Who are the White Hats?

And can we see signs of their activity amidst the chaotic events of this world?

by Mike Bee

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White hats – do they exist at all? To start seeing them in action, it is necessary to hold in one’s mind the hypothesis that there is a Plan – something at work greater than the meaningless to-ing and fro-ing of random actions in the events of this world – an actual process occurring in real time whereby those we call the Deep State or the criminal mafia or the advocates of the New World Order (or various other names including black hats) are being uncovered and exposed so that it is looking possible that the world may be able to get rid of them.

Do I mean by this hypothesis a Plan made by God or a plan made by human beings? I mean both, for God in our time does not work alone but through the human agencies who submit their wills to Him. God is subject – voluntarily or by iron necessity that He will not break, it does not matter which – to the law of human freedom. He can only assist where human beings have made a move out of their sovereign core of spiritual activity. This is the power that is emerging into the world in our time, and what is happening is a momentous and unique event in world history because this new world power is what is destined to transform existence – not God alone but God working through those who have chosen to use their power to resist evil.

God works through human beings who are acting out of freedom. The powers that oppose the Divine hate human freedom so much and do all they can to negate it because it is through this power that they most feel the sting of what is opposed to them. They know the prophecy that “God wins in the end,” but they believe they can corrupt human beings so much that God will be left without effective helpers. When they meet with a man or woman who is sovereign, they feel the limits of their power, and this is something they hate. They will lose if human beings can unite in freedom with others in the right degree of intensity and carry out the aims that oppose them. They despise human beings, and have a clear view of all our flaws, so that they act out of a desperate, hate-filled rage against us, scornful of ideals and determined to corrupt anything that has a spark of goodness within it. Yet they are more and more showing themselves to be the losers as The Great Awakening rolls on and more and more human beings start to understand the enormity of what is happening and add their efforts to others taking part in the Plan.

The Plan is something that is in service to the Divine, but we begin to comprehend it not by philosophizing intellectuality about what God may be up to but by observing what is really happening in the world around us. It is hard to see white hats at work in New Zealand. They may be here – or maybe still in the process of awakening – but they do not shine out clearly yet. With 120 MP’s corrupted to allow the work of the cartel to go ahead and with all areas of Kiwi life corrupted and infiltrated and the forces opposing them far from unified, it is hard to see where our white-hats will arise. To become aware of them as a real force of some consequence, we must focus first on America. There, the enemies of humanity are taking a real beating (even if our own mainstream media is trying to keep this concealed), and it is not hard to perceive white hat activity.

There are grounds to believe that the Plan began on an earthly level with some military generals who saw the way things were going at the time of JFK’s assassination and decided to oppose this. Kennedy died sixty years ago, so those who were a creative part of this at the outset have all almost certainly passed away by now. Yet they set something in motion that was picked up by others.

And the Plan is activity in a spiritual war – why should it be necessary that that every active participant in it is physically alive? JFK himself must be seen in some ways as the key figure in the Plan. Cut off prematurely from what he would have done if evil powers had not intervened, JFK and those close to him are leaders who have never stopped being active from the spiritual world. If the first hypothesis we need to make is that there is a Plan, the second is that JFK and those close to him are the pioneer white hats who launched it and are still driving it today.

This is expressed in some words of a prayer that was given to us in 2018:

Rest in peace Mr President, through your wisdom and strength, since your tragic death, Patriots have planned, installed, and by the grace of God, activated, the beam of LIGHT. We will forever remember your sacrifice. May you look down from above and continue to guide us as we ring the bell of FREEDOM and destroy those who wish to sacrifice our children, our way of life, and our world.
We, the PEOPLE.

(Prayer said every single day in the Oval Office)
Q-post 703, 10th February 2018

This statement is no mere reverent pledge of remembrance – those speaking it together ask that JFK will continue to give them guidance in the mission they are carrying out against those who would destroy this world. Their words remind one of a group of soldiers gathering together as their first act of the day to listen to the guidance and inspiration of their commanding officer whose words are broadcast from afar.

