we enjoyed each other’s company too much to do that. We continued to meet and to talk, talk, talk. We made links with those with similar views to ours who had made it to the Council, and we looked for ways to support them. We began rebranding as a group that would watch what was happening in Council and let people know if something took place that we considered to be undemocratic and not of benefit to the people.

Except in a few places, the country had clearly expressed a wish in those local elections to go in the kind of direction for which we were advocates. People had had a guts full of central control – this was the theme we constantly heard. But our politicians in Wellington didn’t hear what we were hearing. I started to call them “criminals” and speak of them as part of an illegal world mafia. Three Waters, Co-Governance, the Therapeutic Products Bill, the Coroners’ Amendment Bill and, of course, everything connected with the illegal mandates – either they weren’t reading the people the way we were or they simply didn’t care! Or – third possibility – power had passed from Parliament and was being exercised from somewhere else…

Politicians are there to do the will of the people. Democracy revolves around the proposition that the people put the politicians in place and can remove them if they are not satisfied with their performance. Some of us had already faced a deep dawning of awareness that these people for whom we had voted were no longer responsive to what was happening among the people they governed, for we had witnessed first hand their total inability to respond to us during the three weeks of the Parliament occupation in February and March, 2022. A Stuff opinion poll showed at that time that one third of the country approved of our actions. We were a minority but a damn big one, and we had come to Parliament as a last resort in having our voices heard. In a democracy isn’t someone meant to listen?

What happened? The politicians from every single party hid behind their propaganda and lies and signed agreements that they would not speak with us. Many of us only wished to get those dreadful mandates that were destroying so many lives removed; most would have gone home if we could have had honest heart-to-heart dialogue that led to that. A short while later the mandates were, of course, removed, but our leaders, aware that they had screwed up badly and on the defensive, could not be seen to be influenced by us.

The callous disrespect we experienced then gave rise to feelings of indignation multiplied all across New Zealand – and from this has come the total disillusionment of a very large chunk of New Zealanders. We look to traditional parties and see nothing there that in any way meets our demands. The Greens push communist-driven ideological issues that ignore the real-life needs of ordinary Kiwis. Labour, in step with ruling parties all over the Western world, pushes the inhuman agenda of wealthy billionaires and the World Economic Forum, and National, clearly in on the deal, sometimes makes a few token objections and then goes back to sleep. The Maori Party pushes a Co-Governance model that would destroy decades of one-man-one-vote democracy in favour of out-dated tribalism. And ACT has forgotten its core values of respect for the individual and manoeuvres itself to do no more than soak up a few disaffected voters from National.

Have I forgotten anyone? Oh, Winston! Well, he makes nice noises now and then, but you just have to look at what he has done in his past deeds to see that he is a machiavellian political operator who can’t be trusted. I wish he would do something to prove me wrong.

So what do we have? Well, as people the world over have been coming to understand, we have ourselves. We have been kept disorganized and apart from each other by clever behavioural manipulation for years, but this old technique is not working now! We the people are waking up – the lions are stirring. New Zealand is a sleepy place, and perhaps we are the last people in the world to stir – but we are waking up here too, and when you hear us roar – you shameful, self-seeking politicians in Wellington who have forgotten that your task is to serve us before feeding yourselves at your trough – you should indeed tremble. We stand for Truth and we have had enough of your spin and your lies! There is a sea-change happening, and we intend to bring proper participatory democracy to this country.

So, back to our little grass-roots movement. … What is Rock the Vote going to do? We are still a party inspired by local issues. We will take on the communist incumbent, Chloe Swarbrick, in our electorate, Auckland Central, and drive her back into the wilderness. But we will also be connecting up with all other parties who think similarly to us all around the country, encouraging all these parties to unite with each other and not dilute our power by the competition of small egos.

In the last election small parties got more than 20% of the vote but no seats in Parliament because they were fragmented. There are powerful moves now to change that. We who think similarly must unite and hold deep conversations with each other. In every electorate where candidates are running against each other though their basic views are similar, agreements need to be hammered out in which some agree to step back for the good of the whole and votes are not split and diluted. And we must see to it that the party votes go to one strong umbrella group whose members work with each other and under whose banner all can stand.

Is there a New Zealand Deep State? We see by the very unresponsiveness of our M.P.’s that other forces are at work in New Zealand to make the decisions that set our future course. Do these forces come from billionaires such as Bill Gates or from giant financial corporations or from the Chinese Communist Party or from the W.H.O. and World Economic Forum? All of these entities together make up the monster against which we fight. What we have in common is of far greater significance than what divides us.

Rock the Vote is just one little grass-roots organization that is taking action. Here in Auckland, we do it our way, just as other Kiwis must find theirs. We are not politicians. But when politicians show that they do not care for the values of democracy – that they are unresponsive to the will of their constituents – then it is the people who must step up. Doing so is not comfortable, and many of us would rather be doing other things, but this is an emergency. We are in grave danger of losing the country we love.

In other parts of New Zealand similar things are happening. Add it all together and you have a movement for transformation that will be unstoppable!

The American Revolution was fought by about 3% of the population of the time. The rest didn’t see the need to change – they were either happy to stay under the rule of Great Britain or they didn’t like things but were afraid to take action themselves. But at great personal expense, the 3% changed things around. Here in New Zealand, we can do what must be done and drive the criminals out of our country without war. We are part of the Great Awakening which is a worldwide movement. Corruption has taken root at every level of government, business and academia. It will not be an easy task to remove it, but we intend to do what is necessary to take our country back.

We look beyond the coming election alone. We look to the real New Zealand where the values of honesty and helping others are fundamental ways of life. We say to the politicians that they need to change to meet the new reality that is coming at them or get out of the way.

Will grass-roots activism destroy the New Zealand Deep State? Not in one election. But we are awake now, and we will not be put back to sleep. We have seen the absolute poverty of what the establishment is offering us – we are awake to their Fifteen Minute Cities and their wish to get us to eat the bugs and give up all personal freedom for the sake of the collective – and we say no. You cannot stop the tide from coming in and, although we know that you will create a lot of trouble for us, the reality is that you have had your day.

Grass roots movements all across New Zealand are giving people the voice they thought they had lost. We will take down the machinery of communist infiltration that is like a sickness in this land and replace it with the real New Zealand that never died in our hearts. We will drive the snakes out of this country and destroy the New Zealand Deep State.


Rock the Vote is based in Ponsonby, Auckland, and can be found at
Our slogan for this election is “Empowering people; saving our country.”
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