1 October 2022

It is “no good looking at the world from a vanilla lens” says Deputy Labour leader Kelvin Davis.

This from a white maori prone to wearing the suit easily associated with the term “vanilla lens” as he so rudely attempts to derogate Maori Act MP Karen Chhour.

An odd thing to say from a man who’s mother is pakeha, christian and recorded as having said “We’re all part of a global community. We should stop thinking of ourselves as belonging to any particular ethnicity or group, we’re all part of the world, we all have to live together.”

Kelvin Davis is the very bi product of a vanilla flavour. He in fact personifies a maori entrenched within the pakeha world. The paradox here however, is that Davis is of a particular brand of maori, he is of the abhorrent kind for he reaps the benefits of the pakeha world whilst he virtue signals his disdain for it, in the same breath attempting to suppress the people he claims to fight for.

You can be maori, sure, so long as you behave and tautoko all that his ilk project. If you’re maori and you do not share the beliefs of his specific brand of maoridom, be prepared for shots fired, in your direction.

Maori must come into their own! Maori must claim their rightful place!

However, not outside the box corporate maori seek to keep you enslaved within, but you may partake in the aiding of a corporation that has a history of degradation of its people. A corporation that sought to mask our people and lock them into regions manned by the “vanilla lens”. A corporation that mandated a product created by the “vanilla lens” Davis so hypocritically attempted to use against a maori woman who dared to challenge him.

Earlier this week British Labour MP Rupa Huqs made the comment “superficially, he is a black man” referring to UK chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng and one cannot help but think how appropriate such a comment would be regarding the likes of Kelvin Davis and Willie Jackson who once described David Seymour as “a useless maori”.

Davis has apologised stating “i didn’t choose my words properly and have since apologised.” However, the damage is done and Karen Cchour has had her confidence shaken and not by the pakeha as the so called “experts” would have you believe but by the superficial maori man.


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