2 September 2022

Rebel News journalist was blocked by our government on purpose yet knowledge of such was denied by Jacinda Ardern.

A leaked email from Interpol Wellington showed that Police intentionally sought dirt on Avi Yemini to stop him entering the country, rather than him being denied for legitimate reasons like anyone else.

Mr Yemini’s mild criminal history did not warrant or qualify for denial of entry into New Zealand under our laws, however Police broke the law as usual to fit their premeditated agenda.

Police emails claimed he was associated with the “far right”, a term thrown around with no meaning. Police are supposed to be politically neutral with no bias, yet clearly this has changed rapidly during the Ardern administration.

These Police are likely not sophisticated enough to understand that the entire political spectrum in the west has shifted leftwards, meaning the Labour Party centre left today are akin to the extreme left of 1980- even Marxists we fought a generation ago could define what a woman is and were less hostile to freedom of speech.

On that subject, real NAZI’s are national socialists, Hitler opposed capitalism, free markets and freedom of speech. Much like Ardern, Hitler on many occasions denounced capitalism and declared himself a socialist.

In no way does a Jewish man who endorses classical liberal western concepts of freedom of speech, association and trade, represent a National Socialist or NAZI. Having national pride and wanting the best for your nation does not make you a fascist either. The merger of the state and corporations, as in the government deal with Pfizer and many others, is a definition of fascism historically.

The Police should be apologising for wrongly labelling and conspiring against a journalist in a supposedly democratic country where freedom of the press is essential to hold our politicians in check. The fact that they show brazen disregard for freedoms the ANZACS fought for, whilst deflecting from their crime by “hunting the mole” within their ranks who leaked the email, proves they are truly enemies of New Zealand.

We have a treasonous, conspiratorial Police force, second only to Jacinda and her cronies who no doubt initiated the call as they did many other actions to thwart the recent Wellington protest. It is this socialist, anti freedom, censorious government who have the motive, means and history of conspiring against the people of this nation. This time we have the receipts to prove it and our lapdog media don’t even see a problem.

We salute the mole within Interpol and all the other good cops with morals who can see what’s going on. Keep up the great work, leave if you have to and join our side. We won’t stop until we can freely debate all these issues and have the truth flesh itself out in the light of day. As long as the government and media try to silence and smear us, they will ensure a divide and increasing anger in this nation. So if they want peace and some form of unity ever again, we suggest they grow the spine to entertain free and open discussion on all the hard issues until all kiwis are satisfied and the lies are no longer mainstream narrative!

– WR


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