Bullets fired near Parliament grounds

Rubber bullets have been fired at protesters, by the thugs masquerading as police nearby Parliament grounds today.

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There is a firebug on Parliament grounds

There has been a small fire burning on Parliament grounds.

Witnesses have claimed that the fire was intentionally started, by the police by upturning a generator or bbq.

It has also been suggested that the cause of the fire was deliberate, and initiated by other parties with sinister intent.

The fire later developed into a sizable blaze, with a large plume of black smoke rising high into the sky.
The MSM were in position to capture all the drama both before and after!

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Dictator Duck

Today the speaker of the house….
watched in glee as the families below including women and children were sprayed upon.
He had directed the groundsman of parliament to turn on the sprinklers.

This did not dampen the spirits of the FREEEDOM loving people on the grounds of their parliament.
They quickly improvised using numerous traffic cones from the streets nearby, to cover the sprinklers and the use of sculptured plastic water bottles into works of art for the ongoing entertainment of the residents of the camp!

The residents on the lawn would like to say Thank You for some free fun that they were not expecting!
Maybe after wasting $500,000 of New Zealnd tax payers money for a children’s slide, he could spring for a few bouncy castles out of his own pocket for the front lawn too?

In his childish tyrade Dictator Duck unknowingly set himself up in violation of the current water restrictions by the Wellington City Council.
A formal complaint drawing the Councils attention to the Duck violation has been filed with the Council.

He just made a Duck er Dick of himself yet again just like the deformation debacle that aunty cindy had to save the lame duck from some time back.

Update 1: 10:15 am Saturday 12th February 2022.
Demonstration of low iQ continues with arrogance and stupidity.
The sprinklers have been running all night now wasting a huge amount of water during a water shortage.
During a Live call made to the Wellington City Council, Counterspin Media was informed that the current water restrictions only apply to the residents of Wellington who pay for the water and not the self important hiding in the wasphive who do not.

Message to Dictator Duck …. it’s not working mate.
You will not dampen the spirit to FREEDOM loving New Zealanders with a bit of water!
The world can see your childish desperation!

Email the Wellington City Council [email protected] with your complaint
Phone: 04 499 4444
Email: [email protected]

Update 2: 10:30 am Saturday 12th February 2022.
The sprinklers have been turned off.
Maybe the wasphive was fast approaching it’s water limit and was worried that the dunnys wouldn’t flush soon?
The dunny use will be an important issue to those inside at the current time.
Will there be a restriction on bathroom tissue soon in Wellington?

We will update this post with any further developments on this story.


Call To Action!

FREEDOM vs Tyranny

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Developments: Parliament in Wellington:

Over the last 3 days:

Thousands of kiwis have lined the roads and bridges throughout New Zealand, cheering and waving their flags as the Convoy 20220 NZ , made it’s way to Wellington , with a message from the people of New Zealand.

Leave our kids the hell alone.

We stand with resolve and will defend our inalienable right to FREEDOM.

We are taking our country back!

We need even more boots on the ground immediately,

to backup the hundreds that are at parliament peacefully holding the line for our children.

Everyone needs to mobilize and get to Wellington now!

Support all the thousands of kiwis who lined the roads and bridges throughout the country, cheering and waving their flags in hope as the Convoy passed them carrying their clear message from New Zealand to the government.

Leave our kids the hell alone. We stand with resolve and will defend our inalienable right to FREEDOM. We are taking our country back!

Call to ACTION now!

Drop what you are doing and get to Wellington now!

Bring resources with you:

      • Media Truck with crew, cameras & support gear

    Please donate to make this happen: https://counterspinmedia.com/donate/

    • Ear plugs & Ear muffs (For you and to share with others)
    • Rubber Mats, Flooring, Carpet etc.
    • Sprigged Boots or Heavy Boots
    • Drone to cover aerial footage
    • Hotel room for Team Zulu to extend their reach of coverage & video editing capability
    • Tents and sleeping gear
    • Food (For you and to share with others)
    • BBQs and cooking equipment
    • Water (And means to collect more when it rains on location if you can)
    • Changes of Clothing (Including wet weather gear)
    • Fuel
    • Generators
    • Megaphones
    • PA systems
    • Air horns for emergency alerts
    • Video cameras
    • Phones
    • Backup power packs
    • Batteries
    • Solar chargers
    • Hand held radios for communication
    • Portable First Aid kits
    • Banners/Signs (With large picture if possible: Colour coded Red for a death and Yellow for an injury to remember a friend or loved one lost after receiving the injection(s).

    Organise ongoing backup teams of people and resources to follow you.

    This is the fight between good and evil, for the future of our beautiful country.

    Lives have been destroyed, businesses ruined, children have been injured and killed.

    Are you going to choose FREEDOM or Tyranny?   Do it for your children, and grandchildren.

    The time is now!

    Winston Churchill, “Never Was So Much Owed By So Many to So Few”

    Call to ACTION now!

    Drop what you are doing and get to Wellington now!

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Convoy 2022 NZ – Day 3

FREEDOM loving New Zealanders have had enough of a tyrannical rogue government hijacking their beautiful country and attempting to destroy their lives and deceptively force serious harm to their children and grandchildren.

While the rogue New Zealand government continues to charge irrationally, hell bent in the opposite direction of many of the wise countries of the world,
Kiwis from all walks of life, are rising up and joining together, as a united front to stop this evil force driven by powerful offshore interests.

As this war plays out, those responsible for causing harm to others, will be held to account, with nowhere to hide. The path of the money that funded this evil deception on a grand scale is already being exposed as the narrative of propaganda pushed by the tax funded Main Stream Media continues to fall apart at an exponential rate.

On Sunday 7th February, the Convoy 2022 NZ started it’s journey from Cape Reinga in the far north on it’s way to Wellington, and from Bluff in the deep south, on it’s way to Picton.
Kiwis turned out in their thousands, along the route and crowding bridges, many with standing room only as they waved their New Zealand flags and cheered the convoy on, in support and encouragement.
The convoy is over 50km in length in two parts now, with estimates of 1,500 ~ 2,000 vehicles.
Generous amounts of Food and Drinks have been donated with pride and enthusiasm by many, doing their part in this crusade together.

The North Island Convoy rested in Palmerston North overnight before continuing on in their journey today.

And the South Island Convoy rested in Picton overnight with some continuing on in their journey today too.

The Convoy will arrive at Parliament in Wellington Tuesday late morning 8th.

LIVE stream coverage and replays of the journey can be viewed from our homepage: https://counterspinmedia.com/

REPLAYS of coverage of the journey can be viewed on our recent live streams page: https://counterspinmedia.com/blog/resources/recent-live-streams/