by Vince McLeod.

The Western ruling class has invented a term – stochastic terrorism – as part of their ongoing effort to silence all dissenters. The term has been invented specifically to shut down challenges to that ruling class. Mainstream media has even defined stochastic terrorism as “when Trump or his allies encourage violence”. But this, like most things the ruling class say, is a monstrous lie.

The term is used whenever a terrorist attack occurs, to link the attack to anyone the ruling class doesn’t like. So when Christian supremacist Brenton Tarrant shot up a mosque in Christchurch, anyone who had ever spoken out against mass Muslim immigration became a stochastic terrorist.

The Western ruling class uses the term so broadly that it even covers “misinformation” and “conspiracies”. Because the ruling class is our “sole source of truth” (as per Jacinda Ardern), misinformation is defined as anything the ruling class doesn’t agree with. A conspiracy theorist is defined as anyone who suspects their government of lying about anything.

In reality, the Western ruling class are the stochastic terrorists, and they commit acts of stochastic terrorism every single day.

The most notable recent example of this was the live television broadcast of the shooting of a Donald Trump doll on the Breakfast show in New Zealand. The presenters of the show took it in turns to shoot the doll with a plastic shotgun that fires salt, a device invented to shoot flies.

The entire point of this display was to normalise violence against Donald Trump, and by extension nationalists, who are the only real enemies of the Western Establishment. Our rulers would love nothing more than for someone to murder Donald Trump. Hence, by process of “monkey see, monkey do”, they plant thoughts of killing him in people’s minds with stunts like the Breakfast show shooting.

If I had recorded a video of myself shooting a Jacinda Ardern doll, or a Joe Biden one, or a Muslim one, I would have had the Police at my doorstep by the end of the day, and I would probably appear in the global news. Probably I would face terrorism charges, and at the very least I would be arrested and interrogated. But, in the same way that Kathy Griffin faced no consequences for her Trump beheading stunt, none of the Breakfast show hosts will be so much as inconvenienced by a Police officer.

Why? Because stochastic terrorism is only a bad thing when ordinary people can be accused of doing it against their oppressors. Like all other human rights abuses, it’s considered legitimate when the rulers to do it against the people.

The blueprint for the Western Establishment’s use of stochastic terrorism to take out their political enemies is the murder of Pim Fortuyn in 2002.

The Dutchman Fortuyn sent shockwaves through European politics by standing up for his own people in the face of international banking and finance pressure to open borders. He enraged the globalists by declaring that the Netherlands was “full”, and did not need any more Third Worlders. In particular, he derided Islam as a “backwards culture” and promoted closing the border to further Muslim immigration.

His most provocative move was to found a political party called the Pim Fortuyn List and run for power in the 2002 Dutch General Election. He was pilloried for this in the European media, and labelled a “far-right extremist” despite being a homosexual who campaigned for gay rights in the face of Abrahamic oppression. Those media stirred up an atmosphere of hate against Fortuyn like nothing ever seen outside of wartime.

However, reflecting the massive latent support for nationalism and anti-globalism among Western peoples, Fortuyn’s Livable Rotterdam party (the local equivalent of the Pim Fortuyn List) became the largest party in Rotterdam, Fortuyn’s home town, during the municipal elections that preceded the national one. Shortly afterwards, Fortuyn had a pie thrown at him, leading him to accuse the Dutch political establishment of fomenting violence.

Panicked at the possibility of losing power to nationalists, the globalist ruling class convinced one of their minions, a left-wing extremist named Volkert van der Graaf, to shoot Fortuyn dead on the 6th of May 2002. This murder led to the collapse of the Pim Fortuyn List, and, with it, any hopes that the Dutch had of resisting the globalist onslaught.

The murder of Pim Fortuyn is as clear-cut an example of stochastic terrorism as it’s possible to give, coming as it did after months of hysterical fearmongering. But the media never mentions the Fortuyn case when bleating about it. Like racism, stochastic terrorism is a crime that only the enemies of the Establishment can commit. When they do it, it’s fine.

The real terrorists are the mainstream media and the international banking and finance interests who own them. These people will lie about absolutely anything in order to keep the rest of us in fear and submissive. Any nationalist who stands up for their own people will be targeted with the real stochastic terrorism: the relentless campaign to demonise anyone not following the globalist agenda.



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