The fragile state of TRUTH DENIALISM in New Zealand

by Mike Bee

When Jacinda Ardern gave a speech in September 2022 at the United Nations, calling for censorship of views that conflict with the globalist narrative, she spoke of words as “weapons of war”. According to The Art of War by Sun Tzu, “All warfare is based on deception.” We are living in a time of Fifth Generation Warfare, when non-kinetic means are being utilised to win hearts and minds in mainstream and alternative media. Many today do not even realise that they are living in a war zone but the missiles are flying.

One side has many advantages, for their agents control what happens in the corridors of power in Rome, London and Washington DC – and in Wall St, the Pentagon and Silicon Valley. That side with the power has been portrayed since Biblical times as the Serpent and its chief weapon is the Lie. Fifth Generation Warfare is a battle, waged with the latest technologies and in the soul of every human being, for the truth.

For the truth … or shall we rather say for Truth! Agents of the Serpent deny that any such thing exists, asserting instead that everything is relative. But many who wage war against the godless ideology of the Serpent do believe in Truth. Though it is very difficult to know anything for certain on this earth and though many viewpoints must be taken into consideration, Truth does exist and shines its light down into the confused information-battlefields of this world. And Truth is destined to be the ultimate victor in the battle it wages against the lie. It may be slow at the outset, so that it seems at first as if lies are speeding around the earth before it has even begun to stir – but in the end liars will drown in their own deceit.

I have taken to calling these liars, these spinners of fake narratives who are paid or unpaid agents of the Serpent, truth denialists – those who speak, as of old, with a forked tongue. And they are, of course, very busy right now, for there are many interested parties who want to win your heart and your mind. The lies around covid and the fake-vax gave them a lot of scope to put others down, but now truth – reinforced, we believe, by Truth – is staging a counter-attack and their present state of being has become quite fragile.

The great story-teller of the Book of Genesis describes to us how the source of lies approached human beings long ago in the form of a snake – that most subtle of beasts – when humanity was in a state of innocence similar to the consciousness of children. He approached the woman – or we could say the feminine part of the human soul – and altered human history for all time by seducing her with a Very Big Lie. Like all good lies it was partly true, for the gist of it was that, by eating the forbidden fruit, human beings would become “like gods”. We wouldn’t become like God – in fact we would lose much of the divine splendour that came from being made in God’s image – but that was in the fine print somewhere and was not fully explained to the ones who signed the contract! And so here we are…

Much more could be said about that archetypal story and how it is being echoed in multiple ways today, but let us return to the truth denialists of our time. From the time of the introduction of the Covid Pandemic that some call the Plandemic they have been particularly busy. In this country, their queen was, of course, Jacinda Ardern who urged us to “be kind”, told people to inform on their neighbours, deprived people of their means of livelihood, gutted our Bill of Rights, imposed apartheid upon the nation, and showed neither interest nor sympathy nor kindness for the more than 60,000 New Zealanders injured by her mandated medical interventions.

But Jacinda is not with us now, and it is time to take a look at her hirelings – some who are very conscious of what they are doing and some who are the “useless idiots” who perform a role and gain personal advantage from it without fully realising what it is all about.

It is an interesting time, for, to anyone who can think clearly, Truth is now turning the screws on the purveyors of the lie and showing up the falsity of so many of the arguments that people believed just a few short years ago. Overseas, the lies around covid and the cure that Big Pharma wished to impose upon us are being exposed in many places and – significantly – making it to the attention of ordinary people. In the UK, WhatsApp messages between Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, and other ministers have been leaked to the public and show how Hancock looked on a new variant as a weapon of fear that he would “deploy” on the people to “scare the pants off them”. Some of us knew the game that they were playing at the time, but it is nice to have it stated so clearly by one of the key ministers responsible for the operation. One mainstream paper, The Telegraph, has even come out with the headline that Hancock should be arrested and imprisoned for “wilful misconduct in public office” and for criminal activity during the Pandemic. It isn’t much, but it’s a start!

A deeper aspect to this story is that of the mass murders Hancock is alleged to have committed through ordering considerable quantities of the drug Midazolam for hospitals and homes for the aged, authorising the poisoning of large numbers of seniors in order to give a boost to the covid death numbers in the early days of the pandemic. A while ago cynics would have said that nothing would come of this, but the times seem to have changed, and now an MP, Andrew Bridgen, claims to have all the evidence that proves these and other crimes and has stated that he believes arrests will start before the end of the month.

In the US, the fact that Republicans now hold the majority in the House of Representatives means that there are a number of key investigations taking place. It seems inevitable that very soon Anthony Fauci will be arrested for the perjury he has undoubtedly committed by stating under oath that he had not funded gain of function research into the development of the covid virus when he very clearly had. New Zealand media is still saying that covid arising out of a laboratory in Wuhan is a lie and a racist slur, but it overlooks the fact that scientific consensus is very much of the opinion that the virus did not have a natural origin (although Fauci misused his position at the outset to cover this up and censure dissenting voices) and that the idea that it was made in a laboratory, from which it was either accidentally or deliberately leaked, is now accepted by most US authorities including FBI Director, Christopher Wray.

As well as truth breaking through in matters related to the pandemic, there are many other areas that are capturing people’s attention, from the financial irregularities that surround the Biden family (and seem to be leading to a decision to have Papa Biden removed from the presidency on the basis of his dementia) to video evidence being made public that totally disproves the version of events so heavily pushed by media outlets around the so-called January 6th “Insurrection” at the Capital. The fact that the official version of the narrative is so obviously disproved by video evidence that can be seen by all means that trust in the US media has reached an all-time low and appears to be sinking further. People there are being awakened by the contradictions that are becoming absolutely obvious to them, and when you have awakened, you will not be put back to sleep.

