Unveiling the Shadow: The Perilous Threat of Smart Cities to New Zealand

Right to Truth – The William Bisset Report #9

Brace yourselves for a gripping revelation that could reshape the very fabric of our nation!


In this groundbreaking video, William and Ross delve into the ominous reality of Smart Cities, exposing a potential threat that looms large over New Zealand. Imagine a future where the very essence of democracy, personal freedoms, and the sacred shield of privacy are at stake – all at the hands of the Smart City revolution.


Smart Cities, initially hailed as the epitome of technological advancement, may hold a darker truth. Are we unwittingly surrendering our rights, becoming prisoners in a digital realm controlled by councils and the World Economic Forum (WEF)? The stark reality is that ALL COUNCILS are deeply entrenched in the Smart City program, and the consequences for our way of life could be catastrophic.


Join William and Ross as they meticulously dissect the Smart City rollout, peeling back the layers to reveal the potential pitfalls that await an unsuspecting New Zealand. Uncover the hidden dangers that threaten to shatter the foundations of our society.


Will our democracy survive? Can we preserve our cherished freedoms? Is privacy becoming an antiquated concept? The answers lie within this must-watch video, where the truth about Smart Cities and their impact on New Zealand is laid bare.


Don’t be left in the dark – arm yourself with knowledge and be a part of the conversation that will shape our collective future. Watch now to unravel the chilling narrative surrounding Smart Cities and why they might just be the biggest threat to New Zealand’s way of life. This is more than a warning; it’s a call to action! #SmartCitiesThreatNZ #DigitalDystopia #KnowledgeIsPower.


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