The Problem Of Sub-Global Identities

by Vince McLeod


The grand political battlefield of the 21st Century so far is identity. Who am I? Who are we? Such questions used to have obvious answers, but 60-70 years after the first waves of cheap labour imports swept into Western countries, it’s no longer clear. The greatest difficulty comes from the fact that confusion around these issues is deliberately generated by nefarious actors.

Answering the question of Who am I? or Who are we? is hard enough when it’s being asked without interference. The world is a marvellously complex kaleidoscope of human expressions at the simplest of times. But when globalists deliberately muddy the waters in order to promote their own interests, it starts to get tricky.

Globalists have always known one thing: in order to maximise globalist consciousness, all identities relating to groups smaller than the globe have to be destroyed. This is true for every level of organisation from the race down through the nation to the community and the family. These sub-global identities, as competitors to globalist identity, have to be smashed.

When you’re trying to create a One World Government, you need people loyal to the concept of globalism above all else. These people need to be conditioned to think of themselves as humanity first and foremost. They must not be allowed to think of themselves as anything sub-global. All sub-global identities weaken loyalty to the One World Government.

The simplest way to ensure this loyalty is to condition them, through indoctrination at school and propaganda through the television, that all sub-global identities are for low-status people. This is done eagerly by the Marxists in the teachers’ corps, who tell their pupils that nationalism caused the world wars and that racism is the single biggest issue facing the West.

Hollywood assists with a parade of caricatures: moronic rednecks, vampiric Nazis, small-town lowlives, bickering married couples. Each one helps create the impression that only through hate could a person have a sub-global identity, and that those with globalist consciousness always win in the end.

It isn’t just communists on the authoritarian left who wish to destroy all sub-global identities.

Capitalists also seek such destruction, and also encourage globalist consciousness. This they do not for ideological reasons (as the communists), but out of a drive to maximise profit potential – it’s well known that anyone who derives joy and meaning from their family or nation will consume less than an atomised individual.

The common refrain from the corporate media is that families just make your life worse. Extended families, like races and nations, are for rednecks only. The compleat 21st Century person lives as an individual, only to consume. Identity comes not from family, nation or race, but from consumption choice. Thus, it’s not anything important, just a mask that one can put on and take off as needed.

Nations make your life worse as well – they just drag you into wars. Corporate media denies that nations offer individuals a sense of belonging, meaning, culture, history and structure. The impression we’re given is that nations are merely a vehicle by which the ruling class can call you up to die in some overseas adventure. In other words, national ties are burdensome and should be discarded.

Aside from destroying sub-global consciousness, the world’s ruling class also promotes global consciousness.

Brand consciousness is one of the most obvious ways they do this. The forced “Holden vs. Ford” meme is a favourite corporate trick to raise brand awareness and, by necessity therefore, to lower racial, national or familial awareness. Coke vs. Pepsi, Sega vs. Nintendo, McDonald’s vs. KFC are all presented to us as globalist alternatives to sub-global identities.

Franchise sport is one of the subtler ways they do this. Instead of supporting representative teams, which represent real-world phenomena such as provinces and nations, people are induced to support franchise clubs which have no connection to the locale in which they play. Arsenal fans will still support Arsenal even when none of their players are English. They might as well support McDonald’s.

On top of these moves comes the ever-present kumbaya mentality of blank slatism, which claims that all human populations are exactly the same and interchangeable. Because all humans are exactly the same, according to this mindset, there’s no point in thinking about sub-global identities. Racial or national identities have no meaning.

The solution to these globalist aggressions is whole-hearted embrace of sub-global identities, without the out-group antipathy stereotypical of such actions.

Embrace identifying with your nation, your race, your province, your city or town. Laugh in the faces of those who call you a bigot for this. Refuse to go along with the mindless supremacism of trashy people who happen to share an identity with you.

Go even further than this. Act as the solar energy that returns your race, your nation, your province to the embrace of the divine. Shine above those who would call you immoral for rejecting globalist narratives. Never forget that you are free to decide your own identity.


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