Blue pills, red pills, black pills and white pills

How to survive this present interregnum time of craziness

by Mike Bee


Since The Matrix, which first screened in 1999, everyone knows all there is to be known about blue pills and red pills. You take the blue pill if you want to stay asleep to the true reality of what is happening in the world. You take the red pill if you desire to wake from that and confront the Truth. Taking the blue pill means to stay with comforting illusions and go along with the flock of your uncritical fellow-citizens. Taking the red pill is hard and dangerous, but there is something in many of us that demands truth and is prepared to make sacrifices to have it. We act with real courage when we take our first red pill; we take a really big step, and to have done that, we must have activated inside us the faith that we will be able to survive whatever will come on the path towards the endpoint of this present dark tunnel.

But red pills do not get eaten all in one go. A red pill that showed you reality in one hit would kill you, like the youth who lifted the robe of Isis and died from what he saw. After the shock of your first red pill, you must arrange a daily intake so that you slowly get stronger and more able to absorb deeper doses of reality.

On the red-pill-path there are dangers that don’t exist for those content to be lulled to sleep by the comforting illusions of mainstream news, intoxicants or star culture. This greatest of dangers is the black pill. Black pills are what drives a person to a feeling of hopelessness. Things are so bad, what can I do? Nothing! Trump is a Zionist, Q is a psyop, the rich always get away with a slap on the wrist, New Zealand is being sold out to China, and we are all SCREWED! This view of life, whether based on indisputable facts or hardened opinions, is very bad for your physical and psychological health!

The black pill takes away your will-power – your ability to work steadily in a way that will eventually make a difference. A few of them can be overcome, but too many black pills and you won’t ever want to get out of bed.

But could what you see when you are under the spell of the black be true? Maybe we really are screwed, so that the one who denies that fact is the one who is not being honest?

Some people seem to be immune by temperament to being black-pilled. Sometimes they are optimists who always look on the bright side, but an optimist is still somewhat rational and can appreciate that there are difficulties – he just won’t be too bothered by them. But sometimes something more serious is going on, and a person can exhibit behaviours that I call fundamentalist. The pessimist looks at the glass and says it’s half-empty; the optimist looks at the glass and says it’s half-full. The fundamentalist looks at the glass and says, “Goddamnit, it is totally full, there is no empty space there, and if you say there is, I will punch you on your blinking nose!”

Fundamentalists forbid themselves from seeing what they do not want to see. They will not be black-pilled. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Well, a bit of immunity to depression could be a good thing, but it comes at the expense of not being completely truthful. There is a lot of evil in the world, and not to feel some degree of pain over that is a sign that you are not fully human. One who fails to experience the enormity of need in the world is probably lulling himself with some new variety of a blue pill.

This leads me to the view that taking a few black pills can be a good, educational experience as long as the person doing so is not rendered ineffective by them. We look for strong individuals who have tasted in full the bitter fruit of their human journey but have not been crushed by what they have endured.

One who has been red-pilled is open to many hazards that others do not experience. Right now, when we are in this crazy interregnum time of the truth being seen by a few and the majority apparently carrying on blindly, we can be very upset by the illogic that we see around us – by people who just will not get it. In this state, we become impatient for the craziness to end, rather than seeing it as something temporary but necessary that we can learn from. One cure for this is to recognize that if we have already awakened, much of what is happening is not for us. For anything to happen, others must also awaken, and it is only when enough people are awake with the right kind of intensity that the many will find the strength to effectively resist the few and be able to restore order to the world. As an anon who writes under the name of Pepe Lives Matter puts it:

If you are exhausted by daily news consumption, then the reason is because that daily news is not for you. It’s because the sheep need to see it. You are above the fog, the fray, and the chaos.

That means that when crazy situations arise – and they can be even crazier than what we see now, right up to the level of World War Three – they are not really for us. They are happening in order that the majority of our fellow humans may wake as we have awoken and make the great statement that we have already made: “I’m angry as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!” Even if humanity seems to be on the absolute edge of nuclear catastrophe, things will turn out well if sleeping human beings are awakened from it.

Watching carefully all that is happening, while at the same time standing back to some extent so that we are not shattered by what we see, we come to a position of stoicism that at times can be real peace, even though the world is so full of unexpurgated evil. It is here that I think the white pill makes its appearance. The white pill brings peace, even in the midst of the most intense struggle. What is the white pill? I believeyoucan experience this when you come to the understanding that you stand in the midst of a spiritual battle and that there are forces all around you that are stronger than you. You find the strength to endure through recognition of the spiritual help that is constantly available to you. You acquire a conviction – something different from mere wishful thinking – that God is not dead, though the world will constantly proclaim that He is, and that you are in the midst of a universe that does indeed care for you and is compassionate towards your failings.

Somehow, you have come to be in possession of this sense, and it does not matter if others swear that human beings are no more than specks of dust in the unfeeling immensity of space. You know what you know, and it comes from something deeper than the superficial intellectualism of the day that you see everywhere around you.

I don’t know where you can buy a genuine white pill. There are certainly many fake ones on the market – false prophets and snake-oil salesmen shake them out of their pockets every day. Honest prayer or meditation is one way to start moving towards the white pill experience, but everyone must be true to his or her unique path. And turning off the bad news that is constantly bombarding you need not be a mark of escapism. You know the news will be bad, but you simply do not allow that to manipulate you. You have your trust in something higher than what you see, and you know you are being guided towards becoming a better servant of that power.

When one has taken the white pill, things can be bad, but they can never again be hopeless. Humanity is in the precipice, the abyss, and has for company a whole lot of the demons that were cast down there to torment and teach us. Not to be aware of them is a kind of blindness. You know this – and yet you know also that this is a necessary part of the human journey. God wins in the end (whatever form you have of Him) and evil destroys itself through the consequences of its own activity.

You can learn to be grateful for the hardness of this interregnum time. You are far stronger than you ever would have been if you had not met with these situations that the 2020’s are bringing you. You go on taking the odd red pill in moderate amounts (blue pill days are long gone, except perhaps late at night when you need to get to sleep), and when you bite on a black one, you know how to be careful and use your spiritual weaponry to fight against losing yourself in what it seems to be telling you.

Your main experience of life, even if you cannot hold on to it, is of being loved and valued, and through this, you have learned how to love and value others. The white pill shines inside of you and will bring you through the darkest valley into the light.


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