“You the people have the power – you just forgot how to play.”


by Mike Bee


I can remember the unique feeling of the moment when lockdowns began, 11.59pm, March 25th, 2020. Looking out over the empty streets and feeling acutely the knowledge that what was happening had nothing at all to do with health but that New Zealand was being subjected to a psychological operation that would lead … we knew not where!

I wonder how many others had a similar awareness at that moment? Probably our numbers were not so small. And I wonder if all of those who knew at that moment what was really happening felt, like me, an acute sense of aloneness. The psychological operation that was taking place had many aspects to it, but one of the most important of these was to oppress those who were being subjected to it with a sense of isolation and a feeling that resistance to the great tide of events about to sweep over them was futile.

Since then, many more people have woken up to the reality – physical, psychological and spiritual – of what has been happening to our beautiful land. It is one of the laws of our existence that the more evil powers work, the more the good will be roused to become greater than it had been before. “I am a part of that power which wills evil, but which always does good,” says Mephistopheles when Faust tries to get a grip on the nature of the strange spirit who has entered into his life. The more evil powers work to oppress and torment our humanity, the more we can be stirred, awakened and roused to do deeds that would have been impossible before.

And so, since late March, 2020, New Zealanders have been going through an awakening journey. Those who see clearly what is going on are still a minority, but they are growing. And those who don’t see things clearly yet but who are enormously unsettled at the actions they have witnessed coming from their government and in the world at large are growing ever more.

Kiwis trusted their government once – trusted them so much that they believed that shutting down a vibrant economy was a good thing to do – trusted them so much that they were prepared to take an untested experimental substance, falsely called a vaccine, produced by the most dishonest company that has ever existed on this earth, to combat an illness that was affecting no more people than were afflicted regularly from the winter flu.

Many still do trust their government – but not so many as in early 2020. We are being shaken hard, and some awaken from the shaking while some sink deeper into the abyss of dependency on the state and the inability to think critically for themselves – that very common illness of soul that can be termed cognitive dissonance.

As all this has been happening, the powers who want full totalitarian control in this country have been watching. They make calculations. They determine at every moment how hard they should push. They withdraw a little when human beings become angry in ways that might bring them together; they advance with new incursions and restrictions on our human rights when they think we have been lulled and distracted enough to accept them. They know where they are wanting to lead the nation. Climate lockdowns and fifteen-minute cities have been a part of their planning all along. And their great yearning is to keep we the people afraid and isolated.

Some time ago there appeared in the US an anonymous individual (or group) with top military clearance who spoke in regular posts to those trying to make sense of what was happening, pointing out to them what they needed to understand in order to become effective agents of positive change. Politicians and mainstream media hated this new voice, and much rhetoric was spewed about how bad it was and how it could lead people who fell for it into madness, murdering their grandmother or domestic terrorism. The media called it QAnon and did all they could to cement feelings of distrust against it. They made sure not to look too closely at what was actually being said. What that man or woman or group, known more correctly simply as Q, really said can be left for another article, but I would like to examine just one single post. It is about the need to find unity among the people:


You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER.
You, the PEOPLE, just forgot how to PLAY.
APART you are weak.
This is more important than you can imagine.

Q-post 563, 20th January, 2018


In the world as a whole and in our country, unity is desperately needed. Those who oppress us are masters of creating conflict. The Cultural Marxism that New Zealand has been subjected to – perhaps more completely than any other western democracy, so that today a whole generation is at risk of taking an invented narrative for reality – specialises in splitting people up through emphasis on the differences between groups. People, defined by external characteristics such as race, religion or gender, are encouraged to see the cause of all their problems in the actions of another group and to feel victimised by that group.

It takes critical thinking to look more deeply into society and into oneself and see the propaganda that is aimed at turning people against each other. The occupation of Parliament was a liberating experience for so many last year because of the way all creeds and colours were there together fighting the good fight. We were not divided into Maori versus Pakeha, vaxxed versus unvaxxed, man versus woman – we were all New Zealanders, united in the task of awakening the conscience of our nation and building a new country that is beyond binary obfuscation.

