The Moment of Truth

The cost of keeping the lie alive eventually becomes too high and it collapses.

Written by Martin Geddes


Martin Geddes from England has an exceptional talent for being able to sum up in words what many of us are feeling. Here, in this guest post, he describes an England with which Kiwis can identify – its superstructure collapsing slowly from the inside and its levels of deceit becoming greater and more obvious day by day.

Yet this decaying world is the place where truth warriors, whom he calls “accountability engineers”, have gone through their necessary apprenticeship and have become in the struggle greater than they ever would have been without it. They are now able to play a role in the final act that seems to be tantalizingly close to us right now. It is coming – the hammer is ready to fall, the criminals to be held to account, and we the people will be empowered to create the world that we can all feel as potential in our hearts. (Editor)


It is all going to come out into the light, and the world is going to be shocked, even those who are aware of what has been going on. Today (June 24th) is the anniversary of the establishment of the Freemasons in London in 1717. It is also St John’s Day. Plus it is June 11th in the Julian calendar, which is an 11/6 (European style) or 9/11 (US style) reversed. Let’s see what happens over the next few days and weeks. The Russians seem to know something big is coming, and troops are in place across America. This promises to be a summer like no other in our lives.

Everything is connected, and citizen sleuths have been uncovering crimes and joining the dots between them for years. This only tells us what those in military intelligence have known for decades. We have been under the thumb of a transnational mafia, with communist and post-humanist goals. It is exactly as JFK described: “…a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence — on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.”

That these things are connected does matter. You cannot expose all the 2020 election fraud (and all the other elections) without also revealing how the Covid hoax was used to manipulate mail-in balloting. You cannot expose the ballot fraud without also unmasking the genocidal jabs (and test swabs, and everything else used to poison us). You cannot expose Big Pharma without also exposing Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Everything. The whole military, industrial, entertainment, academia, finance complex then has to unravel. The world that emerges from the rubble looks nothing like the one that stands this morning.

Over the past five (and more) years the Devil has tried to wear us out, and that hasn’t worked. Those of us who are “awake” have lost none of our zeal, and indeed are now hardened and experienced warriors for the cause. This is a literal fight to the death with an evil that can only be totally vanquished and eliminated. We patriots intend to protect ourselves, our families, and our homelands. Thankfully the professional military are doing the heavy lifting, and the job of us as calm civilians is to prevent civil war and limit the fallout from the inevitable upheaval. Keyboard warriors spread truth, and by their selfless action they deny lies the room to harm us and others.

The moment that the 2020 election result is overturned, the mass arrests (which have been ongoing) are announced, and the Covid genocide is revealed will be a turning point for humanity. The enemy at that point has to switch from a covert war to an overt one, and attempt to take us down: the Devil has to try to take us out. Cyber attacks, power blackouts, communications failures, supply chain disruption, and financial crashes are almost certain. The term “civilisation experience” keeps cropping up, so set your expectations accordingly. A near-brush with WW3 seems on the cards, if only as a staged movie to wake up the sleeping masses and trap the treacherous. This is not going to be easy, but there is clearly containment and mitigation in place.

For those in shock at a “rude awakening” reading this, there are a few messages for you. The first is that we were enslaved long before any of us was born, our history has been largely erased and replaced by lies, and all of us have been subjected to intense lifelong indoctrination. The world is not as you were told, and we have been at war all of our lives, even when we thought we were at peace. None of this is your fault, and that others rejected the programming faster than you does not make them a better person. We each have our own journey, and nobody else has been called to walk in your shoes. Your primary job from this point forward is to heal yourself, despite the immediate rage at betrayal and grief over lost idols.

The second is that others of us have been deliberately prepared and training — through the Q operations as well as other means — to be there for you in this hour of need. We have been forced to do our own inner work as the darkness of the world was exposed. We have “held the line” for years, despite ridicule, ostracism, and persecution. We are not the people you knew a few years ago, and have grown immeasurably in ways that you may not yet appreciate. Our job is to stabilise society through this radical change, provide comfort to those in distress, and be pioneers for an unrecognisably better world. It has been a brutal experience, but what doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger, and you can trust us when all other trust is lost.