Bigger things than this are happening in the States, such as Pfizer’s admission in a law case that they were contracted to the Pentagon in the development of bio-weapons and were under no obligation to do any testing of them whatsoever as these substances were never meant to heal but to kill. However, in this article I am focussing on the stories that are being seen by ordinary people. Deeper themes can wait till the truth is further advanced. There is no doubt that the darkness is having light shone onto it. It is slow, but it is happening.

In the European Parliament some months ago there was a sensational revelation when a senior director sheepishly admitted that Pfizer had done no research into whether their product did anything at all regarding stopping the transmission of covid. In other words, that argument that you were taking one “for the team”, used to blackmail and bribe people into accepting the necessity of being jabbed, was false all along and your government knew it!

And in Thailand, where the heir to the throne, Princess Bajrakitiyabha collapsed after her third vaccination and is still in a coma, Dr Sukarit Bhakdi, known for his research on blood clots caused by the vaccine but until then marginalised by almost all mainstream media, was able to have an audience with the king. Dr Bhakdi convinced King Vajiralongkorn that his daughter’s coma had nothing to do with a bacterial infection, as her doctors had told him, but that In all probability the princess was the victim of this jab.

Pfizer gets away with terrible crimes everywhere, but in Thailand could it be different? In Dr Bhakdi’s words,

I laid out to them the whole story of how the covid agenda is a fake and gave them the proof that the covid vaccinations were based on fraud. … It seems likely that Thailand may become the first country in the world to nullify its contract between the government and Pfizer, so that Pfizer’s immunity from prosecution will be revoked and Pfizer will be asked to pay back billions to the Thai people.

These examples show how things are changing overseas. But here in New Zealand it is easy to think that nothing is happening. Here there is no shortage of figures proving that we have a rapidly increasing rate of excess mortality, but this is ignored or explained away with fictitious reasoning. As Guy Hatchard states, when it comes to harm being caused by the Pfizer substance, “the evidence is overwhelming but people aren’t listening.” The truth denialists are powerful in this country, repeating the old lies that worked in 2020, but they must be realising that they are losing ground.

We are an island, but in this global world we are all connected. It is impossible for some countries of the West to have key players prosecuted for fraud or treason and for that not to have any effect in New Zealand.

So what will happen to our own homegrown truth denialists? Pfizer’s own test results have shown conclusively that the vax was extremely dangerous to pregnant and breast-feeding women and caused miscarriages, but the red-haired Dr Siouxsie Wiles has not yet come out to take back her advice that “getting vaccinated while you are pregnant is the greatest gift that you can give your baby.”

The husband and wife team from Otago University, doctors Tony Dowell and Nikki Turner, have been feeling some heat recently through an article in the Herald that details conflicts of interest through them working together and producing inadequate training for those who were to give the shots, failing to make it clear to jabbers that they must communicate the risks to every recipient of the jab. However the article was tucked away in the “premium content” section of the Herald where viewers have to pay, and, in my opinion, fails to look into much more fundamental questions such as the lies Dr Turner has told about Pfizer’s trials yielding only minor and rare adverse reactions when she knew that there were many serious counter-indications to safety in the data. Her time for truth is not yet, but she will be called to account for this one day.

And Jacinda herself – and the one who stood side-by-side with her on the stage when the pronouncements were made and who is now our Prime Minister – what is going to happen to them? When Jacinda resigned, people hugged her, looked into her eyes and thanked her. Seeing this, I could only imagine myself, if given the opportunity, saying something very different! Will she remain in New Zealand to face accountability for what she has done?

These people are still untouched, but I’m sure their sleep is beginning to be troubled. Not that they have problems of conscience for having done wrong – the guilty invariably go to the gallows convinced of their own righteousness. But it must be disturbing for them to realise that the great fraud they have committed is being uncovered and that there is nowhere for them to hide from the consequences. The waves of Truth, rolling in from overseas, will have an effect on them in New Zealand also.

Those named above are medical officials or politicians who live in the public eye. But I would also like to consider those who mainly stay hidden but who work full-time, receiving in many cases a hefty tax-payer-sponsored salary, to spread disinformation. These are the ones who claim that we who do careful research or assemble facts that fall outside of the official narrative are liars. Their task it is to spin many untruths that will turn people against the truth. They are one step up from the anonymous “fact-checkers” who, when examined more closely, turn out to be not checking facts at all but only repeating the lies of those who pay them to do what they do. They claim authority to be acting in the people’s best interests, but the Serpent, their real employer, has a very low opinion of humanity – themselves included – and does not care at all about human interests.

I am thinking of such people in this country as Byron Clark, Kate Hannah and Sanjana Hattotuwa. Until now, they have been taken for authorities and speak, with no requirement to provide evidence for what they say, of anyone who opposes their communist views as a disinformation agent, a domestic terrorist or a white supremacist. In the words of Damian Dement, “They have gaslit, mocked and censored our human spirit, our right to be free and to apply our will toward actions of unity and truth.”

Truth denialists wish to spread their narrative of disinformation over the eyes of kiwis and stop them from awakening to the colossal spiritual and earthly battle of good versus evil that is taking place today.

But so much of what they have given out as the truth is crumbling, and people are seeing that it is crumbling. The process of awakening to Truth is becoming ever more intense and cannot be stopped. The real “river of filth” in this country has been the stream of lies that has flowed out of the swamp in which live powerful people and their lackies. Today this swamp is being drained, and the edifice of untruth that the dwellers of the swamp have built is falling.




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