The U.S. Elections And Us

By Mike Bee

16 November 2022

Congratulations to the Senate democrats for suddenly pulling ahead and winning surprise victories by the perfect margins, four days after the polls close in the dead of night, only in states with mail-in voting, for the second time in a row.

We’d never seen anything like it in 244 years.

This rather convoluted sentence by someone calling herself The Redheaded libertarian, sums up many observers feelings about the validity of this latest victory of the Democrat Party in the United States Midterm Elections.

I was at a meeting in the Plaza Hotel on Sunday afternoon, with a BBC news screen beaming silently the news in the background, when the headline showed that the Democrats had won a Senate seat in the state of Nevada that gave them a majority in the U.S. Senate.

For almost a week, counting has been on-going in certain states for seats in the House and Senate and for positions such as governor. Predictions of a “red wave” or even a “red tsunami” failed to materialise, and the question became could the Republican Party take a majority in the House and Senate or would the Democrats hold on to their majorities in both?

To many of us, this was not the real question being asked. We had watched the 2020 elections where postal ballots were used extensively for the first time (on the pretext of people being unable to vote in person because of covid) and knew the cheating that happened then would be repeated.

Those who cheated in 2020 seemed to have got away with it – would history repeat itself or would cheating be revealed to the world? Sensing the significance of what was taking place, journalists had descended on Nevada and Arizona, and the eyes of the world were upon what was taking place there.

Whereas a state such as Florida had its result in a few hours, the world was shown how there was an incredibly slow rate of counting in counties in other states, especially in the problematic Maricopa county, Arizona, which seemed to have become the nexus of all election duplicity. Various anomalies there, such as problems with the voting machines, were clearly visible. Impossible events had taken place in 2020 also, and yet there had been no accountability. Was this about to happen for a second time?

Mainstream media, which almost universally promotes the view that U.S. elections are free and fair, has immediately welcomed the result of the Nevada count, but the opposing candidate has not accepted the count and, with so much attention on events, can anyone be certain that victory to the Democrat will really be the final result?

It is noteworthy that a similar series of events is taking place in Brazil. There is a favoured candidate, the socialist, Inacio Lula da Silva, and there is an incumbent, Jair Messias Bolsonaro, who is castigated on all sides by the world media. Supposedly in this election Da Silva won, but Bolsonaro has never conceded, and the military is conducting an audit of what took place. The media pretends this is not happening and fails to show the enormous crowds of hundreds of thousands of Brazilians that have flocked to the headquarters of the military to demand they intervene. Mainstream media has even manufactured a narrative that the military announced that no cheating was uncovered, however the military itself released a statement that their investigations to date have not been able to disprove the possibility that there was cheating.

In Brazil, there is not yet a resolution of this interesting state of affairs. The overseas press has chosen its winner. Will the military make an announcement that they have discovered the election to be fraudulent? For the moment we must wait and see.

Whatever happens in Brazil could well be a foreshadowing of what is ahead in America. For the moment, the Nevada candidate for Senate has won, but this is not likely to mark the end of the story. All sorts of avenues are possible to expose the fraudulent vote-counting, if indeed it happened. Right now, we wait, but those who want to see corruption exposed have many possibilities ahead to give them hope.

We have become accustomed to evil being rewarded and good punished. Many are totally jaded about any kind of consequence happening where powerful people with deep pockets are concerned. I would like to suggest to these people that the U.S. Midterm Elections will be the event where they will see this all change.

If fraud is proven in one single state, that will act as a mechanism to bring greater scrutiny to other state elections. If Republicans take either the House (which looks probable, barring even more audacious cheating) or the Senate, committees will be established to shine light into many shadowy events that have taken place. For instance, Senators Rand Paul and Ron Johnson have their sights set on establishing what happened during the covid crisis, and Senator Paul has singled out that he wants to cross-examine under oath Anthony Fauci, the one who became the public spokesman, more than any other individual, of the pharmaceutical interests that have been driving the covid narrative.

We in New Zealand may think that such things far away which we cannot influence have no bearing on our lives. However, I believe that the US is showing to us how truth, which has been building up at the gates of mass public awareness, is about to break through the resistance that has been holding it back. When this happens – when the mainstream media is forced to report on the fraud that they have been endeavoring to conceal over years – this will unleash a flood of truth in all other countries.

In New Zealand we have many scandals that are close to being revealed – stories, from the sanctity of our Prime Minister to the Christchurch Mosque attacks, where a government narrative has been rigorously defended but may be losing its grip on the public mind. What effect will a flood of truth in other lands produce in our homeland?

It is too early to say, but my advice is to watch what is happening in Brazil and the U.S. This may well be a foreshadowing of incredible events about to take place in our own country.

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