Weaponised Psychiatry is Still Used Everywhere

by Vince McLeod


Most people consider the mental health system to be part of the wider health system. This isn’t true at all. In reality, the mental health system is part of the criminal justice system. In the same way the political Establishment uses the Police, it also uses psychiatrists to destroy their enemies. Psychiatry in the West today is a weapon used to stifle dissent.

In the Soviet Union, dissidents were destroyed for being mentally ill. Dissidence itself was a crime; anyone who did not slavishly obey the authorities risked being diagnosed with “sluggish schizophrenia“. Anyone who pointed out that the Holodomor was a genocide risked getting locked up in a psychiatric institute, never to be seen again.

Like most crimes committed by authoritarians last century, the same thing is happening in Anglo countries today. As with all other crimes committed by Anglo governments, the mainstream media strenuously denies that it’s happening.

A New Zealand woman named Pamela Taylor is now copping the same treatment from the New Zealand mental health system that freethinkers copped in the Soviet Union. Taylor, like those destroyed by Soviet psychiatry, is a dissenter. She attended the Parliament Lawn protests last year, and is well aware of the criminal nature of our current ruling class.

Earlier this week the Police dragged Taylor away to a psychiatric facility in Dunedin where a Dr Nigel Fanshaw “deemed her to have mental dysfunction”. Apparently the psychiatric assessment was ordered by a Family Court Judge in connection with an ongoing dispute with the father of her children, and was prompted by Taylor’s view on the Coronavirus vaccine and the fact that she attended the Wellington protests last year.

Tayloris no longer being held in psychatric “care”, and an ethical psychiatrist working together with lawyer, Sue Grey, was able to intervene so that the warped judgment of Dr Fanshaw was overruled. However, putting yourself in her place, just imagine the trauma that being taken through such a process does. As honest legal scholars have pointed out for decades now, the process is the punishment. Simply being forced through the mental health system will serve as a lesson not to question the Government again.

Normies don’t realise it, but the mental health system is tougher than the criminal justice system.

If you chop someone’s head off and rape the corpse, and then get arrested, you will have a lawyer with you at every step of the process to make sure your rights aren’t violated. If you can’t afford a lawyer you’re given one for free by the state. This lawyer will ensure that, if your rights are violated, you will get away with whatever you did (or at least get massive compensation).

No such respect is granted to you if you’re under suspicion of having a mental illness.

If you’re under suspicion of having a mental illness, you can be hauled in front of a psychiatrist for a mental health assessment, without any right to protest. You can be put under the Mental Health Act and have your freedom taken off you, without any recourse to a lawyer, without any recourse to appeal, without any rights at all.

The decision whether to put you under the Mental Health Act will usually be made by one psychiatrist only. You will not have a lawyer present to ensure your rights are not violated. If a bad decision is made, you will not be informed of your rights to overturn that decision (you have no such rights anyway). You can then be hauled off and force-medicated.

Psychiatric medication is capable of producing many and varied changes in human behaviour, but one of the most predictable is sedation. These “chemical lobotomies” are ideal ways to smash dissenters. In principle, it doesn’t matter if those so lobotomised are really dissenters or not, as being unable to work is also considered a form of dissent.

All of this horror is justified by the delusion that, because psychiatrists have done nine years of tertiary study, they must be smarter and morally superior to everyone else. In reality, psychiatrists are some of the most depraved and despicable members of our society. Almost all of them are hard-core materialists who believe that spirituality is a mental illness. Having no spiritual sense, they follow the societal herd on all moral questions.

And so, if a psychiatrist puts a patient under the Mental Health Act, that psychiatrist is not obliged to explain their reasoning. It’s assumed that any attempt to explain would be futile owing to the inherent sub-humanity of the patient. No such assumptions of sub-humanity are made about rapists and murderers, who are given full rights to appeal.

People under suspicion of mental illness are lower than rapists and murderers in New Zealand: that’s weaponised psychiatry.

The grim, brutal truth is that the mental health system is twins with the criminal justice system. Its purpose is primarily to destroy the enemies of the Establishment. The mental health system isn’t there to help, it’s there to punish. Dissenters like Pamela Taylor and VJM Publishing are the prime targets of it.

Weaponised psychiatry is used all over the world today to keep the herds of human livestock under control. This is not only true of the Soviet Union and its descendants but also of America and New Zealand, where psychiatrists routinely violate the Human Rights Act with no consequences. All it takes is a person or group arrogant enough to believe that they can decide what other people’s best interests are.


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