These words, of course, came out during the Trump presidency. Vast seas of propaganda have been created to make it difficult for ordinary people to comprehend the phenomenon of Trump. All the right people hate him – that is a clue. But Trump himself is a complex individual, and he may not fit the picture you have of one who would be chosen to carry out important work of the Divine. The first difficulty for New Zealanders in seeing that there is a Plan may well be to get past the obstacles in perceiving how this one human being, Donald J Trump, could be playing such a key role in it.

Trump is playing a role. He is a war president, and all his actions are those of one who is waging a long war and who understands the need in war for deceiving the enemy. He is the “mean tweeter” who draws fire to himself and distracts the enemy away from other places where the war is being more secretly fought. He rages against others who are fighting the same fight and in the same team – people like Bill Barr or Geoff Sessions. When they seem to be fighting each other, and when Trump abuses them, this makes it harder for the opposition to see what is going on. And he is the master of the boomerang. He is constantly charged with all manor of crimes, but great care has been taken that he has no skeletons in his cupboard and every allegation made against him rebounds on those who are actually guilty.

War is built up on deception, and this is a high-stakes war, a gigantic sting operation, fought out in order to show the American people – and ultimately also those in the rest of the world – the true nature of the cartel that staged a coup against the people of the world and almost got away with it. It would be a waste of time for Trump to stand side by side with Robert Kennedy, Jnr. It is much more effective for there to be tension between them. They are both white hats, both working to expose the Deep State, but they work in different ways, reaching different people and appearing on the surface to be at odds with each other.

The first place to look for white hats is in a few who stand close to Trump. His communications expert, the one who used to send off the mean tweets, Dan Scavino, would the immediate prime suspect. General Mike Flynn would be another. Other white hats were former members of his administration – men such as former chief of staff to the secretary of defense, Kash Patel, and one-time temporary Attorney General, Matt Whittaker. Kash, especially, acts as a lightening-rod to single out the “government gangsters” who he believes need to be exposed. He is one I keep my eye on in order to see what could be ahead.

Then, there would also be military men. Trump used to distinguish the real military patriots from what he called the “TV generals” – those who do what the controllers of Joe Biden want of them. Trump, in the official narrative, is not directly in control of government now, and that gives him great freedom to work behind the scenes. He can wait till the Biden administration hangs itself slowly on the rope he has thrown to it, and the people wake up to its true intentions. This is a process happening in other parts of the world also, but it is clearest in the US.

Until a few days ago, I would have said that politicians on various high profile committees such as Chuck Grassley, Matt Gaetz, Jim Comer, Jim Jordan and Andy Biggs are white hats. But they recently let FBI Director Chris Wray lie his way through a day’s hearing without serious challenge. Is this a ploy or are they inept? It is possible that they are following a time-line whereby key black hats remain in power beyond their use-by date to drive frustration in the American public. To avoid violence and civil war, the final take-down of an evil administration has to become something intensely desired by as many as 90% of the population, and the numbers of those pissed off, while rapidly rising, are not at that point yet.

Exposing evil has turned out to be a slow operation, and few of us who were following the process during Trump’s term of office were aware of just how extensive and deeply dug in the powers of darkness were. Truthers who follow the hypothesis of the Plan have learned by hard experience not to make predictions about when things are going to happen. We wanted Hilary to be taken away in an orange jump suit back in 2017 and gave no heed to the fact that Hilary’s people controlled the Department of Justice so that any attempt to take her captive would inevitably result in all charges being dropped. The Deep State has built up its position over decades and will not be removed overnight. But evil is defeated through having light shone upon its secret works, and the Plan is there to shine light into the darkest of places. Slowly, we are seeing the results of this process as the ones who stand in the shadows are unmasked.


Sons of Satan, addicted to inversion,
worship depravity as the opposite of goodness.
They hold up ugliness as preferable to beauty,
and the objects of their love are sterile and degenerate.

Darkness to them is preferable to light.
Falsehood they love
and howl hideously at Truth.