The Spirit of the Occupation was able to exist on this earth for just three weeks before the violence of the state overwhelmed it and it was forcibly put down. Before it was destroyed, Camp Freedom had overcome many of the practical problems placed in its path and could have stood for an extended period of time within the conventional city of Wellington that surrounded it as a model of the new culture that New Zealanders are creating. Powers who opposed this could never have allowed this to happen.

But was it really destroyed? Outwardly, yes, but all who experienced it know that this short sojourn on the earth was a foreshadowing of something that is still to come. In Hawke’s Bay at this moment it seems to be living again in another form as ordinary kiwis pitch in to help those in need after Cyclone Gabrielle. Who knows what other forms it may take?

Those who control our banking and political systems – the earthly representatives of what Jesus called “the Prince of this World” – wish to hold onto their power at all costs and will do everything they can to prevent the awakening of the new New Zealand. In meeting their obstruction against us, we will find the power to grow stronger and more able to create the new society. They will be trying to thwart us, but truth cannot be hidden and spiritual evolution cannot be stopped, and they will only succeed in doing what Mephistopheles did when he strengthened the good by working with all his strength against it.

We are so much greater than we know. But we are also damaged and unable to see the new New Zealand at this point. Many of us need to understand how we have become so shrunken and small through years of being participants in a fake consumer society. We need to look critically at ourselves as well as at the nature of the society around us. If we do this, we will see how we have been duped over the years to give away so much of ourselves to powers that only cultivate and support our lower egos. To become ourselves in the true sense we have to face and overcome evil. And to grow to something greater than ourselves we have to fight against the false ego that has been nurtured in us and find ourselves through finding true community with others.

For we have all been damaged to some extent by the material prosperity and cultural wilderness that surrounds us. New Zealanders are “like a snail upon his cabbage leaf,” wrote Jim Henderson in his powerful autobiographical book of World War Two.

Oh, I think, curse and damn it, that this fraternal spirit should rise only out of adversity. Why, oh why, dear God, must it be lost in the fat and selfish life of the civilian, content as the snail upon his cabbage leaf? If only it could be retained and carried back like a precious treasure to New Zealand …

Compared to life back home, Jim experienced a far truer community of fellow kiwis during his imprisonment in an Italian P.O.W. camp. These kiwi soldiers, who had been prepared to give up everything by fighting in a conflict against those who wanted world-totalitarianism, had a foretaste in captivity of what we have yet to create. But more and more of us are realising that we cannot wait for anyone else to do it for us – the new world that we feel in our hearts to be possible will only arise through our activity together. We must stand up to the monster of inhuman state power and corruption and create, ourselves, the new community. This is The Great Awakening – not an event of perception only but one of love in action, carried out together with others.

Those responding to the need of others in Hawke’s Bay seem to be in the vanguard of what is being created as New Zealand advances towards its approaching destiny. We have a task, a special quality that we must carry in the community of nations. It seems to me that this is tied up with our position of being the first country to see the dawn. Aotearoa, I once heard a Maori elder say, can be translated as “the long, bright day” or “the bright and brilliant dawn.”

If we can connect with each other, resisting those who would sow discord amongst us, we can become who the powers above wish us to become. We can take back our power and create with it a human culture that is a worthy counterpart of the great natural beauty of this land.


Army of light

They labour to drain the swamp, and, as the swamp is drained,
evil is exposed, so that the world we love
grows darker and more hostile than we’ve ever known before.

Out of the darkness of the swamp comes modified, manipulated rain.
It falls, and waves of destruction roll down from the hills.
When water withdraws, the solid ground
has been debased into a sea of mud.

Now you, who know out of an inborn wisdom that this must not be,
have formed into an army.
And you drain the unending mud and silt and sludge.

Working together,
summoning hearts-fire and the will to make things good,
you fight against the evil creatures of the swamp.

You army of light, you bring the light back to this country that we love!
You blast the evil that has ruled this land for far too long.
You let the land shine, for you carry all its hopes.
You are the children of our bright and brilliant dawn!

MB, 6/3/23, Freemans Bay


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