Here at CSM, we continue to forge ahead with bringing you a better independent media service despite the blatant attempt to silence us by the NZ Government, mainstream media, police and judicial system.

Following the raid on the premises we are temporarily based on August 25, 2022, restrictions were placed upon us and made direct interaction with you, all but impossible. The seizure of our mobile phones, laptops, hard drives and other devices inhibited our ability to bring you episodes of ‘Counterspin’. However, in true kiwi fighting spirit and a never give up attitude, we are back!

In what is a Frankenstein creation, we have cobbled together various components and fashioned there into an ad hoc set-up, to continue our episodes complete with our usual ‘fact and evidence’ based, no nonsense delivery.



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Finally, we are excited to be back broadcasting, with a round table discussion of funeral directors and embalmers from NZ and across the world. What they are finding is shocking and a damning indictment on the ‘jab rollout’, continuously touted as “safe and effective”, when all evidence to the contrary exists.

John O’Looney and Richard Hirshman will be familiar to many of you and now, Brenton Faithfull joins this tiny group of brave men speaking out about what they see on their tables.

View Episode 74 here:
Funeral Directors & Embalmers Unite to Expose A Day in the Death of Life


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