by Thomas S

The vaccination fatality data which was recently leaked by the Ministry of Health whistleblower has already been recognised worldwide as one of the most significant data sets yet. As solid, government-sourced information, this evidence could potentially be used for criminal prosecution against those who have inflicted the vaccination genocide upon us.

As a consequence of his bravery and having declined the offer of a safe house in New Zealand or abroad, the Ministry of Health whistleblower was arrested, hauled before the courts and is now facing the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence.

While bail has been granted to the whistleblower, the Ministry of Health have also been granted an injunction to have the leaked information removed from websites overseas. And in the interim, independent journalist and former political candidate Liz Gunn, who helped publicise the information, has gone into hiding.

This swift and heavy-handed response alone speaks volumes about the culpability of those in positions of power who are now threatened by this data leak. Such is the state of corruption and criminality in our nation’s government today.

This whistleblower is significant, given that he was directly involved in building the vaccination payment system for the Ministry of Health and as such, was privy to information that others were not. The ‘principle of least privilege’ dictates that high-risk undertakings limit the information that staff have access to, to the bare necessities of what is required for their role.

Access to sensitive government data, such as that which was leaked by the Ministry of Health whistleblower, is not granted without significant vetting and confidence in the individual who is granted privileges to it. In other words, the Ministry of Health would have implemented protocols to limit the risk of such a leak occurring.

The likelihood that one of the few individuals who had been granted access to this information, would stand up as a true patriot and fall on his sword for his country, was remote. And as such, this whistleblower is all the more glorious, for the unlikely role that he has played in bringing solid evidence to the worldwide resistance movement.

In time, this whistleblower will come to be recognised around the world, on a par with the likes of Edward Snowden, who fled the United States ten years ago. Snowden, who had been an intelligence contractor, had his life turned upside down and is at present, unable to return to his nation, after publicising information about the malevolent surveillance apparatus being built by a government that no longer had its people’s best interests at heart.

Whistleblowers, as well as the rare breed of independent journalists that they turn to, inherently operate on the fringes of what is considered to be ‘legal’. After all, what is ‘legal’ is simply what the illegitimate authorities of the day deem to be so. The Ministry of Health whistleblower, however, took steps to anonymise the data, without compromising the integrity of the leak. As such, although he now faces legal action by the State, he nonetheless has the moral high-ground.

Indeed, as Henry David Thoreau, the American philosopher and writer of the nineteenth century, wrote in his essay ‘On the Duty of Civil Disobedience’: “Under a government that imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison.” And if a man is to be judged by the company that he keeps, then it is worth considering that even the former US President, Donald J. Trump, has been hauled before the courts on countless occasions for the crime of patriotism.

And while future historians will look kindly upon those who stood up against corruption and criminality during our time, they may not look so kindly upon those who had the ability to stand and fight but who failed to take responsibility to do so. In this regard, we are reminded of Winston Peters, who once again is enjoying the office of Deputy Prime Minister after having courted the moderate fringes of the freedom demographic for votes, while keeping the rest of us at arms length.

Whether or not Winston Peters is actually loyal to the people of this country or whether he is simply content to keep up appearances for the sake of his political career, depends on how he responds to the Ministry of Health whistleblower situation. He is at present being bombarded with emails from a concerned constituency and as such, has no claim to ignorance of the will of the people.

There is only a narrow window of opportunity for the Deputy Prime Minister to clarify his position, before losing face with the freedom demographic. As such, our challenge is this:

Show us where your loyalties are, Winston Peters. Are you loyal to the people of this nation, or are you just another cowardly politician who will ignore the vaccination genocide that has taken place in this country and around the world?

The Ministry of Health whistleblower is an example to all of us. Would you, given the same situation, be prepared to do the same?

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