Brick by brick, they’ve created their monstrosity.
Through patient infiltration of what others created
and ruthless annihilation of all that displeases them,
they’ve unleashed their agents into the underworlds of power.

On a day in September they confirmed their power
and proclaimed to the world that this would be their century.
Since that day, it is clear – the criminals are in charge!

But their inverted world, though they endeavor to repair it,
is unravelling at its edges as it tilts towards absurdity.
Just a little while longer … it will topple into the abyss.

(mb, 24/6/23)

One of the hardest arguments to dislodge is that which says there is no one we can rely upon for help. Trump is as corrupt as any other politician, and a few gains made against corruption are merely window-dressing, giving gullible people like me reason to hope something good is happening while the real march of evil in various fields – AI, surveillance technology, gene modification, digital currencies and so much else – goes on relentlessly. Yet this is not really a clash. The point of the Great Awakening is that we are being roused to take action ourselves in our own lives. There is no rider on a white horse who will ride in and save us. The white rider, if he exists, demands the work of liberation be done by those who are personally involved. Kiwis must stand up against the enemy and save New Zealand. If the Deep State goes down in other parts of the world, that will give encouragement to us and lessen the extent of what the New Zealand criminals can do against us, but the fight must nevertheless be carried by New Zealanders. If we do nothing, nothing good will happen and the plans of the criminals will roll out to our detriment. He Puapua, co-governance, three waters, eco-fascism, loss of sovereignty to international organizations – this and much else are coming towards us and will overpower us unless we find the strength to resist them.

We tend to focus on our leaders. This explains the tendency to continue to put hopes on a person like Winston Peters who has proved himself to have no real allegiance to New Zealand despite some good abilities at times to articulate what is happening. Perhaps there are no ready-made white-hats here. But could we look instead to those in process of becoming white-hats? Liz Gunn – her heart is clearly in the right place and she has shown that she is prepared to sacrifice herself for what is best in New Zealand. She is on a path and will become what we who support her empower her to become. Just as it is true that, with the total failure of mainstream media “we are the news now”, so it is also a fact that, with the total failure of conventional politics, we are today the new leaders. And that means all of us who are prepared to stand up against communism and fascism and whose hearts beat for something totally different from the present corrupt system.

Instead of focusing on mighty warriors stepping forward like Superman or Superwoman, we can resist swamp-tendencies in ourselves and fight the battles there that are simultaneously taking place in the world outside of us. “Draining the swamp” is not just happening in Washington DC. It has to happen in council chambers, newsrooms and offices all over New Zealand.

And, even more significantly, because this is a spiritual battle, it has to happen as well as in our own souls where the same enemies of humanity are at work. If enough of us fight the spiritual battle there, those powers that sustain us will be able to speak to those who are more exposed than us in fighting visible outer battles. One result of this could be that the representatives of the freedom and truth movements in this country will not get locked into competing with each other in the next election but will find ways organically to come together.

I opened with the question, “Do White-hats exist?”, and I said that to get a clear answer concerning this it was necessary to look in a certain way at what is happening in the world. Events are not random, and we stand at a time of great significance when Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled and no one can remain ambivalent. Great men and women have great deeds to do, but there are also roles for hobbits who act away from the spotlight of events. Every one of us is a white hat in becoming – a potential white hat who can remember the destiny that brought them to this earth and how they chose freely to fight against evil for the powers of good.

This is The Great Awakening, a slow process to learn what is going on and find our place within it. The numbers who see the enormity of what is at stake are growing. May each one of us feel encouraged to connect with the Divine within us and surpass our own expectations of what is possible with deeds of heroism and strength. Our children’s lives depend on it.


Their operations to destroy and divide
work for a time but eventually come to nought.

Ours, however,
that commence in chaos –
under-resourced and easily overwhelmed –
our feeble attempts to unite and rebuild,
grow from hesitant beginnings
to a fullness of power.

We rise and they fall.
Tell me: Why is this?

Because we are operating
from a foundation of Truth.

(mb, 24/6/23)


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