The third point is that you will be wondering where you (and so many of those you counted as smart and informed peers) went wrong. This is a spiritual war, and ultimately you were worshipping the wrong thing. You put temporal authority on a pedestal, trusted corrupted institutions, and bought into narratives of fear and control. Your desire to be right and approved by your friends and colleagues was greater than your drive to be righteous. If you want to end the pain, you need to reconcile with an external reality, repent your pride, and seek a higher power than the state. There is no other way, but the price of forgiveness of sin is pre-paid and no sacrifice of animals or children is needed.

The moment of truth has to come; it is inevitable. It spells the end of our current political system, as nobody will trust a politician again. It is the demise of our tax system, as sane people don’t fund their own murder and enslavement. It is the collapse of our financial system, as repaying government debt depends on that income. It is the terminus for our corrupted legal system, which has imported the laws of the sea and the dead onto the land of the living. It is an inferno of the false prophets of religious spirits, who told you to comply with the masking and mutilation of children. It is an apocalypse of the truest kind: a revealing of all that was disgusting and in the dark.

It is a cliché to say that this is all about the children, and undoubtedly we will be confronted with the hideous nature of sacrifice, rape, torture, harvesting, and drug production from our young ones. Yet there is a facet of this that is overlooked. We all have an inner child, who carries our wounds from earlier in life. This vulnerable part of us needs holding and healing, and is a universal experience. We must collectively face this Great Awakening not only for the victims of the past, and the unborn of the future, but also for ourselves. It is a chance to collectively stop, draw breath, and recognise the trauma we have all been put through. A financial, political, or technological reset is minor in comparison to a relational, cultural, and spiritual one.

In order for us all to be free, we need to escape from the reactive behaviours of our injured inner child. My sense is that even what we call narcissism, a key source of unkind acts, is misleadingly termed. All the syndromes and disorders are reactions to trauma and disconnection from love, causing us to split and fragment in order to function and protect ourselves. Once we recognise that we have all been subjected to nonstop Satanic abuse, to at least some degree, then we can have a shift in consciousness towards healing and health. The paradox is that we can only recover if we first fully immerse ourselves in the pain of our problem. There are many ways of deprogramming and reprogramming ourselves to get through this collective dark night of the soul.

I have observed a useful reframing for those who are just awakening. Even my parents have admitted that they sometimes discuss “Martin was right”, but I have counselled them to see it a bit differently. What this is really about is “that’s how the world really is” — and what Martin or anyone else thinks is irrelevant. To seek truth and morality is to accept the divine, and transcends our personal rivalries or personality problems. The act of reclaiming our independent thought and ability to discern reality from narrative (and thus morality from ideology) is what counts. “I told you so” may be true, but is irrelevant, beyond establishing a history of credibility that should be heeded in future.

The “conspiracy theorists” have mutated into “accountability engineers”, and are now busy at work at a local and national level filing affidavits, voting out woke school board members, and launching law suits against those who broke our trust. The Devil may have persuaded you that he doesn’t exist, and caught you in a trap, but there is always the opportunity to repent and join in. All of us are imperfect in some way, and the paradox is to accept your infinite worth, while also integrating your fallen nature. To “awaken” is to reject demonic schemes that rent back to you that which was yours in the first place, while also accepting the grace on offer for the chance to atone your own devilish moments.

The moment of truth about the external world is necessarily a moment of realisation that you have been deceived, which makes you a fallible human after all. You might even be a clever and respected world expert in probability, with books to your name on the subject, and believe you have too many street smarts to be played. Unfortunately, the subject that matters is not “tail risk” but “asshole risk”. Those who will suffer the greatest fall were prideful and conceited, believing no “conspiracy” could be of a scale, subtlety, or depravity beyond their own imagination. The moment of truth is as much about who we each are as vulnerable individuals, as it is about the wider and wicked world.

Sometimes that truth is ugly. But it is the truth. And its time has come.


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