Antifa Auckland, The Modern Day Book-Burning Fascists!

29 October 2022

I was stunned recently by Antifa Auckland openly calling for Auckland Public Libraries to remove Alex Jones’ best selling book,  “The Great Reset”.

In a “mask off” moment, the arrogance of these far-left censors was shown. They truly hate diverse ideas and want their opposition silenced, disposed of down the Orwellian memory-hole. These psuedo-intellectual supremacists, go as far as to say the book should be available for “research purposes” but not for the “general public off the street”, to pick up and read. How dare the proles get hold of such information they aren’t fit to interpret!

Their reasoning is that the book consists of “conspiracy and misinformation”, but never do they attempt to show exactly what is false. This is always the case with any of the Marxist smears, they can never debate our points, never show how xyz “conspiracy” is wrong and in this case they can’t deny The Great Reset is real, factually documented by the World Economic Forum themselves!

So when the far left censors can’t debunk a position, they seek to smear the individual, shoot the messenger and burn their discourse, rather than engage in debate. This is why the modern “anti-fascists” are truly fascists themselves. Intolerant, inarticulate, ignorant and devoid of reason. These reprehensible scum have no place in civil society as they have proven themselves to be unable to be reasoned with. If their book burning continues, if they wish to monopolise the public mind with their cultural Marxist rhetoric in perpetuity, they will ultimately need to be physically removed. 

For our own intelligence agencies reading this, recall the history of our own SAS who from 1955-1966 were physically eliminating communists in the jungles of Malaya, Singapore and Borneo. I put it to you that our own Prime Minister and a few hundred key radical supporters in media and academia, are more of a threat to our safety and way of life, than any of those Marxist guerrillas we killed.

God Defend New Zealand



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